Website Reports 

for the Progressive Website Owner

hese are current information reports that you can use and apply to your website businesses.  Enhance your online presence with information you can creatively apply.  Below are seven reports filled with useful ideas that you can easily implement.

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Advertising Tips offers thirty tips that include:

  •  How to develop good relationship[s with your customers;
  •  How to advertise with time honored and new ways of doing business, and
  •  How to use e-zines and other media for advertising.

 Cash Secrets offers thirty secrets that include:

  • Developing relationships with other web businesses;
  • Creating ways of getting visitor content;
  • Suggestions for creating informative and helpful resources on your website that people will want to use, and
  • The secret to creating quality content for your website and articles using less time.

Sales Solutions offers thirty solutions that include:

  •  Ways to analyze your efforts so there is greater return on effort;
  • Suggestions for  resources of different kinds, and
  •   Creating beneficial and profitable relationships with customers and other professionals.

Profit Generation Insights offers thirty insights that include:

  • How to treat your customers like kings and queens and ways to value them;
  • How to maintain integrity in your business and for your products, and
  • How to effectively phrase your advertisements.

Product Selling Principles offers principles that include:

  • How to use negative comments to your benefit;
  • How to engage your customers through partnerships, and
  • How to cast your net wider by giving away your products for free .

Buying Triggers offers thirty triggers that include:

  •  How to encourage repeat visitors;
  •  Suggestions for providing fresh, new information to maintain customers and attract new ones, and
  •  How to review your services on a consistent basis.

Influence Tactics offers thirty tactics that include:

  •    The importance of real testimonials;
  •   How to create services to educate customers to create loyalty, and
  •  How to make your website interactive with no-cost and little-cost methods.

Persuasion Strategies offers thirty strategies that include:

  • How to make your presence known on the Internet;
  • Suggestions for affiliate programs, and
  • Suggestions for graphics and how and where to use them.



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Visit Allison L. Williams Hill's In-Vesica Gallery Hosted by Art

Visit Allison L. Williams Hill's In-Vesica Gallery Hosted by Art

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