All is energy. All is vibration.

ll is energy. All is vibration. There is nothing unavailable to anyone skilled in the ability to expose oneself to the fluid substance of ether. There are many name for it: spiritual world; the cosmos; Through slowing the brain wave frequency and physical function, concentration and phrasing questions precisely enables seekers to obtain All there is. 

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The Roam by Allison L. Williams Hill

Social conditioning limits acceptance of the vastness of humanity's abilities.
Shame and ridicule reign in those who dare to explore beyond what people have been driven to fear.

"Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies."1

The preceding may be too strong a statement for some from which they may shy away. 

It is through and with the body that we learn; grow; act; express; feel, and experience.

As we live, we are charged through experiences to grow and become the Greater Being.

Energy - Free Will Per Your Request

 From "...the Goddess of Liberty...

"...At the time when mankind were ready for embodiment, I was given the office of consecrating each lifestream chosen and dedicated by the Manu before entering physical birth, the consciousness of the soul at Inner Levels was charged with my words:

"You are at liberty, beloved, to take pure and primal life into the Earth Plane. You are at liberty, beloved, to call upon any and all of Us as you may choose to assist you when the momentums and energies of your own worlds seem not sufficient to handle conditions and to radiate the life to fulfill your Divine Plan." 2

Gifts from Spirit-Healing by Allison L. Williams Hill

The Human Body and Energy

The human physical body has been limited to five senses as identified by biology. Ingo Swann, the late remote viewer identified over seventeen. These include the ability to see without eyes; hear without ears, and sense without the body. When imagining what our existence would be like without a body, one would realize in what many say is our natural form, all that is available to us and all we are capable of doing. 

From the channelings of Tellis Papastavro; from the channelings of Jane Roberts in her Seth books; to the birth of Rohun, a process to remove faulty thoughts form the mental, emotional and physicals bodies developed by Dr. Rohun from the spiritual realm, and Reiki, Quantum Touch, and  the Reconnection teach the initiate to manipulate energy and to heal the human body.     

A medium bridges the physical world and the spiritual world, the seen and the unseen. A medium can serve as a go- between for the incarnate and the dis-incarnate. A medium can convey information from those who have crossed over. One of the few differences between incarnate and the dis-incarnate is the absence of a physical body.

One becomes sensitive to subtle vibrations. Sounds, messages are heard and/or felt, however, not in the same manner as receiving sound waves using the auditory system. One is accessing lesser used senses beyond the five commonly used. One sees images beyond one's eyes. One sees people speaking without hearing yet one understands the words.

Energy Work

Disharmony in the etheric layers descends into the gross physical and may manifest as disease. There are situations where applying only energy may correct the project. In other cases, surgery and/or pharmaceuticals may be required. Healing is a correction. Our natural state is good health, atonement. A healer corrects imbalanced energy within the mental, emotional, spiritual, to improve the physical body. A balanced healing system would embrace both allopathic and non-invasive methods. And the ultimate, of which we are capable, is understanding how energy works and applying it to reduce or eliminate the need for external intervention. I am studying how esoteric energy, 

A healer’s work is only effective with a client’s understanding of the need and the desire to participate. And as one consciously or unconsciously used many years to “coat the irritation” the layers are peeled away to reveal the cause. The changes that take place after the exposure are truly amazing. It takes time, varying amounts of it. That is where the commitment comes in. The client commits to his or her wellness process and that requires the client to work. 

Prayer by Allison L. Williams Hill

It is fascinating how all of this works. There are Dark Nights of the Soul. I think there are two types. For healers: the changes one goes through acknowledging insecurities. Healers learn how not to be invested in the process. The client requesting help can do anything with the energy he or she feels. The healer has no control over this. For those being healed: the emotions that rise to the surface and the memories to which they are connected, the potential to suppress what is taking place. There may be doubt as to whether the process is working and disappointment ensues for the false promise of transformation or even if there will ever be a change. One thing is clear: the mind and body "unwraps" all of what was created to return to what was, our greatness and brilliance, courtesy of the Creator.   

There is no magic wand. But the spark from the realization shatters, even blazes through, the darkness. You might even be grateful for the struggle because it increases the appreciation for the gift and the beauty of life.


I was riding a Stream of Consciousness, one state of Being after another, feeling freedom and solitude, any state I wished to feel. I changed into whatever I wanted to experience - shape, form, magnitude. I became smoother, the shapes enlarged. 

I was in a space ship in a fish bowl-like container. I looked up into the "face" of an energy who smiled, extended a hand, and lifted me out. As we swirled and merged, we separated. Then there were three.

I felt wonderful feelings of joy at union but also deep feelings of anticipated abandonment. I felt sorrow after short-lived joy. I was not happy to have had after it ended.

I saw a terrestrial forest. I was swift, low, jumping over, crouching under. I ran up a hill, my senses were extremely sharp. I saw a full moon. I howled long and deep through my body. I cried for my other, to find him.

Meditation, August 2008 

In the Column of Light, We represent the consciousness of the Cosmos.

A White haired being nodded and smiled. He showed me how to create. He created with me and others joined.

I saw cities to which we contributed. I saw parts of Earth to which they contributed.

Rings in water joined us. All vibrating into each other. We are They. Even ones we never see, are a part of this, all creating, contributing with us.

We are One, always have been. The white haired being communicated: "None of You were ever apart or separated. You now have a small idea now of the connectedness that permeates the Cosmos."

How do I know who/what/where-? All of this resides in the heart, the center of power. Love others; know of You. How? There are many degrees of knowing. Physical or not- there is no separation.

She by Allison L. Williams Hill

The first Image was white, white as the Light. I was in a snow mountain range. My partner's golden sky flowed down onto the snow coating it with bright sunlight.

This was a very spiritual and holy place. God was here. A golden path lead to a door, over which a plaque said "Heal Thyself."

Behind the door was an opalescent being who greeted me for my energetic appointment. This being, in a robe of many beautiful folds, held my hand. We communicated beautifully.

I moved to a small plate, and the chakras visibly lit and the body was painted.

A Merkabah was ahead. After painting, I stepped into it. It reduced in size and moved into my heart chakra.

I thanked my friend telepathically. I was reminded that this was always here for nourishment.

I was in a hospital. Rather than see pain and suffering I saw the opportunity to energize- not so much to animate the ill but to wake them up to their true selves. I was understanding of their different levels of awareness. I had the patience to accept where they were.

My partner saw a Violet Flame working here. I helped to expand it.

I was in an apartment conversation. This was connected to one of the hospital patients.

I was brilliant, floating in space in front of a huge white yellow sun. I merged and heard all of Spirit within. All were aware, full of gratitude, sharing ideas, drawing from our beginning to the future.

I separated carrying everything within me from the sphere. I knew and was aware of all.

My gratitude, Love and thanks amplified the energy in my physical body.

Meditation, August 2008 

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"We are not here to meet our Higher Self.

We are here to become it."

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1. 1 Corinthian 6, International Bible, New Version

2. Papistavros, Tellis, The Gnosis and the Law, Group Avatar, 3rd Printing, 1972, p. 210



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