llison L. Williams Hill acknowledges the existence of extraterrestrials. She acknowledges that there are other dimensions than this one.

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I consciously met extraterrestrials in a group channeling in 1990 facilitated by Rev. Raphael di Angelo. The group of extraterrestrials known as The Ring have been aware of me since I was a child.

In a world of many humans I was amazed that I was known, that I was able to be found. The pilots introduced themselves to me. I was told that they were many species, from many different parts of the universe. They made the commitment to work together to support the Earth and humanity.

There was a television show about extraterrestrials. I left the room and went to the stove to fix a cup of tea. Out of nowhere (not the first I heard a disembodied voice) came, "Why are you not watching?" I responded to the voice, "I'm fixing tea."

I heard the voice again, "Why are you not watching?" I repeated the same thing. I heard the question a third time.  I left the kitchen and returned to where the television was. I saw crop circles, heard the voice-over discuss them, and cried.

Many in the Blue by Allison L. Williams Hill

Many of the sessions took place in Manhattan.  At one, I was told that they were going to help me sleep. Yeah, sure. Ego Tremendouso (still thinking of a Latin term). In the apartment, I felt the need to sleep and fought it. I did not win; the sleep was peaceful.

They see everything; nothing escapes them, however, they are invisible and can control who sees them. We were given the opportunity to see them one night at 666 Greenwich Street in the Village. The building was a renovated structure with wonderful arched windows. Raphael told us to stand in front of the window. He was in a state, easily seen by the nature of his eyes. I was fidgety. I walked back and forth behind the group and would not stand still. Eventually I did. I was amazed at my behavior. I saw a shimmer of this form that took up the entire space of the window.

The ship was not close to the building.

Sound by Allison L. Williams Hill

Extraterrestrials in the Morning 

I had a vivid memory of a visit that I shared with the channeling group later. I was waking up. My eyes opened to a beautiful sunny morning. I looked towards the door to my bedroom and saw two space-suited beings. The one on the left has a staff taller than the being holding it. I really attempted the impossible by trying to scale the wall the head of the bed was against. I was so startled, I tried to escape. Then, my eyes opened.

My eyelids were closed the entire time yet when I opened my eyes it was as bright as I had described it. I closed my eyes It was as dark as expected. I opened them again. The sunlight was brilliant. I looked at the doorway. I saw nothing. I closed my eyes. It was dark. This was a memory to last my lifetime.
At the group, Raphael responded that they were attracted to me because of my light. I did expect them to return but they didn't. I was on guard. Nothing like trying to scale a wall in the morning.     

What is Psychic Art?

Psychic art involves entering a meditative state and communicating with Spirit. Similar to channeled writing, A form of psychic art, Entura or "enter the aura" art is automatic and uses color. There is little "thinking" involved. Art itself uses the left brain for technique and psychic art requires none of this knowledge. In fact, the beauty of this is that no prior art experience is necessary.

Entura art, a unique drawing technique was so named and is being taught by Patricia Hayes, founder of Delphi University of Spiritual Studies in McCaysville, Georgia. Ms. Hayes was the personal assistant to Arthur Ford. She is a gifted spiritual channel and has spent the past 40 years teaching people to develop their spiritual abilities.

Relaxation is key. You ask a question and the information is received. It is as if you serve as a container collecting the information until you sit down to "draw it" from you and put it to paper. The relaxed state continues as one draws what comes through Energy.

ET Friends by Allison L. Williams Hill

The colors have meaning; the shapes have meaning. Without intending, people draw faces, animals, and forms. Each element has a reason for being there.In the Entura art course, some exercises included meditation and writing. From there, you create the art. After the artwork is completed, the relaxed state continues because that is from where the image is interpreted. Remember, the artwork answers a question.

The images are very beautiful and wonderful to view. No matter how many times you see it, you may find something in the art work you had never seen before.

This numinous information is multi-layered, representative of our spiritual selves.

My experience has been what I call "Brainstorming in the Etheric Realm." Floods of sensations, feelings, ideas, moved through me.

It was a completely different state of consciousness, beyond how I used to draw. I captured all of the information that flowed through my third eye.

Everything related, the magnitude of it all. It was literally cosmic and yet familiar.

I have had drawing instruction from various artists since I was a child and attended a vocational high school where the arts were major courses.

I found that when doing Entura art I draw faces better than I have ever done before.This state of being is always available to each of us. It is expressive and deepens your relationship with Spirit. For those who may have had difficulty learning meditation, Entura art may be the creative breakthrough that can serve you.

Allison L. Williams Hill is an artist, designer, planner, Master Metaphysician, and Wholistic Health Coach. Her life and work acknowledge the interconnectedness of concepts that have been traditionally considered separate and irrelevant. She shares her work and services of psychic art through her web sites.  She offers psychic art for meditation, soul portraits, psychic investigation,energy readings, and unique birthday cards at Services.

Healing art
I AM learning
I AM learning
Creativity of the Universe unfolding- series
“Even THIS is a miracle.”

Only understanding comes from mysticism and faith.
We are unfolding
Divine expression
Piece of the wholeness of God.

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Looking West on Drake's Highway, Tortola towards the Caribbean Sea by Allison L. Williams Hill

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