his Products page includes links to my other creations. This is a sensible way of organizing because it is the remaining items that could have their own individual site pages. It may change in the future, but for now, it helps me to place them here.  

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Sacred Geometry T-Shirts

Metatron's Cube Sacred Geometry T-Shirt  

Metatron's Cube Sacred Geometry  yellow t-shirt

Sri Yantra Sacred Geometry Purple T-Shirt

Sri Yantra Sacred Geometry Purple T-Shirt

Flower of Life Sacred Geometry T-Shirt

Flower of Life Sacred Geometry on a multi-colored background.

Metatron's Cube Purple Sacred Geometry T-Shirt

Metatron's Cube sacred geometry symbol placed on a rich purple and violet color.

Photo T-Shirts

Still a Frog Photo T-Shirt

Ree-deep! Ree-deep!

Eclipse and Moon Phases T-Shirt 

Eclipse central image with moon phases around an eclipse image. Totally MOON! Mystical images for mystical and questioning people.

Washington Monument and Moon T-Shirt

The Washington Monument with an image of the moon in the night sky.

Washington Monument, Eclipse and Moon Phases T-Shirt

The Washington Monument with a brilliantly lit moon below a band of an eclipse and moon phases. 

In-Vesica Orbs T-Shirt

An image of a floating meditator among color orbs. This is a state of mind to  achieve.

Message Mugs

Push through. It's a mind thing Mug 

Push through. It's a mind thing.  Sometimes meditation is difficult to achieve. You might jump up, shake off the energy, and walk away. Attempt it again. Breathe, go deeper. Remind yourself with this mug.

Ekendo Temple Pond by Allison L. Williams Hill

What Would Your Excuse Look Like If It were a Naked Person? Mug

This What Would Your Excuse Look Like If It Were a Naked Person?  question came to mind to examine excuses as things as people learned to so the same with beliefs and other thoughts.  This clicks or stimulates the mind to look at an excuse in a different way.  See the excuse as a naked body. Hint: what excuse is beautiful?

I... Mug

I...  You... three ways to think about your life as you sip the contents.
I am...I begin...; The Spirit of Song is in me; You are the top! Think of may ways to use the pronouns for self or others.

I Am My Body's Custodian Mug

I Am My Body's Custodian Mug is a reminder as you sip coffee, tea, or other beverages, that you have a relationship with your body. You are responsible for taking care of it. You are your body's advocate. In that regard, are you behaving as its caretaker?

Imagine Being Mug

“Imagine being the person, this body and this face, comes home to.” A mind bender: become the other in your relationship.

Whatever You Are In, Create In It Mug

Whatever You Are In, Create In It mug emphasizes the state of mind you might be in to use it, rather than waiting for a time you think you are ready. The space you are in may be ready. It is another way of saying, "If not now when? If not you, who?" Make a choice. Begin it.

Life Begins Mug

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." -Unknown


HELLO, colorful blocks mug is designed with illustrated letters I created for original content on my website In-Vesica  Art  Design  Energy.  This is an item for any time of the day or evening.


A THINK mug to stimulate thought, discussion, and activity.

I AM Tonal Mug

I AM Tonal; You are Tonal; We are Tonal. This saying is conveying that we are vibrational beings. The background of space depicts that we expand throughout all there is, originating here, over a cup of beverage as we sip its contents.  

Angels  Mug

"Angels are grossly underemployed. All you have to do is ask." reminds the reader to request help.

Hindsight Mug

"Hindsight is a whole lotta hiney" should make you laugh but it's true, it's true! A common saying is that hindsight is twenty-twenty, like perfect vision. Reviewing past events afford higher thinking, better reasoning after overlooked or not-even-considered possibilities appear.

I Keep Company With Flowers Mug

"I Keep Company With Flowers" has a beautiful image of an exquisite blossom with a statement of preference.

I Don't Frolic Mug

"I Don't Frolic." is covered with cobwebs, a statement by those who keep to urban areas or suburban areas, avoiding forests, wooded areas for hunting and hiking. You refuse to move that cobwebs grew on you.

Sky Mug

This image is a sky, clouds, and sunlight to enjoy.

Study Your Moon Mug

Study Your Moon So That Your Sun Shines Bright mug was a message from meditation. In astrology, the Western version, sun signs, address the ego. The Eastern version, the Lunar Mansions, address the emotion. According to a great Vedic, Shirti Sai Baba, we need both for a balanced life.

Love is the reason for everything I do. That is my motive Mug

This statement is a reminder of our existence. We are motivated by love. If a person needs to qualify it, "Well, not all of the time..." then this is written, visible for them. "Do unto others" is done for a return. This is enacted because "I can."   

Love is the reason for everything you do. That is your motive Mug

Love is the reason for everything you do. That is your motive Mug multi

"Love is the reason for everything you do. That is your motive." This statement is a third-person reminder of your existence. You are motivated by love. This is a personal mantra, as are all of the other Love statements that remind humans that we are spirit first. If you need to qualify it, "Well, not all of the time..." then this is here for you to see it. "Do unto others" is done for a return. This is done because "You can."    

Love is the reason for everything we do. That is our motive Mug

Love Is The Reason For Everything We Do. That is Our Motive. A statement of intention for a family; a group, or an organization. It is a reminder of why we are here and what we are here for.  This is possible because of our spiritual nature.

Five Members of The Ring by Allison L. Williams Hill

In-Vesica Psychic Art T-Shirts

Spirit Love

Unisex "Spirit Love" t-shirt is a detail of a psychic art drawing in soft pastel when I was communicating with him. His spiritual hand is above mine; our Light radiates through our hands. It also reflects Rumi's poem, from my husband to me, "For Love lies in the Soul alone, and not the body..."

Partnership T-Shirt

"Partnership" is a psychic art piece. This unisex t-shirt shows energetic forms that are spherically shaped because it is the most efficient.  Energy radiates out from a central point, expands, and flows. The spheres pull you into new worlds that will unhinge the limitations of your mind. 

Sound T-Shirt

"Sound" waves in the form of color developed in soft pastel on charcoal paper. Then the faces came through.  I do a lot of work with sound or tonal vibrational frequencies. I 'saw" these three toning.  They looked human with a few differences. They appeared in the Mists of Sound.  This is In-Vesica Psychic Art created by Allison L. Williams Hill.

In-Vesica Mandala T-Shirt

The mandala was a psychic drawing created in 2012 by Allison L. Williams Hill. It is active regardless of attention.

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The above meditation mandala will be available soon.

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Now That Your Eyes Are Open

Looking West on Drake's Highway, Tortola towards the Caribbean Sea by Allison L. Williams Hill

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When time permits, I intend to hold drawings to create 

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