Theodor Schwenk

Notes on Theodor Schwenk's WorkAuthor of Sensitive Chaos

 first learned of Theodor Schwenk in 1992 in attendance of the American Society of Dowsers' Convention where I learned how to dowse. Schwenk's water studies coupled with Dr. Steiner's studies of land and soil, should be applied to the planet to reverse climate engineering and Raytheon's activities that, I think, are  costing lives. We are breathing in aluminum. The water contains aluminum in amounts that are unnatural.  I  participated in the Water Project organized by the Toronto Dowsers.  Many dowsers are working around the world on this.

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Above the Atlantic by Allison L. Williams Hill

It was knowledge load because of a lot of the information I became aware of including the information from the lectures on healing, feng shui, using crystals, dowsing trees, and more. The interconnection of all things energy grows in knowledge and connects all living things.

Through this alone, the Butterfly Effect, I feel would be experienced within us, to the extent we could feel the demise of another spirit. We have grown so detached that we are not aware that it occurs.

We are connected to our environment and everything we place in it causes a change.

The term, The Body Burden refers to the accumulation of toxins within our tissues.

I think of  The Planet Burden,  which refers to all that human activity has brought, toxic and otherwise.

Passau and Inn Rivers, Germany

In hydrodynamics, air and water are referred to as fluids.

Water’s tendency (and air’s) is to create spiraling bodies.  System of currents flow within others. Gulf Stream-warm flows within the Atlantic –cold.  Water’s attempt to realize itself whether  the banks are rock, soil, or other water is constant.

Everything has rhythm- Gulf Stream shifts its position rhythmically –“…has a rhythmic form in space, which is subject to a rhythmical process in time through the changing position of its laps.” (1)

“There is another expression of the nature of water:  it burrows in a rhythmical course into its surroundings in space and is moreover subject to the “course of time” which gradually alters the spatial arrangement of its meanders. The fluid deals with its needs to flow in spherical shape and gravity’s attraction to it.
Look at the spiral shapes of creatures of water." (2)

Question Schwenk Raised

Do the forms of the living organisms merely betray (?) the character of the watery phase through which they have passed, or is it that the water itself, impressionable as it is, is subject to living, formative forces and creative ideas of which it is but the visible expression?

Does water give physical form to the creatures via its forces or are the creatures recreating themselves to comply (?) act symbolically with the forces?

“Streaming movement in spiraling forms”
Senninghoff demonstrated the streamlined structure of bone by filling the small holes with ink and seeing the pattern emerge. Flow lines- systems and currents – reveal tension and compression.(3)


How do you or anything recreate your/itself to "symbolically" comply or act with the forces of water? These living thing are IN water.  Water is considered a fluid.  A baby develops within a womb full of it.  

Does water give physical form to a developing human via its forces or are the creatures recreating themselves to comply (?) act symbolically with the forces?

Our bodies respond to the fluids within it, the fluids on the planet and the heavenly bodies acting on us and the planet. So, how have we become like water?  I always felt that water is to the planet as blood is to our bodies.   

I wondered how much of the information available to Schwenk included cultural attitudes and experiences with water. Did he review the experiences of coastal communities?  I found no evidence in his information.

Schauberger posited that water was living. was not merely acted upon but it acted - its conditions changed during different times of the day and the year. Because of extreme heat from the sun, water became less buoyant and it conveyed objects slower.  From Schwenk's ideas and seeing photos, water bodies have their own characteristics.

Whitley Streiber's book The Coming Global Superstorm discussed and documented ocean currents that have been in place for eons changing as a result of human activity.  

Different wave phenomena-
Stream wave “form” is stable, new water runs through it.  Sea wave “form“ is dynamic, the water is constant.

Wave phenomena – different movements superimposed can occur at the same place in space. 
Where there is one solid body there can be no other.”

What is a solid body? Hahahahahahahahahah!!! Physics have shown us that only one vibration can occupy a space.  Better only one of each vibration can occupy a space. 

Lower vibrations are not aware of the higher.
Speed, size, and rhythm – characteristic signature 

Not only is the water composition apt to be different but so is the body of water different with respect to harmony and rhythm. 
Each body of water has its own harmony and rhythm- its own unique period of vibration according to its size, shape and depth.  (4)

Consider that its origin affects this as well because all have unique points of origin.

The ghuts in the British Virgin Islands were observed and identified for specific uses.  Some were used for cleaning, others used for irrigation. Other ghuts were used for watering animals.

“The whole morphological character of vibration; it finds expression in this natural period of vibration; it is like a “note” to which the lake is “tuned”.  This note has “overtones” in its vibration.  Like a flute or the string of a musical instrument .  Like these, the lake oscillates between the nodes (regions of no disturbance) and the anti-nodes (regions of maximum disturbance) of standing waves.  The resonance is strongest when the natural period of vibration corresponds to the orbital rhythm of the moon.  (5)

Manhattan Moon by Allison L. Williams Hill

Distance of the moon (apogee, perigee) to the earth affect the gravitational influence upon water bodies.  This changes seasonally, so it would stand to reason that the effects would result in varying frequencies but consistent with respect to the times of year. 

"It is then as with a child’s swing, which if pushed according to its natural rhythm- for instance always at its highest point- requires only a small effort to keep it swinging in the same way a lake already in fluctuation – for instance through sudden local changes in the atmospheric pressure – will be more easily moved the nearer its natural period of vibration is to the rhythm of the moon’s path.  As the moon wanders over time the different waters of the earth, they respond to a greater or lesser degree with their “note” according to how closely the natural period of vibration is tuned to the rhythm of the moon. All together they are like a great musical instrument, spread out all over the Earth, on which the moon plays an invisible melody, which wanders with it around the Earth.”  (1)

Three types of waves- standing wave, of the natural period of vibration of a stretch of water.
Why is it that many hours later you can still feel/sense the vibrations of the waves of the ocean on your body?
Can a newborn after birth  sense the vibrations of the fluids of the placenta? And how long after birth can it sense the vibrations? Months? Years?  Do rhythms connect children to their mothers?

Regarding fathers: do mates change to “vibrate” harmoniously with each other, become sympathetic as in similar or compatible energy or do they connect, find each other through the same vibration-resonation?

Growth processes of organs are guided:
“Stream of sap in trees varies according to the phases of the moon and its position in the zodiac, and so accordingly does the durability and quality of the timber.  Timber felled at new moon in winter is the most durable.  To this day in South America valuable hardwoods are stamped with marks indicating the
phase of the moon at which they were felled. Their commercial value is determined accordingly.” (2)

Passau, Inn, and Danube

“Through the rhythm of breathing, the laws of the cosmic world penetrate the beat of the heart and the streaming of liquefied blood in the human being.  Human draws breath 18x/min., 25,920x/day and is connected I his respiratory system with the course of the sun. for it takes as many years for the vernal equinox to have moves through the great circle of the zodiac.(3)

Human breathing: circulation of liquid blood  = 1:4, or 18 breaths per 72 beats. Speed of propagation of sound  4 times faster in water than in air.” (4)

This returns us to Dr. Ivan von Sertima’s work about African tribes using bodies of water to carry verbal messages.  Here too, there was an understanding of the water body’s vibration.  Perhaps messages travelled better during certain times of the day, month, season or year. 

Principle of Archimedes: forces act on a submerged body perpendicular to all of the body’s surfaces.

“Weight of water presses vertically at every point of the submerged body.  Force at each point is as great as the weight of the pillar of water above it.  Thus the pressure on the undersurface is greater that at any other part.(5)

(In conflict with the Earth) “…great exchanger and transformer of substances in all forms of metabolism. 
“in many processes in the realm if the liquid element the cause is in the same moment also
 Effect and the effect at the same moment cause, whereby they unite in manifold interplay to form a moving totality.  Just as in a living organism cause and effect intermingle in a simultaneous correlation, so do they also in water.  
For instance, the waves flowing over the beach rearrange  the sand in ridges, but at the same time these formations affect the waves and influence their forms.” (6)

“The wise, instructive actions of the animals speak of the wisdom of nature creative in all the elements.” (7)

“The beaver brings the activity of the water to still greater perfection – by constructing dams it slows down the flow of water and regulates it.”

Three Characteristics of Water

1. Activity of water in all metabolic processes in the greater organism (literally singular-ALWH) of the Earth and in each separate living creature.

2. The close connection with all rhythmical processes in time and space.

3. (Through observation) The sensitivity, indicating that water is a cosmic sense organ o the Earth.

All three function to form a whole.
“Perhaps these three characteristics of water form the basis of all living organisms, whose specializations goes in the direction of one or other of these 3 characteristics? (8)

Josiah's Bay, Tortola, BVI 2011


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Hermetic Principles and Notes on Theodor Schwenk 

1. All is Mind. The Universe in mental.

Water is the blood of the planet. During the day, sluggish, evening- swifter.

Archimedes Principle stronger especially during full moon. Sensitive to stimulus.

2. As Above, So Below; As Below, So Above.

Balance between air and water: “If carbon dioxide content of air increase, then water immediately begins to absorb the surplus; if it decreases, the eater releases it again until a balance is achieved between the content of the carbon dioxide in the water and, that in the atmosphere.” (1)

Spiritual- “The etheric body takes part in the gradual changes in the heavenly processes, which hold sway in everlasting movement, creation and transformation of form in the eternal stream of time.” (2)

“The brain…rests in the waters of the world and is to a great extent withdrawn from the earthly laws of gravity through the forces of buoyancy”; “…once it has been freed from actually forming the organ, should reappear in the flow of thought?” (3)

“This spiritual activity too has its expression in the element, which envelops object from all sides, grasps and feels and goes thoroughly into every detail of a form.” (4)

Archimedes Principle apply to spirit? Water is a 3 dimensional substance.

Spirit is 11th dimensional. The forces are as intelligent and support substance- 3rd or 11th dimension. Monroe wrote when he tripped, his fall was suspended by unseen forces.

“The activity of thinking is essentially an expression of flowing movement. Only when thinking dwells on a particular content, a particular form does it order itself accordingly and create an idea. Every idea- wire every organic form- arises in a process of flow, until the movement congeals into a form.” (5)

“An exercise suggested by Rudolf Steiner, to help thinking become fluent and mobile is to recreate and transform in thought for instance cloud formations. With this ability to enter thoughtfully into everything and to picture all things in form of ideas, the process of thinking partakes in the laws of the formative processes of the Universe. These are the same laws as at work in the fluid element, which renounces a form of its own and is prepared to enter into all things, to unite all things, to absorb all things.” (6)

“The capacity of water in the realm of substance to dissolve and bind together reappears in thinking as a spiritual activity.” (7)

3. Everything is dual; everything has its poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same. Opposites are identical in nature but different in degrees; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; All paradoxes may be reconciled.

“Not only does water give to the human being and to all living nature the basis for existence in a living body, but it pictures-as though in a great parable- higher qualities of man’s development. Qualities such as the overcoming the rigidity in thought, of prejudice, of intolerance; the ability to enter into all things and to learn to understand them out of their own nature and to create out of polarities a higher unity; all these are aims of human striving which we can recognize also in the qualities of water. They represent ways in which man may win through to selflessness in a pure, healthy and light-filled soul life.

Just as water aids him in his entry into the earthly world, mediating to him Heavenly forces, so it can also lead him to a rebirth of this spiritual nature.” (8) 

Lighted Heart by Allison L. Williams Hill

4. Everything flows out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall, the pendulum swing manifests in everything, the measure of the swing to the left: rhythm compensates.

Effects of the moon on water. “Breathing of the continents” changeover of stationary regions of the high and low pressure takes place during spring and autumn. “Summer and winter meet in rhythmical combat.”

Air mass spirals caused by earth revolutions

“We have already met with the picture of organism like this in water, in the interplay between sources and sinks, where forms and organic water are created. In the air the ascending and descending currents, as seen from a height, correspond to these sources and sinks. They translate the movement of the landscape below them into an interplay of ascending and descending movements in the air. In this way Earth, air and water are united in one great whole in which each preserves its own nature and yet moves together with the others becoming alive in the great and small rhythms of summer and winter.” (9)

Day and Night

Indeed, each movement in the air during the course of a day has a rhythm of its own; all the many ascending and descending movements take place not uniformly but in rhythmically repeated thrusts. It is as though, in separate delicate breaths, the landscape were to “speak” into the air around it.” (10)


Begins, according to A. Schmauss: the “dynamic year” per, observations between northern England and France. Climaxes


“The important stages in the rhythm of the dynamic year will be seen to correspond with the main festivals of the Christian year. Easter lies in the rhythmical events of the seasons between winter and summer, in battle between the extremes and is therefore not very prominent as a single event, as a “singularity.” (11) Certain times of the year have predictable weather patterns.

5. Every cause has its effect, every effect has its cause; everything happens according to Law; chance is but a name for Law not recognized. There are many planes of causation but nothing escapes the Law.

The spiraling columns of air- horizontal and vertical music. Water flowing around obstructions. There are obvious effects. What about things we don’t perceive because we are not “open” to them? Do molecules of the object detach in the bombardment as occurs with light?

The introduction of obstructions only have (cause) effects – per the desire of the viewer participant? As one limits possibilities, the limitations will exclude any opportunity of witnessing the possibilities’ new possibilities. 


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The Hermetic Principles are from the The Kybalion by Hermes Trismigistus.


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