Clement Edwardo Hill, II Ph.D.

October-1, 1946 - October 9, 2015

y husband, Clement Edwardo Hill, II,  was born on St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands to parents native to the British Virgin Islands. His parents wanted the best educational opportunities available.  When the family relocated to the U.S. mainland, Clem was bullied because of his accent.  I  met Clem in New York in 1993. We were together until he died in 2015.

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He was held to getting his education and to do well in school.  He enrolled into a college in the mid-west. Later he transferred to a New York City college.

However, he did not inform the draft board.  Despite his father's warnings to do so, he did not and was drafted for training in New Mexico and to serve during the Viet Nam conflict.

Clement Edwardo Hill, II

Clem on base; in his hooch.  

Clem managed to keep this photo of a bombed area in Thailand, something soldiers were supposed to leave. This was evidence of our destruction. 

"We do what we can to cleanse the inner cities," said the Army recruiting officer. My husband walked out of the office with the officer following him screaming, "You can't do that!!"

He walked through the entrance of the Air Force recruiting office next door.  
Clem was offered officer rank and top secret clearance after he completed his time.  He declined.

He shared only a few stories of his time there. Vietnamese people stared at him and other Black infantrymen. He saw what he determined to be disappointment and asked one of them why they were being watched.  White officers told them that Black soldiers grew tails at midnight. They were pissed that they fell for it.

A soldier returned from the "country", where battles took place. He was covered with mud and blood, carrying a severed head of a North Vietnamese soldier. He got food, and sat down in circulation paths of vehicles and people, not caring what he disrupted. An officer, described as "green" and ignorant, a college "boy" who paid to stay out of harm's way, confronted this man who wanted to eat his food and continue to holler at the dead soldier's head. That day was the last conversation that officer had. Chalked up to "friendly fire", there were many incidents where officers thought they knew better even though they never stepped outside of the base.

Other soldiers died from suicide. Many took their lives after receiving letters from their girlfriends informing them that they moved on.  

Clem said there were worse stories than these. He would never share them. Each night, decades later, he still had trouble sleeping.

Images of war machines Clem was responsible for fueling. 

African-Americans were and are not free to experience all that this country was created for. Black people continue to have liberties, not to be confused with the rights stated in the Constitution or in the Bill of Rights. Those documents were created to govern Europeans. Abolitionists objected to slavery but did not believe that enslaved people were capable of governing themselves. They were considered savages, taken from another place, to do their bidding and could only survive with their help. Liberties were given or taken at the behest of those in power. In 1872, there were 320 Black elected state and federal legislators. Anti-Black  groups existed and worked to eliminate Black voter turnout. Within 6 years,  the number of legislators dropped by over 80%. In Douglas A. Blackmon's book, Slavery By Another Name he documented the tactics whites used after the Emancipation Proclamation to re-enslave Black people and it continues to this day.

Clem was not ignorant about this. When he was in Thailand, he engaged in conversations with Thais and Vietnamese people about Malcolm X. Uncle Ho taught his people about the plight of Black people in the United States. Thai monks brought Clem into their temples. Many were not afforded such opportunities.

If the reader thinks the order of events is distorted, think again. There is no difference today compared to centuries ago except for the body count of Black victims. However, what could be accomplished in secret, without the eye of mass media to expose the act, many whites would attempt to get away with "breaking" the law. This is known because of the few cases where white people have killed African Americans and justice was slow to be realized. It stands to reason, as there were and are overt killings of African-Americans, that more African-American deaths have been covered up and ignored. This is another way of addressing the issue of Black presence in the United States.

A temple Clem was invited to enter.

Clem in his hooch.

I took several photos of Clem on our second date in Hope, PA. 

Clem in Virgin Gorda, March 1994. I remember the date because it was my first time visiting the territory before I came to join him.

Everything in this dimension takes time. That is a luxury here as there is room for change. This seemed to be the way of spiritual development, in a sense.  Spiritual knowledge is not readily accessible. If you want to obtain the fruits of spiritual knowledge, to grow, to become, you need to navigate through the barriers to find it.

The worthy make it through.

My husband's life included an education in two different countries; White Plains High School; American government and being drafted; his first marriage; his children; the difficulty of the struggle for a job and maintaining a mortgage after his honorable discharge, selling insurance to African-Americans who had the mindset that it was not important to plan their futures, and his girlfriend of twenty years after his first marriage who rejected him after our first time together (thank you.)

Clem demonstrated tenacity, strength of will and character to charge through the obstacles and continue on.  

Clem and me on our honeymoon. June 2003. Clem listened to me when I told people that he was my birthday gift. I met him 4 days after my birthday in 1993.He planned our wedding (such a romantic.) He attempted to arrange our wedding on the day that we met 10 years later but got it close with the next day. I still think about it and it makes me smile.

Clem chillin' in one of the wonderful countries we visited together.

As African-Americans, we  are targets of white people who desire to eject us from this country where they killed indigenous people to occupy. Since slavery was abolished, by and large, they are limited by what they could do to them. However, indigenous women are covertly disappearing in the thousands and the cases remain open.  The 13th Amendment exists to re-enslave people of color, much like what occurred in the south after the Civil War when whites created vagrancy laws to entrap Blacks for free labor. 

Former President Barak Obama's administration brought out the hidden vitriol present in this country. Witch McConnell stated, "We gave you Obama." And the people gave him two terms. What was a "surprise" was the number of whites who hated Black people. Pat Robertson defended Melania Trump's nakedness while defiling Michelle Obama's naked arms. Robertson was repulsed by the black skin on Michelle's arms. The whites' battle cry for the 2020 presidential election was, "A vote for the Democrats means four more years of Obama."

Merge by Allison L. Williams Hill

If you want to give up, that is your free will. If you want to pursue your intentions, do it.

Clem served this country, obtained more than enough of the degrees -an Associates, three Masters, and a doctorate; worked for Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies; worked for the Small Business Administration and guided entrepreneurs into millionaire status, then moved to the land of his father to increase self-determination and self-sustainability like his father and his contemporaries had so that the artificial economic construct of tourism, largely created by white ex-patriots, would not determine the economic health of the territory.  His attitude was that its people would do that.

Clem's Profile

As a practitioner in the fields of development economics and small business development, Dr. Hill established himself as a presenter, trainer, researcher, and consultant.  His thirty-two years in leadership positions and experience included:
(A) four years with H. Lavity Stoutt College – Director, Development and Business Initiatives;
(B) Government of the British Virgin Islands – development economics/small business development;
(C) U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)/New York City – small business entrepreneurship development;
(D) U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) – marketing and advertising; and
(E) fifteen years with Fortune 100 companies – sales and marketing management.


• Doctorate (Ph.D.): Small business development, The Union Institute Graduate College, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1999
• Master of Science (M.S.A.): Administration, Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, 1993
• Master of Science (MS):Community and Economic Development, Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, New Hampshire, 1990
• Associates: Liberal Arts, Edison State College

Clem eliminated a third Masters degree. He found out that the institution was not accredited. I suggested that he should check to see if their status changed.

As far as I know, he never checked.

My Husband's Soul Portrait by Allison L. Williams Hill

An altar to Clem.  I love you.

Clem crossed over. He is an Ascended Master. That I had the privilege of someone like this in my life made what transpired before worth it. I found Clem through Spirit.  It was a meditation done over several days.  I don't remember how many. The drawings below are psychic art.  The middle one is the one above it upside down, a portion where Clem came through, in the blue.  The last one was a connection with Bonita, my guardian Angel.  She was made known to me during an Akasha Angel reading with Janice Hayes, one of Delphi's wonderful teachers.   

I received this in the mail after Clem's passing. I returned it to the Veteran's Administration for corrections and extras for his grandchildren. I never saw it again. I called in 2020 and was told that it was mailed out about two years later. I could get a replacement, however, it would be signed by the sitting president. 

Channeling With Clem
September 29, 2016

I stayed in our home for about a month from September to October 2016, a year after Clem crossed over. We communicated with each other.  It is called open communication, particularly when a person receives information from Spirit and shares it with others who are unable to receive. I journalled a lot. I drew psychic art. I meditated.  He and I created a lot of dialogue about spirit, about love, about relationships, and about our life together.

Clem Used to Say I was airy fairy or  living in a fantasy.  He would say that he was practical.  This all had to do with my spiritual practice.  He was not meditating or, at least, I never saw him do it. I was reading spiritual material written by the living, by those who transitioned, and by those who channeled energies.  He was not or, at least, I never saw him reading such.   His grounded-in-reality attitude was supported by his having a job.  But when I acquired a job, I worked hard and smart and I never heard the remark again.

I heard an echo of his words over 15 years later but the "tone" was different.  Clem was right: I practiced good spirit work to raise and protect both of us, the people we loved and cared about, and the planet.  The most I did to address the "practical" side was to include the phrase, “…and seal the door where Evil dwells.”  I never thought, much less asked, what kind of negative energies were created for any purpose.  There was good energy and there was evil energy and I was not addressing both.

We were cordial to all people where we lived.  Clem asked me to watch what I said and how I said it.  I was a native New Yorker, after all.  I did 98% of the time.  Having courteously addressed all who engaged us the fault laid in not questioning the covert behavior of these people but totally ignoring those who did not “befriend” us.  A friend said, “But if you don’t know about it, you would not ask.”  If I didn’t know I was not liked, not for what I did but for who I was, I would not have asked questions to address it spiritually.  As I look back, it was hubris to think we were liked by all people. Two actions were apparent: either create good energy for the person so that person may change their mind about us or create good energy to protect us from her or him.

The smallest thing can turn them against you. These people were not adult enough to tell the target of their ire, directly, how they felt.

Meditation with Clem -Clem in the detail by Allison L. Williams Hill

When I asked why would someone want to do such a thing, I could not think of an answer.  I dismissed it.  To continually ask why to get an acceptable answer was a waste of time.  I found out that people did things simply because they could.  The ability to do anything was reason enough for anyone to attempt an action.  People soak cats in oil and set them on fire; children torture other children to see what happens;  people lure and kill other people- men, women, and children.  If the ability to energetically cause harm to others is available, people may use it.  It is believed the user would be unapproachable, undetectable, and beyond prosecution.  The appeal is in the ability to cause third dimensional injury using beyond third dimensional means that cannot be brought into evidence in any court of law.

Clem and me at our wedding, Barbados, WI

If Clem and I were in love and we were happy for ourselves and everybody else’s happiness, what if others we knew, and didn’t know, were not?  What could they do?  We didn’t know and as such there would be a limit to what we could have protected ourselves from.  We might not have seen or perceived all but we could have done something. I used energy to enhance the good, not protect us from evil.  Because of the fact that I was ignorant of using energy negatively, I did not protect us at all.

With Clem, Third Drawing by Allison L. Williams Hill

Clem's Spirit

Clem gave up his body.  Its condition was beyond healing  it to where he would have been comfortable being in it.  Regardless of what I could and can do and what I asked for in assistance from my friends and other healers around the world, the outcome would not have changed.  Clem’s life was to end in the way that it did, using it to karmically balance acts he had committed.  My tears, recalls, and regrets are diminishing since his crossing over.  Well, no, not really. There are days, even weeks, when I cry to the point of exhaustion, to where I return to wanting to die, regardless of what I know of the outcome of suicide. There are many, many days I wanted to end my life. I thought of the effect it would have on others. I remain here, for now.  That thought is becoming less of a deterrent.  His crossing over feels like it happened yesterday, everyday.   

However, there were occasional, private outbursts.  Remembering that it was for both of us, to experience, to grow and to learn from the events that mattered bring me to a state of calm and understanding and a greater appreciation for the birthright as Sovereign Spirit.

How often do people refuse to accept what is the most outrageous and extraordinary answer? Because it has not saturated the majority of human lives on the planet, because it has not been the experience of doctors who "claim" to know more than Clem and me, does not mean the answer has no value. Linear thinking had demonstrated that it is not the only path  to an end. The answers were out of left field.  And so was what happened in our life.

It's 5 years now. I have not opened the package with Clem's cremated remains.

Mine the questions.  Dig deep; always ask. At a channeling, Hermes Trismegistis' message to me was "Ask questions. Always ask questions."  

If the dwarfs’ sanctuaries from the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy help with the image, digging through the mountains creating incredible interiors within them, use it.   The film’s images showed magnificent caves. Dig as hard as the dwarfs did until you cannot dig anymore.  

If you enter a competition, all signs point to a win. Well, what if you lose?  You cannot control everything, especially what others choose to do. People did what they wanted to do, to disrupt our lives. We did not know this. The essence of this was the use of energy.

Mine the questions.  Dig deep; always ask.  Mine each other.  How? Use meditation.  Use affirmations and rituals.  Question  yourself.   Question each other.  Answers can change. Feelings can change.  Tell him or her what the new answer is.  Continuously communicate.

I was never happier. I had the greatest life when I was with Clem. I cherish my life that I had. I learned a lot that I shall be constructing the information to help others.



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