Intuitive Visionary Healing

piritist, Raphael di Angelo  helped me coin the term "Intuitive Visionary Healing" after my session with him.

He said that my slogan is “The Diamond of Intuitive Visionary Healers.”

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Prayer Post detail, Hakone, Japan by Allison L. Williams Hill

Record of Intuitive Visionary Healing

All I describe and inform is recorded. Raphael said the power of the recording provides healing each time it is listened to. It is my honor and pleasure to so this for a receiver. It is intimate and very personal, not to be shared.

As he was an accomplished spiritist himself, there was no need to explain to him how I was going to proceed.

I told Raphael what I was doing and what I was compelled to do.

It was similar to going through a former boyfriend's home: I felt the urge to go in a direction that was opposite of where I wanted to explore. In the boyfriend's home, I realized when I succeeded, it was his energy hiding something he did not want to be known, hence his refusals to allow me to visit.

In Raphael's body, I went where I was compelled to go. I did not ignore it as there had to have been a reason. I was inside of his body, after all.

What was so special and unique about this session was that Raphael said that he saw everything that I saw. He traveled within his body with me.


“The Diamond of Intuitive Visionary Healers"

Before we begin, I explain what I will do. I liked what I experienced with Silva Mind Control lectures in that the lecturer explained what the programming was beforehand. I adopted the process to ease anxiety.

I will have asked for access to your energy. I use five or more senses to receive information about you in all manner of energy at my disposal.

After I enter a state to allow energy work, I ask for permission again to access and provide information that is pertinent to whatever you need and anything else that is available.

I traveled within and outside of his body. It is accepted that the Body exists in the Mind. Many writings contain that there are multiple bodies. The physical body is the densest of all. My language must change to convey what I desire to express.

In light of that, my travels, or moves, were not only in the physical form. There may be places I enter that may not be describable within the limited language with which we are familiar. While in "Wherever", I speak a lot about what I see. I describe images and a healing takes place.

I was informed to always record the sessions. It is the experience of the reading that creates the healing. When reading people, they can enter their denial by “ignoring” what was actually said and impose their own interpretation. It is intended that the person being read replays the recording as many times as they wish to facilitate more healing.

It was an interesting experience. As with all things esoteric, many books exist on healing modalities and they are growing. However, with this process,

I think I can describe this using known methods as references. I can write what my experiences are, how I did the work but there may not be a process to follow.

I don't think this process is unique to me. Anyone who learned to project energy and "move" through another's energy would be able to do this.

I found that each person I participate with was unique. I have seen and felt amazing things and, yet, I haven’t touched all that there was of these people. I do a lot of talking and there may be questions.

It helps to answer them because the information is to be replayed to continue the work the information is meant to do.

The session’s information stimulates healing which increases each time the tape is replayed.

The client is encouraged to reflect, listen, and feel impressions. The client is encouraged to write what s/he experienced. This takes place locally or distant.

Species by Allison L. Williams Hill

Intuitive Visionary Healing

Quick Glance Information

I access your energy; I see images and feel sensations. I relate these to you. The information is recorded to enable you to replay the experience that continues to facilitate change at any time. This can take place at a distance or in person. Approximate duration is one hour.

Price: $45.00

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Now That Your Eyes Are Open

Looking West on Drake's Highway, Tortola towards the Caribbean Sea by Allison L. Williams Hill

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