Living Altars

ltars are created and used for focused intention. Religious, wicca, and spiritual practices assemble symbols and objects with meaning to draw and maintain energy and attention. Humans always create. An altar promotes creation with a purpose. 

Create your own living altar with objects that hold meaning for you. 

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Why Living Altars?

Living Altars was created to merge spirituality, architecture, and art.

This combination merges energy and physical activity.

Art that uses spiritual channeling is called Psychic Art. My pieces displayed here can also be seen throughout In-Vesica Art Design Energy  and at Art  This art is an excellent addition to a living altar because of the intimate, channeled information received from Spirit for the user. 

 Within the pages of this web site, I have included information and examples of altars.  They vary like the owners.  The Living Altar is a personal expression that augments our intrinsic senses that connect us to the Unseen, the starting place.

The altar below was created in our home at the rafter assembly of a 12/12 roof. We see this each time we descend the stairs

This place was never a consideration.  All altars I have seen have been arranged at tables or spaces within two feet of the floor.  I felt the need for one for a long time.  This was unused space that placed some of the objects dear to me in plain sight; as I descended my eyes raised up.  The brain enters the alpha state when the eyes lift 35° above perpendicular.  Placing my altar here achieves that.

Altars and Words

s with numbers that have become associated with meanings through time of use, words build vibrations.  They are symbols just as numbers are.  Definitions were assigned to concepts.  Words reflected combinations of concepts.  Words are spoken representatives of feelings.  Imagine if “I hate you” was meant to convey love.

Words make us feel.  What empowers you?  What diminishes you?

What kinds of words do you wish to be associated with? 

 The Power

“Strong”  “I AM the Power”

“I Love Life”

"Become the Word” Exercise

1. Find a secure, quiet place. Be alone with yourself.

2. Gradually relax.  Begin at your toes and work your way up through each part of your body. Remove all tension from every nerve; allow yourself to be perfectly "limp" all over, from head to feet. Inhale deeply and slowly to a count of 7; retain the breath for 4 counts.  Exhale for 8 counts.

 3. Concentrate your whole attention inwardly upon yourself, shutting out all outside impressions. When you feel your thoughts drift to something outside of yourself, bring them back.

4. When you feel you are completely relaxed, see, feel or hear a movie theater.  If you are visual, you will see a large, blank, lighted screen.  If you are kinesthetically oriented, you feel the environment of a theater – quiet with soft murmurs and perhaps an occasional crunch of someone eating popcorn. If you are audible-oriented, you hear what goes on in a movie theater – the near silence in anticipation of the sensations and what it invokes in the audience.   Focus on the word "FEARLESS".   See, feel or hear the word.  See, feel or hear on screen the characteristics of a person possessing that quality and all that comes with it as a result.   Now see, feel or hear on the screen the characteristics as you as the person possessing that quality and all that comes with it as a result.  

Butterflies for CJ by Allison L. Williams Hill

5. Form the mental picture of yourself possessed of the desired quality. Act it out in your mind.  You are fearless, what do you do – in your life, in your career, and in relationships?   Think of yourself doing certain things while you are being possessed of the desired quality. Use your imagination as much as you can; attempt to remove all limitations. Always conclude your movie with a strong impression and thought of "I AM."

6. Repeat these exercises as often as possible. It is like the dripping of the water on the stone. The repeated thought takes root and grows rapidly. It is a good plan to practice this exercise when you retire for the night, and also during your waking hours at night, if you have any. The exercises will not keep you from slumber, but will rather tend to induce the desire for sleep. If you feel yourself dozing off, do not resist it, as the impression, which you carry with you into sleep, will dwell with you, and will do its work even while you are sleeping.


Use the same exercise with other words.  Do not use “I don’t want to be” and end it with the negative like “stupid.”  The word ‟stupid” is a part of the thought.  If it is in the sentence, or any other negative trait that you do not want is in the sentence with words like “do not” or “don’t”, energy will still be given to the negative word and it will be reinforced and remain.  Instead, use positive words throughout like:

Energize or Energy
Love or lovable
Impossible to I AM Possible Phenomenal
Magnificent Great Smart
Talented Skillful Happy

Dr. Masaro Emoto’s work has become well known in using words to empower water which imparts its qualities to you.  If we have the power to empower water, then enliven the water that already exists within your body.   Be careful of how you speak, what you say, about others and, especially, about yourself. 



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