Color and Blood

ogether, color and blood are the subjects for this page. In the interest of expressing appreciation for blood, it would be difficult to discuss it as a substance unto itself. The human body is literally more than the sum of its parts. Blood is a food, a substance, a stream of living members performing tasks.

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Color and Blood with Food Charts

Color and blood food charts, or color food charts according to blood type, was pioneered by Peter D'Adamo who advanced his father's work on blood type.

I used Mr. D'Adamo's charts that suggest specific vegetables and fruits to see what colors are available for each blood type. Nourishing blood and eating a blood type diet based on color principles may be a creative way to develop one's own unique diet plan.

You can download them at Welcome and at the individual food color chart pages in Links.

Color and blood according to your type, may be a useful food plan.   It is limited in that all cultures are not represented. However, it is a fun way to eat.

Thought detail Nummo by Allison L. Williams Hill

I used to include the words "voluntary" and "involuntary" with the word "tasks." No more. After listening to Dr. Bruce Lipton's work, The Wisdom of Your Cells I am thrilled with the idea that anything within my body can be changed and I can change it.

The Wisdom of Your Cells should be in everyone's library. 

We excrete blood in our urine daily, sacrificing blood cells to the disinfectant of a water closet.

Blood carries memory. Blood responds to change, makes changes, thinking for the temple it sustains. Blood not only tells information about the person to whom it belongs but can provide information about others. Blood communicates. It works well in a balanced and cared for environment. Abuse turns its gift into a travesty.

As it is living it, too, responds to vibrations.

Color and Blood Meditation

We are familiar with the types of blood that became what they are over eons through different conditions. Humans changed; blood adapted with the humans.

The planet may appear to be stable until the next cataclysmic event, so one might not think there is need for a change in one's relationship with their blood.  

In addition to using common sense, consider addressing it. Speak with your blood as an intelligence. If that is too absurd to you, quiet your mind. Eliminate all of the laughter and silliness. See yourself as a small You within an artery or vein. Flow within it, breathing in slowly, holding your breath for a few seconds, and then exhaling.

Continue flowing and when you feel relaxed and comfortable enough, ask, "If the blood in my vessels could talk to me, what would it say?" "If the blood in my vessels could talk to me, what foods, what colors work work for us?"Listen. Express love and gratitude for what it does for your well being.

Peter D'Adamo advanced his father's work on blood type. Steven M. Weissberg, Karen Vago, Joseph Christiano, and Dina Khader, are authors who also offer useful information.

I used Mr. D'Adamo's charts that suggest specific vegetables and fruits to see what colors are available for each blood type. Nourishing blood and eating a blood type diet based on color principles may be a creative way to one's own unique diet plan.

Bio-individuality means every single person's biochemistry is different. Each of us has a unique set of factors that influence our existence.

MH Soul portrait by Allison L. Williams Hill

Applying the colors that are available for each blood type lead me to thinking how implementing this change would affect daily life.

Though several foods were listed as neutral, Mr. D'Adamo listed what to avoid. Pork was listed to be avoided by ALL blood types.

If this were going to be applied to your lifestyle, if you like to cook, think of what impact it will have on what and how you eat.

Potluck dinners are popular. Buffet meals are also popular. Some people are careful about allergies that are life threatening, so they avoid the foods that may cause a problem. However, collecting information on the blood types of attendees would be something.

Would it be necessary to label the dishes- "For O Types" or "For AB Types"? It is actually funny, visualizing a spread with nicely lettered signs as it would be a shame to organize a festive activity with such a restriction.

A friend of ours recommended the books to us. I use the information and, as I said, this is one filter for our health plan and what I offer to clients who use my health coach services.

Because of the way I feel about color, I arranged the chart according to the rainbow. I hope you find these charts are interesting and useful for:

                   1. What colors are available for each blood type to support healthy eating;

                 2. The type of new food combinations you can prepare for foods you already use;

                3. What foods are included you have not used, and

                  4. What is available within your group that could easily support a diet detox without the extra additions, like powders and supplements, to be a successful cleanse.

This is a work in progress. The charts may be redesigned and/or expanded. 



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