hades is the title of Allison L. Williams Hill's first novel.  An explanation: This story began in January 2008 when I made the mistake of organizing our departure from Delphi University of Spiritual Studies about an hour later than usual.  It translated into missing baggage loading for Tortola, British Virgin Islands by 20 minutes.  As a result we were at Miami International Airport for over three hours, slept in the San Juan airport. I saw that they had homeless people on Puerto Rico. Having left Georgia early morning Tuesday, we reached our house at 1:30PM on Wednesday afternoon.  I passed my time getting into people’s heads.  The physical being for Alzeshi was the beginning of all of this fun.


Partnership by Allison L. Williams Hill

Shades Summary

The story takes place in a fictional town called Sandos, Pennsylvania, United States of America in the years 2118-2120.  Technology has been integrated into a recognized society by contemporary standards as opposed to most predictions about the future which was the incorporation of major changes in how humans live would become almost unrecognizable. 

Time was successfully used as a zoning tool on a 25 acre development that contained a facility called the Central Nucleus supported by electronically wired extraterrestrials.  It was the brain of the development monitoring and maintaining all space in a compressed time application equal to that of the planet. 

The Three by Allison L. Williams Hill

Extraterrestrials were living on the planet, known and unknown, as humans continued their normal activities.  Some humans were aware of their presence; the majority was not. 

In the effort to expose aliens who were living among humans, a substance was introduced into the food supply, affecting millions of humans worldwide.

A repertory theater’s ranks, which was in existence during the Great Depression, swelled with more people with new-found desires to experience aspects of themselves they never knew existed.  

Shades looked at people, families and their emotions, and power and authority as the “outbreak” affected them: hatred; patriotism; racism; war; death; murder; trust; and love, in how humans regarded other humans and non-humans.



Shades Chapter 1 First Anniversary

Shades Chapter 2 God Bless America

Shades Chapter 3 Little Bend

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