Brain and Minerals

"Minerals and the Brain " by Allison L. Williams Hill

First Blogged December 3, 2011, updated February 2021

omething's been on my mind about the brain and minerals.  It's 3AM Atlantic Time on November 27th.  I saw more of Nova's show on universe vs. multiverse.  Alan Guth's dozing at Alex Vilekin's explanation on multiple inflations leading to multiple big bangs forming more universes was indicative of a brilliant mind confronting more than it can handle.  Symptoms of the inability to comprehend that I've seen and have had, include a blank stare; anger; defensiveness, and anxiety.

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Comprehension and retention's been on my mind.  I observe my husband as he experiences dementia.  PBS had a program on Alzheimer's some time ago.  Doctors were honest and said they do not know what causes it and why it happens.  We met Dr. Alan Magaziner at his Cherry Hill, New Jersey Magaziner Center for Wellness last year  (2010).  Even though his policy was to see new patients in October he made room for us.  Thank you, Dr. Magaziner.  We chose to approach this wholistically.   In that, I realized my husband and I had something in common.

First of all, because we live on Tortola within twenty feet of a transformer and thick electrical cables are buried in our yard supporting other residences and a
hotel and restaurant at the base of a hill,  I am aware that my brain is changing also.  My ability to remember has changed.   I have made two trips to stores to collect all I purchased the first time because I left some of them.  Sometimes, I thought all items were placed in one bag but due to the weight, it was impossible.

I woke up at 5:30Am and used the meter. I pointed it towards the roof where the transformer pole was. The meter read 530mg. Clem was sleeping. He insisted on sleeping on that side, placing himself between me and the transformer. 

My husband and I had the same craving.  I knew I craved salt.  I wanted to eat salty foods-  nuts, potato chips and, my favorite, popcorn.   I ate so much of the Smart Food white cheddar popcorn (we get the Export-stamped stuff)
that it felt as if I began to smell like cheddar cheese when I perspired.  It was easy for me to eat this while I worked.  That was how I used to choose a lot of the foods I consumed.

Mineral Salt and Cravings

It was not until recently I realized that my husband was expressing the desire for salt by requesting bacon.  He'd sometimes ask for sausage; again an expression for the deficiency via an established reference.  I bought the English version that was preservative, nitrate and nitrite-free.  Even though it was frozen, it has to be used within 7 days and it was more than he could eat.  
Point is I would attempt to satisfy both cravings for salt that was expressed through the desire for different foods.   Drinking dissolved sea salt in water did not work for me but finding a colloidal mineral product did.  His request for bacon was gone and  I...I reduced!!!  I thought about food but the thought was: I'm NOT HUNGRY!!   I had more energy.  When I was sleepy at night, I was reeallllly sleepy- - lidded-eye sleepy.  All I had to do was eat ROCK!  Too funny!

This is where you might do one of four things:  say this has already been studied and nothing of value has resulted,  you will doze off, you move on, or stay. What's been on my mind is this: cerebra-spinal fluid supports the brain and the spine, correct?

Brain Animation

Signals travel along the neuron electrically.  When it reaches the space between the dendrites, the synapse, the signal is carried chemically-through the salty fluid.  This is an absolutely beautiful animation showing neurons firing.

Firing of Brain Neurons, Cell Dance

Thank you, Leonard Bosgraaf, Ph.D.

The above demonstrates synapse activity.  Remember battery experiments?  The solution through which the current traveled was salty.  If this is in the fluid in our brains supporting chemical activity,

is it possible that insufficient amounts of minerals can cause a person to have short circuits resulting in Alzheimer's as well as other brain diseases? We have a built-in system for amino acids I learned about from Dr. Gary Null many years ago from his Egg Project research.  Whatever the minimum amount of an amino acid is in your body, your incredible system only keeps the same amount among all of them and you excrete the rest.  Is this what happens with minerals?

Cerebra-spinal fluid is tested only for

    glucose: 40%-85 mg/dL
    protein: 15-50 mg/dL
    leukocytes (white blood cells) total less than 5 per mL
    lymphocytes: 60-70%
    monocytes: 30-50%, and
    neutrophils: none.

Plasma is almost totally water including protein, glucose, minerals, and hormones.  Is plasma tested for balanced mineral content?  I noticed that my husband's appetite increased and he, after many negative taste attempts, has started to like vegetarian burgers.  I used to throw them into a pan and add water to defrost.  I still fix them that way but with less water and a little olive oil.  They do taste better.

The last word is that there is good news. The brain is not fixed. Watch-

Balance is the keyword in all things.  Perhaps there was work to determine whether mineral content in the fluid was a factor.  If it came up negative, then the case was closed. Or the substance may be so fine that new ways of understanding its function have to be created first.  We are like batteries, or (smile) are batteries like us?  We create currents, we have an electrical charge,  and the energy alternates (not to discount direct current).  I will be documenting our progress, or lack thereof.

Move to Better Brain Health Care

We returned to the US in 2011 for my husband, Clement E. Hill, II, October 1, 1946 - October 9, 2015. Clem died from a number of issues and I think not all of them were physically identifiable..

What was going on inside of his body had many years to develop. When we see the symptoms, the causes have been growing for a long time. I felt the brain, given the electric excitement, was always tested for its ability to transmit. But I'm not a doctor. In the last two years (2019-21), I have found a lot of information on minerals AND vitamins for the brain that exceeded what was available when Clem was in his body. When Clem was experiencing his mind change, my memory felt like it was taking a hit as well. For some reason, I was reading out loud to him and was unable to form and to speak the words I was seeing. That never happened before and, as with all things that were happening to us, I excused it to aging.

Brain Supplements

I created the following table from  several websites including PubMed  to which I was introduced by Dr. Gary Null. The significant thing about PubMed is that it is the National Library of Medicine of the United States, and a source  for scientific studies, in their words, " resource supporting the search and retrieval of biomedical and life sciences literature with the aim of improving health–both globally and personally."  

The site is fascinating as, in addition to stateside information, it collects information from other scientists from around the world. Dr. Null shared a study from the University of Virginia that only four elements - zinc; Vitamins D and C and quercetin - can protect the human immune system from the deadly strain of coronavirus, COVID 19, that the government has constructed into a pandemic. This kind of information, using substances that exist in nature and in our bodies,  was a part of the "cure" for my beloved. 

may prevent Alzheimer’s
essential to normalize mood and moderate behavior
facilitates neurotransmitter action, chemical activity within synapses, spaces between neurons
vital for storing and retrieving memory
its coenzymes metabolize fatty acids in brain cell membranes
improves learning; recall, and memory; reduces depression and mood swings
responsible for nitric oxide production to relax blood vessels to increase blood flow; stimulates neurotransmitter production for memory, learning, and mood; increases proteins that grow and protect neurons; free radical elimination
helps create the fatty sheath, or myelin, along axons, develop synapses, make new blood vessels, and neuron respiration; controls neurotransmitters and neuron activity; free radical elimination
essential for energy production, genetic synthesis and repair, and neurochemical synthesis
helps regulate the production of all important neurotransmitters
Folic Acid
Essential in producing neurotransmitters
essential for oxidative metabolism; essential in the synthesis of neurotransmitters and myelin, serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine, DNA, and for several electron transfer reactions including brain-energy metabolism
removes homocysteine linked to brain shrinkage and other adverse health effects
needed for the synthesis of RNA and DNA; regulates neuron ion activity- tiny electrical switches governing the flow of neurotransmitters within neurons; regulates brain synaptic plasticity, critical for learning and memory; assists in the process of converting B vitamins
Vitamin C
Ascorbic Acid
Essential for the brain, located within the pituitary gland
required for several enzymes necessary for neuron and glial cell function; essential for enzymes involved in neurotransmitter synthesis and metabolism; required for the formation of astrocytes - glial cells that help form the endothelial cells for the blood-brain barrier, maintain ion balance; helps repair the brain and spinal cord
Vitamin D
protects brain health and function; supports healthy mood and protects against cognitive function decline; protects brain from seasonal affective disorder Molybdenum required as a cofactor in certain critical enzymes in body and brain
Vitamin E
helps maintain healthy blood vessels; has beneficial antioxidant effects on cells; protects the brain against free radicals that cause oxidative damage, low memory and cognitive performance
protects against cognitive symptoms of anxiety and concentration
protects the brain
essential mineral for life and several functions within the entire body’s nervous system and brain’s fatigue, poor mood, and depression
essential for manufacturing the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, cell membrane production, and for memory and learning
protects against certain diseases; insufficient levels are associated with anxiety, confusion, depression and hostility; activates the catecholamines dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine; involved in motor performance (movement), coordination, memory, cognition, and other brain signaling pathways; important for the development and functioning of GABA; required for dopamine pathways and neurotransmission
deficiency has been associated with different neurological diseases, and Alzheimer’s

Brain and Minerals Use

Dr. Null made an impression on me in 1987. I introduced my husband to his work when we met. He impressed his listeners and his audiences with the fact that what we see and feel in our bodies developed a long time before. Alzheimer's was in play many years before it manifests. It's the same with other physical issues we attribute to "old age."  The paradigm for health, what is generally accepted,  is that  we are supposed to feel the aches and pains of aging. That is considered normal. The good news is that it is not. All issues are due to inflammation. When we treat our bodies consistently well, we will die when we fall off a cliff or in our sleep, the natural way.  

I use Gary Null's products along with others. Dr. Null's products are of a quality that surpasses other supplement manufacturers. Andrew Weil's interview on 60 Minutes with the late Ed Bradley. He was confronted with the information of his recommended supplements line's quality. The article  states the differences between the test results used by the companies and 60 Minutes'. Dr. Weil's recommendations were just that - herbs he suggests clients use. Gary Null's products are created/formulated; invented; sourced, and inspected by him. I don't know of any other health care professional that does that. The products are tasty (big plus- except for the Suprema C tablets, they make you pucker. At one of his lectures, volunteers were passing out samples and got a big kick over how people puckered immediately after putting it in their mouths. Me included.) I trust Dr. Null's products that I order them for family and friends.  

Brain and Frame of Mind

Regardless of how pristine your diet is, your thoughts govern how the body will use them. Dr. Null offers support, books and DVDs, to improve the mind to get to wellness. We used them, however, there was something more clandestine going on.

I consume the supplements listed below and more to achieve clear thinking, energy and excitement every day. What the Institute for Integrative Nutrition gave due attention to is a concept called Primary Food.   Joshua Rosenthal, the founder, noticed that no matter how pristine one's diet or food plan is, if it
is not coupled with right thinking and feeling, its effect is rendered almost useless.

As the Mind and heart must be in harmony in order to use the nutritious contributions one consumes, my work looks at energy center integration and the fulfillment of four areas of your life all of which need to be attended. A simple question to ask yourself is: "Am I happy?" Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of "Wisdom of Your Cells", shattered accepted dogma with new information that folds so beautifully as whipped egg whites into batter: our thoughts directly affect our physical bodies.  And Dr. Candace Pert, author of "Molecules of Emotion" proved our emotions affect our physical bodies.  What both acknowledge is that:

        “Your body is energy influenced by energy.
       “Thought is energy.  
       “Thought influences your body.

Be consistent. Your brain depends on it.

Resources, National Library of Medicine, National Center for Biotechnology Information

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13 Minerals Essential for the Optimized Brain by David Tomen

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