owsing Thomasina. Dowsing Thomas. Doubting Thomasina. Doubting Thomas. Dowsing is a process to get information internally or externally. Internally, one can use the tongue on the roof of the mouth after establishing how it feels when you ask a closed or "yes” or “no” question.  Fingers or the entire body can be used for dowsing.  Dowsing can be performed with devices of different sizes and types such as rods and bobbers. 

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When dowsing, I am asking questions in the void, in the aether where “everything” is known.  Here is an issue here: I am working to develop a direct immersion into Spirit so I should not require dowsing tools. The need arises when I am locked, or severed from feeling or hearing answers through the energy centers.

I attended a dowsing convention, the American Society of Dowsers in Vermont,  several years ago on my first spiritual journey. It was important to be among people to learn more about concentration, to meditate, all seeking to deepen and expand to access the All, where information is.

My pendulum was handcrafted by the Mountain Man, the late Greg Storozuk. The sides were sloped 51° 50' 40'' , or 52 degrees rounded off, like the Cheops Pyramid at Giza. It worked perfectly. 

I used a pendulum for answers and to indicate time in which request was made. For example, I’d ask, “Spirit, please neutralize all negative effects and affects that hinder the planet’s, it peoples, flora and faunas’ healing.” The pendulum begins to circle one way then reverse as many times as the request requires. This continues until it stops completely. I close the request with, “Thank you, Spirit.” I learned to do this from a fellow dowser who wrote information from Raymon Grace.

Merge with Trees by Allison L. Williams Hill

Spirit, in particular my husband, shared that I didn’t need to dowse. “You already know the answers.” There are many people who are capable of changing energies with a spoken word or raised hands.  Jose´ Silva did it and upset studies with laboratory animals. He did it to a water cooler causing surprises for all who drank from it. 

Feminine Energy by Allison L. Williams Hill

Spock’s voice-over in Star Trek: Discovery spoke about his sister Michael after she made the trip into the future as the Red Angel. He said, ”I choose to believe…” Belief is the touchstone of endeavor. The mind accepts the ability of the doer. I sometimes dowse because I think I cannot “hear” the information from energy. I sometimes think I am so shut down,  that any information is unable to make it through my barriers. Mediation opens up the channels, allowing energy that is full of “stuff” we know not of but sustains us as the Creator intended.


A few suggestions on the subject are  The Dowsing State of Mind article by Greg Storozuk; Raymon Grace provides informative resources online including videos. Mr. Grace is also the author of Seasons of April about his life with his daughter.

When I became interested on dowsing Walt Woods' book Letter to Robin was highly recommended by other seasoned dowsers. I like the way this particular download was set up at Creative Mystic. It shows the basics of dowsing, centering and asking specific questions.

Dowsing and Earth Energy

The power of earth energy influences, or geomany, achieves a greater level of completion when applied to Architectural design, interior design, landscape designs, and environments.

It is the positioning of physical objects in strategic locations on land, properties, in structures, homes and work environments in relation to energy leys to stimulate optimal wellness, wealth, and happiness.

Residential geodesic dome model with knee wall submerged below grade, L5 Associates

The art of divining puts the practitioner in a place where the body and Mind are united with Spiritual Forces to access knowledge about site conditions. Several levels of energy leys can affect space beyond the ability of our senses.

Studies of this kind permit the use of beneficial energy and the correction of energy that is not beneficial. Geomancy in Middle English is geomancie, from Medieval Latin geomantia, from Late Greek geomanteia, divination by signs from the earth : Greek geo-, geo- + Greek -manteia, -mancy; in Arabic: rhamplion or rabolion; khatt al-raml; darb al-raml.

Josiah's Bay Villas model and floor plans. L5 Associates

Geomancy is "divination of the Earth" and uses earth materials of soil, sand, stones, pebbles, or seeds. Gravity, wind contribute to the elements that are thrown. The shape, position,and pattern of the material are interpreted. Over time, interpretations of the material may have developed definitions but intuition plays an important part in the process.

Prospect Reef site plan, Tortola, VI (UK)

Different cultures developed geomantic practices. The Chinese developed feng shui or wind and water which focused on humans' relationship with nature. Color, space and object orientation with the surrounding landscape, the property, and furniture are all important in energy.

Using geomancy when divining a property is largely intuition to improve or confirm one's relationship to the existing forces. Humans are spirit in bodies. This process increases that already present bond.

In Africa, Ifá is Yoruba, West African divination with verses of the Odú. Orunmila, the deity of Wisdom, brought Ifa to the world.

In an Arabic Hermetic text, Idris, or Hermes Trismagistus, received the geomantic words from an angel named Jibril. The figures that Jibril drew in the dream were the sixteen figures: 4 rows each, up to 2 points per line, in two positions- either in the middle or the extreme sides.

Each line represented a physical body part and an element: Line 1: head and fire; Line 2:neck and air; Line 3: body and water; Line 4: feet and Earth
Dowsing is a form of geomancy. The site is walked or map dowsed and evaluated according to the scope of work.

Tropical Affordable Housing. L5 Associates

Dowsing is used to locate water sources: potability, quantity, and the speed rate, and the number of gallons determine if a well is worth constructing.

We use it to identify sacred spaces within the property using our own Psycho-ecological Design for the creation of environments that reflect the multi-dimensional existence of spiritual origin.




Husband Clement Edwardo Hill, II

Friend Barbara Carr


Violet Flame of Transmutation


Healing Water




In-Vesica Health Program Approach

In-Vesica 6 Month Integrated Health Program


The above meditation mandala will be available soon.

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Now That Your Eyes Are Open

Looking West on Drake's Highway, Tortola towards the Caribbean Sea by Allison L. Williams Hill

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