rystals are used during meditation.  People in groups I’ve participated in held them in their hands during channelings.  The transchanneler had a beautiful crystal ball into which he looked and saw things.  A woman sitting on his left looked into the crystal ball and related what she saw.  I really did not believe her… until it was my turn to sit next to the transchanneler at the next session.  I sat on his left and I did see things, very clearly moving inside the crystal and on the surface.  I mentally apologized to the woman who was there before me as I released all doubt. It was an amazing experience and my acceptance of other realities increased again.

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Crystals, as objects, help us focus attention.  As energy emitters of lattice structure, they help with programming using one’s mind and with healing using one’s energy. One might say, “It works the way you do because you believe it does.”  This is a fascinating statement because evidence clearly shows our thoughts are extremely powerful.  When they are focused, thoughts produce what we wish.  If holding a crystal for a purpose scribed in lore can support an idea or a desire, the use it.  For the adventurers, you may discover that a specific type of crystal works for you always.  Should you and that crystal not be together, focus on it by seeing it in mind.  If the crystal moves into other hands,  

Icis crystal with a time link

I suggest keeping a bowl – glass or stone – on your altar with healing crystals.  They are usually small so they can be easily placed on the body, a typical application.  There are several books available that will have diagrams. However, use intuition.  Ask Spirit.  You will get specific and direct information. 

Dowsing with Crystals

Dowse with crystals for healing.  Set them on the altar in a line according to chakra colors.  This layout represents your energy wheels.  Use the pendulum, your fingers, eyes, or tongue to dowse closed questions that can be answered with either yes or no. “Listen” within for more detailed information. 

Choosing Crystals

Select crystals for their meanings for and use to you. Create your own references for them.  Hold them in your dominant hand and ask Spirit, “How can this serve?” Those to which you are drawn will likely be the ones to have in your possession.

Clearing Crystals

We were fortunate to live near the sea. I'd collect sea water, place it in a glass bowl in the sun and put the crystals in it. I left them out for several days until I intuited they were clear. Other ways to clear them are under running water although I think that is wasteful and the water cannot be put to other uses. Burying them underground in soil or sand for twenty four or more hours works. Use your intuition to determine the time with respect to what you used the crystals for. Some people have the ability to use breath, their energy through hands, to clear.  There are many ways. Experiment with them.

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