Viktor Schauberger

Notes on Viktor Schauberger's Work

  read about Viktor Schauberger in 1992 while returning to New York after  the first Crop Circle conference in the UK. Viktor Schauberger observed water and nature in general. I was going to use words like "behavior" and "abilities" but they fall short in describing what water is capable of. As it was observed, its uses can be best applied during different times of the day when IT is at its best rather than when humans enlist its help.

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Water Twist; Source: Alan Jaras

The planet is God's gift to us. Water is an exquisite substance that moves around, through, and within us. Timber flotation shows principles of water; more timber moved at night when the moon shone.

Sun rays made the water tired and lazy. At night, in moonlight, “…water becomes fresh and lively and is able to support the logs of beech and silver fir, which are in fact heavier than water.” (1) Water was forced to flow in cycloid spiral space-curve motion.”(2)

“Water in its natural state shows us how it wishes to flow , so we should follow its wishes.”(3) Relationship between forestry and water and streams attack the banks, erode them when flora is destroyed. Water level diminishes during erosion , containment area expands until stream dries up.

Ilst & Inn Rivers

Energy  Bodies

“Throws” water into a spiral motion within the middle of the channel.  Deepens middle of channel- deposit space for sand and grit?  No- “a capillary type actions is formed purely mechanically through which the turbulent parts of the water spread outwards towards both banks &…divide into smaller masses…grind and crush material that it transported, while main part of the stream flows along relatively undisturbed…The river can expand laterally and build its own banks…Positive water temperature +4°C – its energy and centripetal cycloid spiral motion increase. Emulsion-process name for oxygen and hydrogen binding over -4°C negative qualities- hydrogen binds to oxygen - slow degeneration, diminished carrying power and potential for pathogenic bacterial growth.(6)

Polar Regions- nutrients move in the spring.  Water percolated down “into the ground to deeper levels where the complete cycle can force up the nutrients to the root areas of the vegetation.  The thicker the frozen soil level, the better the movement of nutrients in the spring.  “Tree clearance interrupts the cycle because water level drops.”

“Immature water”- prevented or diverted from experiencing its entire natural cycle.  Schauberger felt only water that ran out of the soil by itself into the form of springs and streams is suitable as drinking water.

Immature water, according to Schauberger, instead of imparting energy to the body, draws energy for itself.

Drinking 1 liter of natural source water produced a net weight increase of 3-400 gms.  He believed the remaining water was converted to energy by the body.

Filtered water removes the impurities - may not create the opportunity to reclaim its intrinsic energy.

Undoubtedly, flouridating water diminishes its vitality.  Brita filters claim to be able to remove flouride. Pur removes a lot of impurities and its label specifically avoids flouride.  BOTH CREATE AMERICAN AND BRITISH WATER FILTERS. The British filters remove fluoride.  THE AMERICAN FILTERS DO NOT REMOVE FLOURIDE.

Different sources, different water contents. 

Mountain spring water- high salt, minerals, carbon.

Atmospheric water - exposed to strong air currents and intense light; little to no salt, high oxygen content, small amount free of fixed carbonic acid.

Water’s solution can be used to determine its energy

Formula for Enlivening Water

Percolation- pick up salts, minerals and “other” substances which restore vitality
Isolation- no exposure to light or atmospheric air

“But there is also a certain journey in both time and distance that the water must make underground before it becomes internally mature.  Water is mature if the air it has absorbed contains at least 96% carbon content  of which there is a proportion of solid matter.  From this inner maturity the quality and the internal strength of the water  depend.”

Above the Atlantic Ocean  by Allison L. Williams Hill

1930-water refining apparatus produced “Living Water” through a cycle process as he understood it. 
Blood analogy- water is to blood as pipes are to circulation.  Use of material is concern to not diminish the substance’s vitality. The ideal is wood.  Surround with sandy soil to reduce deterioration from rapid changes in the water’s temperature. 

A double spiral “energy body”  installed intermittently within the supply pipe creates a spiral motion in the water, its natural pattern, increasing its energy.  Because this turns water on itself pulling in oxygen, no opportunity for pathenogenic bacteria is created.  Believed pressurization was harmful; “It becomes deadened in the same way as water that passes through the turbines in power stations.”

Schauberger's Proposal for Natural Treatment of Water

1.  Water must be allowed to flow and mature in its own natural environment, which, amongst other things, presupposes a naturally-grown forest containing a great variety of species.  Both single crop forestry and clear felling must cease.

2. All watercourses, from the little stream to the mature river, must have banks grown with trees and bushes to give natural shade.

3. Water installations, (dams, power stations, etc.) must be sympathetic to water’s needs and must not alter its natural forms of motion.  And,

4. Water pipes and other water transporting methods must be so designed and of such material as to promote the preservation and development of water’s particular biological quality.”

Flora reduces direct solar radiation on grounds and in water.  If land is cool percolated substance will be cool going in.  Exposure to sun evaporates water, preventing nutrients to rise to supply flora.  The cycle comes to an end.  The cycle of delay and renewal= tree leaves and needless on the forest floor have their nutrients carried below via rainwater. (p.65)

Like nature, 2 motions of water - build up and break down.  Same pattern in nebulae, Black Hole - Water, blood and sap destructive, dissolving force is centrifugal in nature.  Particles are thrown out from the center broken down. 
Centripetal- lowering temperatures, contraction, concentration
Centrifugal- rising temperatures, heat extension, expansion

Implosion motor using nature’s principles, created a machine to harness energy centripetally.  “It produces its own driving  source through the diamagnetic use of water and air…requires no fuel.”  All our machines supplying power require centrifugally.  Splitting the source- explosions that result in nasty by-products.  His machine pulled what it needed from air and water.  Energy is bipolar (everything is dual; everything has its poles.)Diamagnetic Energy- energizing- levitation.  In opposition to gravity  “Cool hydrogen combines with passive oxygen producing a concentrated form of energy of lift and gravity “Biological Magnetism”(1)

“When oxygen is activated with heat and combines with hydrogen, passive,  the result is a dispersing energy which results in decomposition.”  Excellent for explosions, one of the basic combinations for warfare."(2) Oxygen’s heat promotes decomposition, material is destroyed, oxygen is depleted.  Somehow it has to due to the entropic nature of heat.  Bacteria sets up shop and survives in the anaerobic environment.

Viktor Schauberger on Energy  Bodies

“All energy (heat, electricity, magnetism, diamagnetism) is the result of bi-polar action, originating in mutual  attraction.  “It is not pressure (forcing living organisms into a straight jacket using hammer, tongs, hatchet, screws or explosives)   but attraction that the “Eternal Woman” (Nature) employs.”(3)

Falling temperature phenomenon spiral-forming currents water rotates on its own axis and condenses.  “Vacuums are formed, creating negative pressure which affect the breathing of the water through suction.” (4) the result is a cool air stream.  Used this principle for the suction turbine. Similarly, when we see decay, we can introduce centripetal action.  As Dr. Revici applies the opposite action to revitalize the body- anabolic activity and catabolic activity.

Another fuel- Akasha Qi – water changes when it turns on itself. Schauberger thought using “…water in a constructive hyberbolic motion and had the ability to create different forms of synthesis”(5)  converted a machine to synthesize hydrocarbons for fuel.He felt fish were swum and birds are flow due to the movement of the medium through the gills and around and through the feathers of the wings.

His attempts failed.  He wanted a reaction on the atomic level.  He wanted mutual attraction of the bipolar substances.  It did not occur.  Energy that resulted with his trout turbine caused an explosion. Very fine outlets and water under low pressure produced an electrical current. It powered flying saucers using colloidal action of air, colloidal twisting form of oscillation. 


“Metals play a large part in the build-up of the “insulating skin” that he thought was so important for the living processes of the soil.“  Metals “provide” a type of organic diffusion filter that separates the negatively charged ground form the positively charged atmosphere, a prerequisite for the growth process.”(6)

Viktor Schauberger's Understanding of Forests

1. The forest must not only be thought of as a source of raw materials and a base for material well-being. 

At the same time, as being a vital life source for water and the fertile moldy soil, it also generates energy and builds up a vital environment even beyond its boundaries.  It is the cradle of living water.

2. Without a natural forest, where many species of trees, bushes and herbs are allowed to grow naturally  and interrelate both above the ground and in the root areas, the full cycle of water will not be properly completed.  This is necessary  in order to bring up salt nutrients and trace elements to fertilize the moldy surface soil.

3. Without natural forests, water cannot flow form springs and streams when it has matured within the soil, and it cannot then continue to develop and fulfill its natural functions on the surface without its forest cover.

4. A natural forest is like a power center that sends out energy in flowing water to the surrounding area. 

5. The so-called rational forestation with its methods of plantation,  thinning and clearing, disturbs the complex relationships upon which the quality of all living organisms depend.  Such forest exploitation becomes a threat to mankind itself, through its biological degenerative effect on water and food-stuffs. “…the growth process revolves around a sequence of the charging and discharging of energy (rhythm compensates, everything flows in and out). 

Growth, he saw as a balancing of charges…difference of electrical voltage between the atmosphere and planet was of fundamental importance (As Above, So Below).  If change is to be utilized there must be insulation between the two polarities.” (7) He thought it was the soil.  Insulation is maintained as long as there is ground cover.  Water is also responsible for building up adequate voltage.

Everything vibrates- Schauberger came upon a farmer stirring something in buckets with a wooden spoon.  When he sang up the scale he rotated the spoon anti-clockwise.  Down the scale,  clockwise.

Energize Water AND Chakras

An exercise one can perform daily is covering the chakra with both hands and chanting the sound of that chakra. The sound of the chakra is a combination of the syllable and the note. Jonathan Goldman, director of the Sound Healers Association is a pioneer in this subject. He created a cd called Chakra Chants a recording that tones in several octaves for all singers and non-singers to chant with and impart healing energy to the corresponding parts of their bodies. There are different charts for chakra sounds; the one Mr. Goldman uses is shown below.

One visualizes the color first, breathes in, and on the exhale, sounds the note.

Go to Healing Sounds Sampler Player to hear tonal sounds of each chakra. Combine stirring with chakra sounds.  Energize water and your body simultaneously!

(Also Rudolph Steiner-see Landscaping)

Water was in the barrel.  The farmer added bits of loam  soil into the barrel.  Neutrally charged water sprinkled on a newly wood-harrowed field would evaporate leaving “exceedingly fine crystals”, negatively charged.  The crystals attracted rays and returned them.

UV layer-sometimes referred to as the “virgin hymen” (it's a Purple Haze, not Jimi Hendrix) “…such valuable diffusion effect could be obtained…during  the driest part of the year soil remained cool and moist.  By this means, the seed zone between geosphere and atmosphere remains…at +4°C…crop structures at its highest potential while at the same time fructificaton is relatively passive.”
This is care for the earth’s “surface breathing.”
“In the old days, this natural breathing action was called ‘clay singing’.”
Sun ploughing- plow furrows 90° to the sun’s path. Hard scythes- fields where these were used were more fertile.  Sharpen them by hammering, not grounding.  Blade could not be exposed to the sun – it would dissipate the energy it received during the hammering.  He believed this energy was imparted to the cut stalks then transmitted to the soil.

Iron destroys water’s ability to develop a charge- it is best to plow soil with a biomagnetic  materials- copper, wood, etc. not disturbing the soil’s magnetic field yields greater harvests. Most of our pipes are constructed of iron, then there's plastic, both materials are not life-energizing.

Barrier to entry: member for the Treasury Office said: he got royalties if farmers used nitrogen for fertilizer.  If the “Golden ploughs” were used, there would be little to no need for nitrogen.  Schauberger refused the compromise and the contract to construct the ploughs with copper blades was cancelled. 
Farmers were told if the plough was used, production would increase and their process would decrease-  p. 195 Schauberger and Rosenberger, an engineer,
“…obtained a patent on a method of coating the active  surface of farm machinery with copper.” There are companies who produce these now.  Failing that, find vendors that electroplate your tools.

Find the above at Notonthehighstreet Enterprises

Soil to be directed in centripetal motion.  Deep plowing vs. surface plowing.  Latter was favored as the former was felt to cause major disturbances in the subsurface soil’s helpers population and activities. Repulsator within it creates “power water”  energizing field with “bio-radiation” emanating from itself horizontal rays in all directions.  Deserts are missing, in addition, water and the virgin hymen, the violet covering.

How to Make an Egg

How to restore water?

Use an egg shaped wood, wood baked clay or glass vessel 2 meters high.  Do not use iron.

Buried in shady area

Within container place:

1. best quality water;

2. a few handfuls of powdered animal horn (or bone, feather dust, cow manure, as long as it is organic), and 

3. Copper or zinc particles previously hammered against wood.

Stir the solution as the old farmer did as you sing, first to the left slowly working towards the center.  Next to the right towards the center.  Cover with a tight fitting lid that has a 1 centimeter hole covered with linen.  Leave in the ground for 2 -3 weeks then use water for irrigation.

Another solution-
Egg point is set upright – solution- liquid manure, keep below for 6 weeks then use for irrigation.

The egg shape encourages the colloidal motion and maintains consistent internal temperature. Dowse the earth and ask it about its vitality.

Viktor Schauberger- 1880- 1955 
“..the ‘cycloid spiral’ motion as being life’s own developing motion is confirmed.  Lazaris concurs. Experiments with water showed material (of the pipe) had an effect  on the rate of flow, the shape of  pipe discouraged or encouraged the tendency of the liquid.  The best pipe was one that duplicated the kudu antelope’s horn.  The next best was a copper pipe,  least or that which water had the slowest rate of flow was glass.

The above image of Dr. Masaru Emoto 's image of blessed water was on a page requesting prayers dated in the year 2011 for Japan's Fukushimo disaster. the image on the left was polluted and changed to the one on the right after receiving Dr. Emoto's prayers.  All of us have the ability. Let's put it to use.

The "Every Little Cell in my Body is Happy" Song

The song is about energy.  Our body is mostly water, so if e sing this as we use water OR near or within water, what are the chances that it will change water? If I feel good after singing it to my body, as I am an extension of the planet, I should think Gaia should be happy too. It's sung to the tune of "Momma's Little Baby loves Shortnin' Bread!"   I encourage that you really get into it.  A picture below will convey what I'm talking about...

Every little cel -el! Every little cell in my body is healthy,
Every little cell is healthy! Every little cell in my body is well,
Every little cel-el! Every little cell in my body is happy,
Every little cell is wel-el! Every little cell in my body is well.

...or if you have a camel.


Pythagorus – Kepler – Schile   
Laufen, Austria 

Flow Design Research Institute; Emerson College, Forest Roe, Sussex, RH18 5JU, U.K.

Goethean Science Foundation; Olive Whicher, Hoathley Hill, West Hoathley, Sussex, U.K


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The above meditation mandala will be available soon.

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