Stealth Farter

o you have stealth farters in your family? You know, people like your grandma who rips an almost imperceptible fart? But when it hits, yours and everyone else’s nose think something died in the house? Then they blame you?  Well, never fear!

Trap-a-Farter© is here!

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Say you’re having a party with family and friends and a few guests invited by your guests.

The stealth technology of the Trap-a-Farter© collects DNA from the air, identifying the participants of your gathering.  When odorous gases are released without a clue as to where they originated, whip out the Trap-a-Farter© and it will, within seconds, identify the culprit and the direction from which it emerged. Sometimes, people would attempt to trick others in their area of influence by dropping the bomb and hurriedly walk away.

Too late! The Trap-a-Farter© tells you where the trail is!

Get your Trap-a-Farter© today. Your nose’s happiness depends on it! 

Seriously, gas is the result of the body’s reactions to incompatible foods. Food composition is redundant.  In other words, if a fruit, for example,  has Vitamin C and it causes you to itch, there may be another fruit that is compatible to your system. Isn’t that great? Some people have reactions and some don’t. Some people can eat all fruits.

Gas is avoidable; over the counter medication is the last solution. The first task should be to look at what foods that are frequently consumed and what sensations are experienced after consuming them. 

Food Rotation to Avoid Gas

Food rotation is important to insure that the body does not develop adverse reactions to foods. Food allergies and conditions can develop from any food; it varies per person.  The immune system attacks a substance to protect the body if the substance is detected more than once in 4 days.  The more times the substance shows up, the immune system recognizes it as an enemy.

Agribusiness transports produce from different parts of the world that have an “on” growing season to places where the growing seasons are “off.”  In other words, areas of the world experiencing winter can now have their summer produce grown and transported from other places.  It is a convenience of the modern world to have most fruits and vegetables all year round.  However, Nature’s cycles, the suspension of some food availability and enabling availability of others, occur for a reason. The problems from eating foods too frequently become apparent when these cycles are eliminated.  

 A select group of foods exist in most processed foods: dairy; caffeine, and wheat; corn, and sugar which are cheap to produce.  Sugar substitutes include high fructose corn syrup which is derived from corn.  It costs less to produce than sugar and because it enables the body to turn off the appestat, a biological mechanism that tells you when you have consumed enough, people who eat foods and beverages with HFCS keep eating.  This is a great thing for food manufacturers: you, the consumer, keep buying more food and spending more money.

Your body reacts to foods that you eat.  In some cases, two servings within a four-day period may be acceptable creating little to no reaction.  More than that, the body may react with any number of noticeable sensitivities such as excessive mucus production; headaches; memory loss; unusual behavior for that person; itching; joint pain, or fatigue. 

Rotation Suggestions

Create Meal Blocks

Create meal blocks of the foods that are healthy and they happen to be the ones you like. Construct meals or parts thereof from your experiences. The meals can be rounded out with recipes from cookbooks. Assign colors or numbers to them; the blue color block is not is complete for yours or your family's needs but Color Blue Green could be created by combining Meal Colors Green and Blue together. Planned or off the cuff, you'll be working with foods that support you and yours.  


Use color to vary your phyto-nutrients. I separated non-animal products according to eating for your blood type. There is no proof that it works and I take all of the color charts when I shop for my meals.

The links for the downloads at the Welcome Page.

Vary Tastes to Avoid The Stealth Farter©

Ayurveda has the Six Tastes. At 6 Different Types of Taste & Their Roles According to Ayurveda, see what they are and how the how they function on the body:

Sweet: This taste provides one with strength and healthy body fluids. Sweets can cause a great number of illnesses when consumed in exorbitant amounts. Who does not know what sweet tastes like? It is probably the only taste associated with joy and happiness as in celebrations and holidays.

Sour taste food items are lemons, and other fruits vinegar, and pickled vegetables.  They are known to increase appetite and salivation.

Salty taste is hydrating, helps digestion. Too much salt causes hypertension. Sea vegetables – the seaweeds, sea salt, and black and green olives have salty tastes. Salty taste has been combined with sweet (as in Kettle Corn which I think is an abomination (laughter)). It has earned the name “umami“, Japanese for “savory” associated with meats and cheeses. It has been used to describe a wonderful taste.   

Spicy foods include chilies; garlic; ginger, and onion. Pungent and is hot, a good aid for digestion.

Bitter taste detoxifying in nature and purifies the body. Green vegetables and most herbal teas have bitter tastes.

Astringent taste is said to be cool, firm and dry. Controlled consumption is advised to avoid gas. Unripe bananas, cranberries, and green beans etc., are said to have astringent taste.




The Brain

Hair and Nails

Internal Organs

Bodily Functions

Sex and Reproduction


Aging and Death

Disease and Injury

Muscles and Bones

Microscopic Level

In-Vesica Health Program Approach

In-Vesica 6 Month Integrated Health Program


Creative Caregiving and Health


Color Healing

Food and Energy


Food and Color

Food and Energy

Color and Blood

Blood Food Colors All Types

Blood Food Colors Type A

Blood Food Colors Type B

Blood Food Colors Type AB

Blood Food Colors Type O


Herbs, Vitamin, and Mineral Content

High Fructose Corn Syrup



The above meditation mandala will be available soon.

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