lowers are Energy in a beautiful form.  Flowers are individuals in presentation, color, fragrance, and growth.  They grow at various times of the year and in different quantities of sunlight and shade.

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Hibiscus that grew on our property at Josiahs' Bay, Tortola, BVI

Flowers' presence activate the senses in numerous ways.  They attract the eye and signal joyful and sad occasions. Many people breathe in their fragrance as their eyes are lowered or when their eyes are closed. 

I have never seen anyone nor have I smelled a blossom when my eyes were looking up thirty five degrees and dilated slowing my brain into the alpha state. I will do that the next time I receive flowers or, in fact, buy them for myself.  Flowers make the perfect gift for both. Feeling them in the hand or against the body is a pleasant experience which is why so many people do it.    Thorns convey that, in many species, you can touch the petals but leave the flower where it is.

 Meanings of Flowers

The American Society of Florists has compiled the list of flower meanings below based on historical information.  I thought that it would be useful.  If the opportunity presents itself, take the time to allow a person to whom you are giving flowers to receive the kind that represents their personality according to YOU.  They are beautiful, but give roses a break unless the personality is passionate love - the red are the ones most gifted.  Perhaps, like calla; carnation; chrysanthemum, and lily, they are given when you either do not know, are attempting to be kind, or attempting to impress.

The Society of American Florists has compiled these lists of flowers meanings from a variety of sources:
• Flower Meanings
• Birth Month Flowers
• State Flowers
• Photo Gallery
• Victoria's Flower Dictionary in "The Language of Flowers" Novel

The Society of American Florists' Meanings of Flowers

Amaryllis Dramatic Lilac First Love
Anemone Fragile Lily
Apple Blossom Promise Calla Regal
Aster Contentment Casablanca Celebration
Azelea Abundance Day Enthusiasm
Baby's Breath Festivity Stargazer Ambition
Bachelor's Button Anticipation Lisianthus Calming
Begonia Deep Thoughts Magnolia Dignity
Black Eyed susan Encouragement Marigold Desire for Riches
Camelia Graciousness Nasturtium Patriotism
Carnation Orange Blossom Fertility
Pink Gratitude Orchid Delicate Beauty
Red FLashy Pansy Loving Thoughts
Striped Refusal Passion Flower Passion
White Rememberance Peony Healing
Yellow Cheerful Poppy Consolation
Chrysanthemum Queen Anne's Lace Delicate Femininity
Bronze Excitement Ranunculus Radiant
Cosmos Peaceful Rhododendron Beware
Crocus Foresight Rose
Red Sharing Pink Friendship
White Truth Red Passionate Love
Yellow Secret Admirer Red & White Unity
Daffodil Chivalry White Purity
Delphinium Boldness Yellow Zealous
Daisy Innocence Snapdragon Presumptuous
Freesia Spirited Star of Bethlehem Hope
Fore-Me-Not Remember Me Forever Stephanotis Good Luck
Gardenia Joy Statice Success
Geranium Comfort Sunflower Adoration
Ginger Proud Sweet Pea Shyness
Gladiolus Strength of Character Tuberose Pleasure
Heather Solitude Tulip
Hibiscus Delicate Beauty Pink Caring
Holly Domestic Happiness Purple Royalty
Hyacinth Sincerity Red Declaration of Love
Hydrangea Perserverance White Forgiveness
Iris Inspiration Yellow Hopelessly In Love
Ivy Fidelity Violet Faithfulness
Jasmine Grace and Elegance Wisteria Steadfast
Larkspur Beautiful Spirit Yarrow Good Health
Lavender Distrust Zinnia Thoughts of Friends

Flowers' Importance to Nature

The above is a "dumb" headline but I thought it was necessary to highlight what each of us can do and create a useful and pleasant ambience.  Monarchs and bees are dying from their flora being destroyed by products like glysophate and other activities for which humans are responsible.  The   Facebook poster graphics, are succinct and I think printable even if it is wallet size.  Please use the information.  Butterflies' and bees' contributions are important.   

I wrote on another page about my experience in the British Virgin Islands that happened only one time: these things which turned out to be butterfly chrysalis were all over the place - on the clothes I hung online, the side of the house, on the railings.  I was brushing them off with a broom and I heard, Turn around. It was a disembodied voice.  I turned around and saw a brand new butterfly emerge.  That was when I knew what those things were. I left the rest alone.  They stayed and consumed the leaves from the trees around the house.  They stayed and fluttered their wings sending out an amazing energy I was able to feel when I centered.  I had no proof but I was sure that they provided energy for the trees to sprout new leaves as quickly as they did.  It was an amazing experience for which I only have my memory.  I took no pictures.  I had no idea what was happening or what to expect.  But over a decade later, I still feel that it was an amazing thing to witness.    

Without bees, a generous part of our diet would not exist because they are the pollinators of a lot of the products we consume.   Many of the herbs and flowers below are beneficial and make wonderful additions to gardens, paths, and  flower pot arrangements.

Flowers; Butterflies;Bees, and Water

Chemtrails in South Carolina, 2012

Chemtrails over Great Adventure, 2018

Water is important. It is now known that water has been contaminated. created by David Wigington chronicles weather manipulation and its impact on the planet. It has been determined that the increased bee mortality  is due to aluminum from chemtrails  that cross the skies. Chemtrails contain aluminum, barium, blood, and a host of other products that end up in our bodies, trees and agriculture. Rain transports this nasty life-threatening mix to the planet. It is affecting trees, directly linked to die-off. The soil absorbs this stuff, and flora use it.

Ken Adachi, the editor of, a website that Facebook, including  information about vaccines and other subjects considered threatening but to whom, provides information on a wonderful device called a Chembuster (scroll down and see all that Don Croft, the creator,  uploaded from 2002 on.) It is known to increase rain, I think, helping the planet and environment to cleanse itself. The Chembuster also energetically punches holes through chemtrails preventing them from forming.  The Chembuster brings back the blue skies of the fifties.

There are people who have achieved the return to blue skies by using mental intention -the desire for clear skies and the summoning of Sylphs, sky elemental beings for assistance.

The links are included to encourage reading and support. More people need to know about chemtrails, substances deployed in our environment affecting every aspect of our lives done without permission.

Flowers at Clem's Altar

I wrote about my beloved in Husband Clement Edwardo Hill, II.  I used flowers at altars to improve the energy in the house to help him heal. And I used flowers at the altars I created for him in other places where I lived temporarily.  When I find our home, I intend to have altars in several places for him.



Living Altars

Altar Within




In-Vesica Health Program Approach

In-Vesica 6 Month Integrated Health Program


Color and Blood



The above meditation mandala will be available soon.

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Now That Your Eyes Are Open

Looking West on Drake's Highway, Tortola towards the Caribbean Sea by Allison L. Williams Hill

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