The Altar Within

he altar within” refers to the unseen force that resides in all.  One has a choice to access it.  There is never any pressure to meditate or pray, two common means of entering the state in which the mind and body experience the connection with the soul or subconscious.   

This page was created with quotes from a variety of people.  The range of experiences is not limited to spiritual professions – priests, nuns, or ministers.  However, all seem to have uniquely embraced that place where Spirit resides.

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Spirit is Here by Allison L. Williams Hill

The Third Eye, the chakra or energy wheel that sits between the eyebrows slightly above the nose bridge is the place where visualization occurs.  It is the place where inner visions appear.  Some are able to see with their eyes open.  Others not.  It is different for everybody.

The brain’s waves or cycles per second are higher when you are alert and active.  They reduce when you are in a light sleep.  The higher, active state was labeled beta.  The lowered, light sleep state was named alpha.  It is in alpha that visions, and creation occurs. 

People achieve this with their eyes closed, or if their eyes are opened, the vision is blurred. 
People are encouraged not to get excited over seeing phenomena, the unexplained.  These are unusual or exciting because you have not seen them before or have not seen them often. 

"You think of yourselves as humans searching for a spiritual awakening, when in fact you are spiritual beings attempting to cope with a human awakening. Seeing

yourselves from the perspective of the spirit within will help you to remember why you came here and what you came here to do."

—The Group

Get it straight.  Our origin is not as human beings.  Since the opening of the Vatican Library, the allowance of information to “bleed” into the flow of knowledge, more people have discussed our spiritual heritage.  Fascinating thing is, the number of people who listen, comprehend, and implement the information may well be the same number of people had the information still remained hidden. 

The point of remembering this is to remove the self from the physical events that clump our existence.  If one has not been able to, if the brambles ensnare, then learn to navigate through and around them.  There is a hell of a lot of stuff to do beyond that like connecting to our origin, as often as possible.

Prayer of St Francis:
Lord, make me an instrument of your peace...
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light;
Where there is sadness, joy;
O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
To be understood as to understand;
To be loved as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive;
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

I had a meditation with Buddha.  He gestured as he spoke to me.  The love from my heart chakra, he said,  should be given to all parts of the self:  to my root chakra-the seat of survival where I might plunge to depths unimaginable to support destructive habits – mental, emotional, or physical; to my sacral chakra, where emotions and creativity reside as well as sexual energy; to my solar plexus chakra, the place of logic sans emotion.

During a detox I attended at Dr. Gary Null’s place in New Jersey, he said to the attendees that whatever you think of yourself, you are also the opposite.  If one thought of oneself as generous, then one is also stingy.  Consider what you think you are, what you may like to be known as, but also remember that you are also the opposite.  Acknowledge it.  It is you and it should be embraced. That is when transformation happens.

From Rumi, we die to become something higher.

Be. Do.

Some of the truth changes momentarily, hourly, daily, weekly.  However, there are truths that remain.

I broke up the word “Pretend” into its syllables. “Pre”- means “before.”
“Tend”- to be likely; to move or extend in a certain direction
“Pretend”- to make believe
“Believe”- to accept as true or real; to expect or suppose; think; to have firm faith.
You can substitute “believe” for pretend. 

Now work it.

Some don’t believe the truth. 

Is it important that it is true, or that you believe it is?

This proverb underscores the notion that the altar within expands affecting everything in one’s existence.  Moving with these beliefs strengthen that we have to see it within ourselves in order to believe it in the outer world because it exists within first.  Then what is inside our minds and hearts is reflected in the world around us. 


The quotes by Richard Bach, author of Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, The Reluctant Messiah and One  and the English proverb tells us that when we seek to become more of anything, the experiences will appear to support that change.  The experiences come into existence to help one to learn how to become what one seeks. The knowledge that result from the lessons affect our minds, our bodies, and our consciousness.

Mr. Winters, comedian and actor who left us with funny characters was about action.  We can sit in the energy daily and ask for it to come but we must go out into the world and meet it.  From reading ads, to conversing with a friend, family member, or a neighbor, there is something out there in each encounter.  It may be no more than giving or receiving a greeting; each person is a reflection of you.  It may be a step that advances you closer to one of your goals. And, it could be a whispered word or a visual image. There is always something there.  Accessing the altar within helps one to become more conscious and attentive to many, many prospects.  

This pain of your growth should not discourage you from continued development.  The unfolding exposes new surfaces, new that can respond more sensitively to the Force That Is Known by Many Names and least sensitively to the world.  Love; death of a loved one; joy, a belly laugh!   All have some degree of pain: some pleasurable, some not.

Last, but not least, is a saying coupled with a picture of a little being that looks like it is capable of expressing joy.  It may be that one projects that on the creature.  

The Power of Limits, Proportional Harmonies in Nature, Art, and Architecture by Gyorgy Doczi examines the parts of things in relation to the whole.  His study looked, in part, at the commonality of the design of organic life; why we design the way we do, and what we find pleasant in form and music. The lack of this knowledge does not impact the ability to appreciate.  One easy way of moving towards appreciation is to make the time to do it.  Make the time to look at one leaf.  Make the time to walk in a park and listen to birdcalls. Make the time to appreciate the people you love, who support you and who you like supporting.  Make the time to appreciate those with whom you have issues because they provide us with lessons about ourselves. In the altar within, one can find rhythms in breath; color; sensations and sounds.  External to the inner altar, we create the altar with those elements that please us, that support bringing us to the place where meditation, the quiet space, is found.

The wonderful dormouse was photographed by Andrea Zampatti.





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