n(tuitive)-Vesica is an integrated business of services of previously separated businesses created between 1977 and 2008. Allison L. Williams Hill is a Registered Medium and Spiritual Counselor, Certified Spiritual Healer, Church of Wisdom, and a member of the Holistic Healers/Healing Works Professional Association; professional artist; architectural designer; certified heath coach; needlecraft; clothing and objects designer, and inventor.  In-Vesica provides services in art; design; architectural design; energetic healing, and health coaching.

She developed the ability to be an intuitive visionary healer, a past life regressionist, an energetic healer, a certified Spiritual Healer and more.  She is an Initiate of the 13th Level, Holy Order of the Dove.

Prayer by Allison L. Williams Hill

Soul Life Reading

Quick Glance Information

The Soul Life Reading reveals the vastness of the Spirit who wishes to know what is connected to him or her beyond the physical realm.  Questions that may be answered:

  • What is the Divine Plan of my existences?
  • What is my Life Purpose in this life?

This can take place at a distance or in person.
Duration: varies per person.
Price: $50.00

MH Soul Portrait by Allison L. Williams Hill

Soul Portrait

Quick Glance Information

Soul Portrait draws from everything the soul did in all of its lifetimes. The information that comes is what is relevant to the person in this time, at this time. 

Art work will show graphically and energetically what you need to know at this time. This art can be used for meditation as well. The image is presented with a written interpretation. The time it would take varies per client; an average amount of time is four weeks. A digital image can be forwarded, however, the physical art will be shipped.

As with all intuitive orders, Soul Portraits will be meditated on and created in the order the request was received. I suggest you email me first to see what orders are in place before you order. I can inform you of approximately how long it will take to develop the portrait. Once payment is received, you will be told, via email, of the finish date and when it will be digitally available. The original will be mailed. Shipping is included in the fee.

Soul Portrait price: $225.00

JM Soul Portrait by Allison L. Williams Hill

Energy Reading

Quick Glance Information

An energy life reading is a reading of the memory of some of what the Soul has experienced.  It may not be possible to relate all that the Soul has experienced.  The reading may provide information; clarity; direction; support and answers.

This can take place at a distance or in person.
Duration: 1-1 ½ hrs.
Price: $50.00


"...and the hearts became roses filled with diamond seeds." by Allison L. Williams Hill

More Psychic Art

Personal Healing Mandala Art

You may request a healing mandala created in accordance with your question. This drawing will be specific to your needs at this time.  You may use it for meditation.  You will be provided with information on how to use it. It is understood that this may be a timely issue, therefore, a digital product is provided.  If the physical art work is desired, see note above for shipping and handling.

Personal Healing Mandala for $75.00

Unique Birthday Cards

These Birthday Cards show an answer from Spirit for the birthday of the client. The image is drawn on 8" x 10" charcoal paper; the text is printed on card stock with colors to give the impression of an ancient text. 

Please request a card at least three (3) weeks before the birthday in order to ensure the opportunity to present it in a timely manner. 

Birthday Card for $45.00

Deeper Blue Dream by Allison L. Williams Hill

Past Life Regression

Quick Glance Information

Regressed or progressed in lifetimes as the customer or the nature of the session requires. Relevance to this life is revealed. May provide information on where behaviors or desires originated. This takes place in person only.
Duration: 1-1 ½ hrs.
Price: $75.00


Partnership by Allison L. Williams Hill

Intuitive Visionary Healing

Quick Glance Information

Through accessed energy, I see images and feel sensations.  I relate these to you.  The information is recorded to enable you to replay the experience that
continues to facilitate change at any time. This can take place at a distance or in person.
Approximate duration is one hour.
Price: $55.00

Sound and Color Healing

Quick Glance Information

Sound and color healing introduces energy to each specific chakra to correct its imbalance and to support their functions. Energetic adjustments support subtle physical changes that result in greater well-being, tranquility.
This takes place in person only.
Approximate duration is one to one and a half hours.
Price: $75.00

Lotus Session

Quick Glance Information

The Lotus Session is a two-part body manipulation that essentially removes negative energy and blockage to permit the introduction of more healthful energy to aid change. This takes place in person only.
Approximate duration is one hour.
Price: Set I-$30.00; Set II- $45.00 Sets I & II- $60.00

Six Month Health Program

Quick Glance Information

The six month integrated health program has three ways of supporting people who want to improve their lives: an individual in-person, an in-person group program, and a distant program assist you to understand how food and lifestyle affect your health. I also integrate tools, the services listed here,  that complement your commitment to yourself to create a happy life in a way that is flexible and enjoyable.

During our free initial consultation we will discuss your unique situation in depth and determine how I can support you to achieve your personal goals.

Contact me today to schedule your free consultation.

Price: group program is $95.00/month; individual program is $195.00 - $395.00/month; call for distant program.

Psycho-ecological Design

Quick Glance Information

I use design and energy in the signature psycho-ecological design process that involves accessing one's energy field using medium and psychic abilities to apply personal information that could benefit the client's mind, body, and spirit. 

Several methods are applied to optimize the power and quality of space such as feng shui, geomancy, dowsing, and the use of sound and light. They are also used in creating healing sanctuary designs, to create a symbiotic relationship between user and space whether it be a home, office, commercial or spiritual space to restore the occupants to a quality state of being.

Another way of describing this interior design service is that we create environments that are conducive to tranquility. This method can be applied to small interiors or to complex developments.

Duration:  Psycho-ecological design is a design process.  Duration depends on the requirements and the size of the project.
Initial Cost: $100.00 first consultation and field visit

Articles: "Psycho-Ecological Design" and "Peace Be Your Sanctuary"

As with all intuitive orders, they will be meditated on and created in the order the request was received. I suggest you email me first at In-Vesica contact form below to see what orders are in place before you order. 

I can inform you of approximately how long it will take to develop the portrait. Once payment is received, you will be told, via email, of the finish date and when it will be digitally available. The original will be mailed. Shipping is included in the fee. 

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

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Rainbow Bridge by Allison L. Williams Hill



Feng Shui




Disaster Preparedness



Food and Color

Food and Energy

Color and Blood

Blood Food Colors All Types




Viktor Schauberger

Theodor Schwenk

Rudolf Steiner


The above meditation mandala will be available soon.

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When time permits, I intend to hold drawings to create 

  • an intuitive visionary healing tape, or
  • a soul life reading, or
  • an energy reading 

for the winners whose names are drawn for each. To enter, your name and email address will be required. It will be added to a mailing list to receive updates about In-Vesica. In-Vesica will post the art work on this web site and in other publications.  

Services explains what is involved in creating these helpful tools. The images will be displayed at In-Vesica and the In-Vesica Art Gallery.

Of course, I collect your email and, thereafter, you will receive periodic updates on In-Vesica - spiritual development; health coaching; energetic healing; art and design, when projects will be launched, and what I eat (I'm kidding!). 


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