Crop Circles

rop circles have been seen in all sorts of media since the nineteen thirties from as far as the snows of the Soviet Union to oil seed rape fields of the United Kingdom. In-Vesica, formerly Thumb Print and Thumb Print Too, designs incorporate these energetic images.

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Unexplainable, the symbols appear under balls of light witnessed under dark skies by as many as seventy people who experienced sightings.  Orbs of light were spied moving rapidly over the sites.  Vehicles sped to the sites and witnessed newly formed crop circles in previously undisturbed grain fields and snows.

More information shows how crop circles can be created by everyone, still attempting to deflate the involvement of  extraterrestrials. Many sources state that some circles left crop fields dead. If the crops died, then they were not authentic crop circles.  They were man-made.

True Crop Circle Formations

The following observations were recorded at crop circles that were constructed by other-than-human means:

1. The energy was identified as electromagnetic in nature, source unknown.
2. The light orbs witnessed by several people were called "intelligent plasmas" that moved intentionally and may have been communicating with another unknown source. 
3. The stalks are heated and bent and continue to grow sideways.  They are neither broken nor destroyed. The crop is still harvested.

4. A node is a place on the stalks that is darker as if heat was applied but not enough to damage the plant and cause it to die. Some stalks are bent at this point.  Research along lines in crop circle formations revealed that the length of the nodes increased towards the place where more energy was received, often at the center. 
5. The stalks are interwoven in an intersecting pattern.  Some are above, others below in numbers that avoid lumping.  The layers appear to be at the same height.  More research was done on samples that can be read about in an excerpt from Freddie Silva's book. Many effects on humans and nature have been recorded since the 1990s and can be read about at Physical Affects of Crop Circles.

6. Several crop circle formations have what are called ghost formations which persist for up to two years.

Crop Circles Explained Through Spiritual Research

Crop circles explained through spiritual research by the Spiritual Research Foundation:

Through spiritual research we have discovered that crop circles (which have not been made by people) are made by subtle-entities from the spiritual dimension. The crop circles are made in a certain design known as a Yantra with the purpose of transmitting either positive or negative energy.

Crop circles that emit negative vibrations are generally created by lower level negative entities from the second region of Hell.

Crop circles that emit positive vibrations are made by lower level spiritually positive subtle-entities from the subtle region of Lower Heaven. Subtle-entities of a higher spiritual level who are from even higher subtle positive regions such as Maharloka do not indulge in such activities. This is because they are able to facilitate positive activity on the Earth plane of existence by their thoughts alone.

Crop circles are not caused by UFO’s, extra-terrestrials or some natural phenomena.  Click on the highlighted texts to read more.

Crop Circles' Watchers

Crop circle "watchers" noticed that crop circle formations have diminished.
Given the timeline of when the majority have been created, and people have ascertained the year 2007 was important (perhaps it was the election of the first African-American president in the country considered most free). If a certain message was to be received, and the time for it has passed, then it would follow that the creation of the formations would diminish or end.

On the other hand, if a message was to be received and the reflection of that message has not manifested, then the source would lapse into silence.  The effort was made, and the source of the effort did not get it. 

My Experience with Crop Circles

Raphael di Angelo channeled extraterrestrials at a meeting in 1990.  I left to go home.  I turned on the television. I sat on the bed.  I don't remember the name of the show, but it existed before "Ancient Aliens."  The voiceover began talking about crop circles.  I left to make tea.

"Are you not watching?" I heard the disembodied voice.  It was not the first time I heard one.

"Are you not watching?" it asked again.  I did not answer the first time.

"I'll return.  I'm making tea."  "Are you not watching?" it asked a third time.  I turned off the light and returned to the bedroom.  I sat, watched and listened to the show.  I began to cry.  It felt very familiar to me. Thereafter, there were many channelings with extraterrestrials. 

I had an experience when I walked within a crop circle in Avebury in 1992. 

The Five by Allison L. Williams Hill

Sounds I had not heard in the field were heard on the audio cassette when I returned for the day.  The sounds were never heard on any other recording I made while there.

When I find the cassette tape and the photos, I will happily add them to this page.

I consider the crop circle designs powerful and the wearer can experience something.  I don't know what to call it other than energy.  All is vibration. The crop circle designs are used singularly or grouped, in "words" or "phrases."

Crop Circle Designs in Clothing

The clothing created under my former company, Thumb Print and Thumb Print Too, incorporated the designs as energetic images. I drew the black and white symbols for use in silkscreening. The crop circle designs are used singularly or grouped, in "words" or "phrases." I consider the crop circle designs powerful and the wearer can experience something.  I don't know what to call it other than energy.  All is vibration.

Cotton blend sleeveless top with intarsiaed corp circle symbol front and back.  Color: beige. Size: medium.

Sleeveless cotton knit with reverse stitch symbol "phrase" (several symbols). Color: purple. Size: small/medium.

Sleeveless cotton knit with reverse stitch symbol "phrase" (several symbols). Color: red. Size: small/medium.

Sleeveless cotton knit with intarsiaed crop circle symbol. Color: purple. Size: medium. Update: All of the sweaters above have been destroyed during Hurricane Irma,September  2017.




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