y appreciation for fabric grew from my mother, pictured below. I was fortunate to have a teacher like her. 

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Betty worked at F. W. Woolworth in Flushing, Queens because it was close to home and her children.

Betty taught all of her daughters how to sew, and/or knit, and crochet. Her job was an economical means of collecting patterns, material and notions to create their own clothes.

Humans used it in various forms for as long as they existed, from animal hides to plants, for decency and protection. Fabric and how it is used to convey wealth, status and position in cultures were and are rational as well as artistic.  
Fabrics are treats for sight and touch. Some were created to titillate, to enjoy. If I don’t purchase now then cameras can document them. I take pictures everywhere.

It’s wild that people select neutral and mute colors. What was the point of creating so many colorful fabrics then?

Society in cultures always reign  in the adventurists, those who like brilliant colorful expressions. Over the last ten years, it was amazing to see young girl fashion styles expand with feathers; tulle skirts and denim jackets. The use of sequins and other glitter fabrics for day wear removes the seriousness from fashion. It brings in delight and loosens the mind to accept the unexpected.

I love color.  Color is in different media, fabric included. Authors thought they were being helpful by auditing clothing colors for humans based on skin color so they don’t look muddy or dead. Some still wear those colors, don't care about how they look, and are happy about it.

Merging by Allison L. Williams Hill

My mother taught me how to sew when I was ten years old. Over time, I learned what patterns; colors; textures, and styles to use, what worked for my body. I had hits, things I repeatedly sew and wear to this day. I have had misses like mismatched plaids. The jacket was warm but the offset was jarring. I made coats and crocheted hats to match.   I made clothes for my body when I was large and smaller. It was all a learning experience.

Money was tight growing up. Fads were unaffordable but it taught me a great thing: I learned to find my own style and I am able to use fabric as a medium like I create art.





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Now That Your Eyes Are Open

Looking West on Drake's Highway, Tortola towards the Caribbean Sea by Allison L. Williams Hill

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