ountains make water do interestingly beautiful things. From reading about Victor Schauberger when I was in England on my first spiritual journey; to reading about flow forms and Theodore Schwenk’s studies, and Woody Wodraska placing plants along a flow form, I desired to include water features in and outside of our home.

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My father-in-law suffered from glaucoma. When he died, I met his brother who also had it. My husband spoke about slowly losing his sight going back to when he served in the Air Force in Southeast Asia between 1967 and 1968. He was in training for several months before then.


Clement E. Hill, II  when he was in Southeast Asia.

 Almost sixty years later, and before I ever knew he existed, I find it difficult to accept that the United States Department of Defense’s selected physicians did not find any sign that his eyes were not normal. I am certain that he and other Black men, because poverty was considered a defect, became draftees in the United States’ Directive 1315.15 Special Separation Policies for Survivorship along with mentally challenged and other physically lacking males to bolster the falling draft numbers.

When we were in Orangeburg, I would visualize our new home. I thought a great deal about how the interior would look in order to accommodate my husband’s needs. Fountain water has such a calming effect. It distracts the mind; it mesmerizes, relieving the mind of stress, of heavy burdens that one  carries. The fountains I desired to have in the home emitted different sounds because of what they were made of. I purchased one when we were in the islands that had a beautiful glass base with small cylindrical towers in the middle. The water flowed up and over them to the pebbles below. After moving some of our belongings after the home was destroyed by H. Irma, I only have the pebbles. The taxi driver wanted to demonstrate how strong he was by shoving the plate into the rear of the car.

I visualized different sounds within the house to alert my husband about where he was. The living space would have pebbles. The dining area would have the fountain that had floating bells. My sister gifted me a wedding gift of hers, something she did not mind parting with. It was a crystal platter and bowl etched with grapes with gold edging. This was perfect for a fountain. Clear crystals will be placed in the bowl. If she wants it back after what I do with it, I won’t mind at all. It will look beautiful and the energy it will emit will help her and her family. I intend to create a water fountain for insects, birds, and lizards outdoors. Crystals would give bees and others that need a safe place to drink so they won’t enter the water.

H20 Project Water

Indoors or out, the water will be laced with ECH2O, water that was blessed. A favorite dowser, Raymon Grace, prayed over this water and it was distributed. I used the ECH2O in the waters surrounding the British Virgin Islands. Marilyn Gang, Head Honcho, or was the Head Honcho, I don’t know what she is doing with TD now, sold the water in dark blue bottles that are difficult to find now. I ordered them when we were in the Virgin Islands (UK). I left one of the bottles there, lost it in H. Irma. I carried one back to the states. Jennifer and I made many trips to the God's Acre Healing Springs in Blackville, South Carolina. When the water is within one inch of ECH2O, you are to refill it with spring water. I intuited that I increased its power when I replenished it with    God's Acre Healing Springs' water. 


Speak into the Fountains

Voodou practitioners speak into a receptacle. Witches speak into a receptacle or at an object. The collected words – curse; hex, or spell – merges with the energy within the receptacle. A vision occurred to me when I was in the rest room one morning. I watched as Africans spoke to the river bank and the information was carried across. I read this in one of the Black scholars’ work,
Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, I believe, that I have been graced with in this life. His work and others, who have dedicated their lives to researching and making available to Black people are available at the Journal of African Civilizations.


Merge with Water II by Allison L. Williams Hill

As it was and still is with large bodies of water, I will (when I install them) speak words into the waters of the fountains. This would reinforce my intentions of their purposes within the home. My knowledge of curses; hexes, and spells is limited in comparison to learned practitioners. My words would include covering all that I do not know that may be affecting the property; the home, and its occupants. The vapors from the fountains move through the home carrying my wishes. Rituals (link) remind me of the need to repeat the intention of words daily. The words can be expressed differently and achieve the same results. The strength is held and increased through repetitive work.

The same process can be attained with any culture. Use what is familiar, what, over centuries, has built power through lore; story, and history that works best for your culture.



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Looking West on Drake's Highway, Tortola towards the Caribbean Sea by Allison L. Williams Hill

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