The Word as Sound

he Word was an expression manifested as sound.

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In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1, King James version

An inconceivable amount of energy went into creating the World and the other stars and planets.

Time does not do justice in regards to our existence as documented by scientists, astronomers, and geologists. We create instruments and equipment to assist in proving what we theorize, what we feel and/or think exists but falls short of proof for the audience at large: the peers who judge.

Our existence stretched farther back, beyond when time was measurable.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Consider that there was a Sound and that Sound brought Energy into the initial process of forming what we know as matter. Sit and allow your mind to carry you, do not direct. Journal what you experienced.

Sound and Nature

The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird included information that plants preferred classical music as opposed to rock. The former employed harmonious compositions. Rock music is hard, and uses shorts bursts of sound.

A snowflake, or water crystal, can represent the effects of classical music on nature.

Silva Mind Control conducted voice experiments with plants, one receiving compliments and another negative talk. There was a marked difference in the way they grew; positive-receiving plant thrived while the other wilted.

A tree in a shopping mall was relocated to a less trafficked area and began losing leaves. It was realized that it received praise and compliments in its original location. They moved the tree back to its original location and it regained its healthy state.

To plants, to trees, and even to frogs, words are sounds and can nurture or injure a conscious thing.

Sound and Chakras

John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D. performs healing using several tuning forks. He creates harmonic resonances, moves the forks in waves near and above the body affecting the physical and the energy field. This also impacts the surrounding air. His movements fluctuate the waves so they move out and return. The harmonics are multiplied and the work is continue for several minutes to immerse every cell of the physical body and the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

The recipient can meditate as this happens, connecting with the energy and sensing where the energy is being absorbed. One can direct the energy to here they want it to go. 

Sound by Allison L. Williams Hill

We do a lot of work with sound or tonal vibrational frequencies. I 'saw" these three toning.  they looked human with a few differences. They appeared in the mists of sound.

Sound and the Body

A discussion with a former student came to mind while I was teaching in the Caribbean. He was a young man who mentioned he got headaches when he listened to classical music.

I began thinking about the kind of music with which he grew up. Caribbean rhythms do vary but in the British Virgin Islands, "jump up" music moves the body to do just what it says. Love songs and other melodies encourage the body to sway, hips to gyrate.

I saw Ethiopian dance many years ago at an Ethiopian fashion show. Dance movement was expressed more in the shoulders, moving them up and down to the beat, and dipping in the pelvis.

During spiritual studies many years later it occurred to me that the link between healing sounds and culture are specific in that each has developed their own. Prior, I listened to world music for entertainment only. Chinese music is unique in rhythm, chords, and cadence. African percussion and string instruments, such as the kora, are used to produce multi-note flows. Rests in music, or the spaces between the notes, may not be appreciated by all cultures. In some arrangements, the lack of sound is deliberate.

Some people rejected or embraced music different from their culture based on lots of reasons. Religion was a means of refusing opportunities to listen to other sounds beyond what was prescribed. Another reason for rejecting music was as simple as racial pride. I was an African-American growing up during the Motown era. Young Blacks would reject the Beatles or the Beach Boys. Likewise, young whites would reject Gladys Knight and the Pips or Stanley Turrentine based on skin color and not if the music was enjoyable or healing.

I include a Motown classic: Smokey Robinson's solo performance of "Crusin'."

How do you feel when you listen to his song? Sensuous? Agitated?

I appreciate Robert Norton's gift, "Inner Journey" because it feels and sounds amazing. You can download a free mp3 recording here.

Amazing music from inspirational musician Robert Norton, whose music supports the writings and seminars of Dr Robert Holden.

Common Factor in Sound

The common factor through all of this is that - Caribbean, Chinese, indigenous people - all are human, and therefore would have the same vibration manifestations. Colors are the manifestation of vibration. Each chakra has an energy signature that manifests as a color. Each color has a specific sound. All humans would respond to high C and would experience some or all of the healing qualities of that sound.

The harmonic scale used to create music is limited due to the human ability to hear. Despite the gene mutation that causes deafness, chakras respond to the sounds. Therefore, those who cannot hear will benefit from the vibration. Regardless of taste or preference, all music affects us but the effect is governed by environmental perception and that can change one's biology.

So that new experiences are neither good nor bad and because we cannot control all that we encounter, it is good idea to broaden acceptance of things beyond that which we have become conditioned. This will ensure we continue to heal, in varying degrees, within all environments.




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