Attempted Diets

ttempted diets are a string of efforts we say are failures. Have you tried several kinds of diets? And they all failed?

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For one reason or another? Work on a new way to get to slim and healthy…

…specifically for you!

It may involve more than you thought.

Job vs. career;


Raising children;

Creating or having money;




Being numb;


Scattered thinking;

Wolfing food down;

Late nights (parTAY! - I wish...);




Not again!!!

Maybe some of you have had this experience...

    Hint: you know that old joke about ordering Chinese food?

    One from Column A and one from Column B?

Looking at diets, maybe the diet itself did not work for you.
    You tried 17 and all of them failed.  

But did parts of any of the diets work for you?

So, those parts that DID work for you could have been put together to create...

Your own special diet!! With your name on it!!

Here's another way:

or write...
    for an appointment...

for a free health history.
We meet. You fill out the health history form. I wait while you fill out the health history. We discuss the health history information. I ask questions. You talk....
I listen. 
    And you will find out if the program can suit your needs to discover the food and lifestyle choices that best support you.



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Disaster Preparedness


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Food and Energy

Color and Blood



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In-Vesica Health Program Approach

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