e had clocks in our house growing up -analog and, later, digital. My youngest sister was terrific at telling time when she was about four or five. Several years later, my niece and nephew, her children, were good at telling time as well. However, what all of these people had in common was that digital time clocks were what they were able to read. It was the analog clocks they had to learn how to read. My niece dances at Alvin Ailey and I asked her what time it was. The lounge area has a large analog clock on the wall. She could not tell me the time. I helped her learn how to read its face.

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Fushia Orchid Clock

The beautiful orchid brings a little bit of nature.

"I keep company with flowers" mug accompanies the clock.

My  Husband's Clocks

My husband had a habit of mounting several analog clocks throughout the house including the bathroom. He set them fifteen minutes faster to ensure that we kept our appointments. I like the idea and intend to repeat it in my next home.

The clocks I chose and the various faces were for fun and contemplation.

Flower of Life Om Symbols Heptagon Clock

This clock face was chosen because of its timeless representation with sacred geometry. I love this because the symbols offer incentives for meditation as time progresses. In silence, the hands point to the Sanskrit inviting you to engage in one of the best abilities that humans possess.

Flower of Life Sacred Geometry Acrylic Wall Clock

A Flower of Life Sacred Geometry violet clock face is a reminder of the highest vibration and the symmetry of  All as depicted by the sacred geometry.

You can match the clock with the Flower of Life Yantra Sacred Geometry violet mug.

Where to Mount Clocks on Walls

Clocks should be set where they could serve the greater number of observers, in other words, higher than eye level.  The brilliant point about this is the opportunity to bring in alpha meditation. The image should be mounted at least 35 degrees above eye level, where the eye is perpendicular to the wall’s surface. Clocks should be mounted high enough to allow observation from as many parts of a space as comfortably possible.  The surface images can serve to move one into the alpha state. 

Bananaquits  by Allison L. Williams Hill

Monument Moon Acrylic Wall Clock

The Blue Splash Acrylic Wall Clock

This clock reminds me of a bird's eye view of the ocean and its energy- changing patterns.



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Now That Your Eyes Are Open

Looking West on Drake's Highway, Tortola towards the Caribbean Sea by Allison L. Williams Hill

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Doesn't the dormouse in the heather appear to be smiling? I found out from the Comedy Wild Life Photography Awards web site that Mr. Andrea Zampatti is the photographer.  Please visit his website for more fascinating images that he was in the right place at the right time to capture.


When time permits, I intend to hold drawings to create 

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Of course, I collect your email and, thereafter, you will receive periodic updates on In-Vesica - spiritual development; health coaching; energetic healing; art and design, when projects will be launched, and what I eat (I'm kidding!). 


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