Galaxy T-Shirts

he images for the galaxy t-shirts came from the United States government's resource for space exploration.This is sooo coool! 

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I had a dream. I was moving at incredible speed past nebulae, wonderful colors illumined by star bodies. I, naturally, knew I could not move through space, much less, at that speed. I looked down at my left elbow. There was a hand in a purple glove firmly holding my arm. A long, long cape was flowing behind my left; I was certain that it belonged to the being with the purple-gloved hand. I saw no face or body but I felt safe.  

Space is wonderful, glorious. I think the more I learn to dream lucidly,  I will be able to fly again.

Illumined Galaxy T-Shirt

Illumined Galaxy T-Shirt brown-white nebulae created from a photo of outer space.

Stars and Purple Space T-Shirt

Stars and purple-colored nebulae. There are more colors within this. I think these images look fantastic on black t-shirts.

Blue Blast Galaxy T-Shirt

Blue Blast Galaxy T-Shirt has bursts of blue cosmic material. This draws the attention into the image.

Eclipse T-Shirt

Eclipse photo image on t-shirt. The moon does have an atmosphere. It was disclosed by NASA in the 1990s. NASA thought the public would be too stupid to comprehend that was why the American flag,planted on the moon, had wire on its edge. The atmosphere is weaker than the one we are accustomed to.

The moon was closer to the planet than it is now.  It moved away a specific distance every specific number of years.










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The above meditation mandala will be available soon.

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