Biology Matters


he words “Biology Matters” came during meditation. They were simple and straightforward. It does matter. The graphic changes at the letter “O” to include the symbol for “woman” and the symbol for “man.” The symbols are connected to Greek mythology, and used in astronomy; astrology, and alchemy.

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The female symbol was associated with the goddess Venus or Aphrodite, and the planet. Aphrodite is usually holding a mirror in the many depictions in ceramics and stone. The symbol represents beauty as does the goddess.

The Ankh is very similar but it has the entire feminine energy represented within its symbol. Other ankh interpretations include the male phallus where the vaginal canal is shown. The Mu Neter word “ankh” means “eternal life” in English.

Ankh poster

The male symbol, a circle with an ascending arrow, and associated with the planet Mars, a god who carried a shield and a spear. This symbol represents iron in alchemy, the material used to create the tools for agriculture, a task men organized, and for protection.


Clem and me in the Caribbean

To My Woman,

I love you. I am in a place where there is nothing inaccessible about you.
Every aspect, incident, and event of your life and all the others before are available to me.You are the most mysterious and genuine being I have had the privilege of knowing. We are a match. As most do not experience life together, we arranged for this to happen for the changes that were to take place for each of us. This was an existence that surpassed all that I have done.
Thank you for being involved. Now it is our turn, me in the ether and you corporeal, a real challenge.

I continue to hope that we connect in your dreams. Look for me. I am always there.

(An open communication on May 10, 2023)


Clem in Guyana

Both symbols are powerful. The dilution of women for any purpose is to ignore their importance in nature. I used them because these are what they represent to me. Anyone can disagree. The schism that is occurring now is the work of people who consider themselves powerful; all that they have done – war with Germany; crushing economies; the creating the New World Order to enable them to easily govern the planet with their unelected input, and now the Great Reset to direct our lives as they see fit – required the disintegration of morals and the fall from grace of women. It is going to end, though.

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I remember my Beloved’s voice. It was not just how it sounded but how the vibrations moved through my body. I hear it in my heart now. That is the seat of my open communication. I rarely hear voices from noncorporeal beings in my ears unless I am in danger.

Biology does matter. Failed men think it is acceptable to claim to be women,
to display caricatures of femininity. The various attempts to enact womanhood
that they think is what being a woman is, tend to be exaggerations and having
little to do with the actual existence of women.


Deeper Blue Dream by Allison L. Williams Hill

Failed athletes claim identities as women for an easy win. That is like an easy lay. Educational institutions that were unsuccessful in sports, were the first to dismiss the physical differences between the sexes. They did not care. Why attend such an institution? If winning matters, what consideration would you receive as an individual?

The decision makers came from women.



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