Alternative Healing and Spiritual Art

In the Garden of the Heart by Allison L. Williams Hill

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The material of this web site is about alternative healing presented in many forms. Your consciousness informs you of which alternate healing therapies are appropriate for you.

In-Vesica is the state of being where one address the physical world with resources from the inner world of spirit.

Some were never raised with this ability; either they were not taught about it or learned it in some form through religion.

Religion, by and large, does not allow for individual expression. The inner world of Spirit does.

Our bodies are always changing. A mixture of water and elements, physically, and another story on the sub-atomic level, it can be helped or harmed by our actions that are determined by our choices.

"Your body is your temple" (find the exact quote) may be too strong a statement for some form which they shy away. It is through and with the body that we learn; grow; act; express; feel, and experience. People, all over the world, exist in various levels of ultimate physical development and motor ability.

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Spiritual Cinema Circle

"Ignorance does not prevent us from suffering." Jose Silva, Creator,Silva Mind Control Method

We all have consciousness. We use it in varying degrees. How much is used can reveal one's awareness of spirituality. As we live, we are charged through experiences to grow and become the Greater Being.

"We are not here to meet our Higher Self. We are here to become it." Toronto Dowsers Newsletter

Pursuance of this knowledge gives birth to independent thinking. The thoughts and actions from them embraces each one's individualized presence of God and simultaneously our Oneness.

Standard education fosters conformity, developing workers who are told how to be and do. In this light, it is no wonder why there is a prevailing level of negativity and conditioned limited thinking.

Adulthood offers a chance for people to make new choices, correct their education, and select other experiences.

At In-Vesica, you are offered opportunities to change. You may use the services for pleasure which would be a good place to start for some of you.

You may use them to reprogram to lighten your mind and your heart.

You may use them to fulfill a need that has come into your consciousness.

And you may use the services that help you develop the motivation that puts you in charge of your life. You have power but it may be used to move you by external bidding.

Now use your power to realize your own needs and aspirations.

I studied crafts; art; spiritual art; architecture; metaphysics; nutrition; inventing; and small business development.

The subjects reflect a multi-faceted nature. I use all of them in my life. Some of these skills may be applied to you, your life, and how you want or need to change it.


Allison Williams Hill

Medium,Psychic, Intuitive Visionary Healer

Cert. Spiritual Healer, Church of Wisdom

Arch. Designer


Health Coach, AADP

Nature II by Allison L. Williams Hill
Would you like to create art like this? Classes are starting soon.

"...and the hearts became roses filled with diamond seeds." by Allison L. Williams Hill

Above is the first of a series of videos produced by Beth, creator of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. I met Beth and her good works at Spiritual Networks.

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