Water II by Allison L. Williams Hill 

hese writings offered here include spiritual experiences going back to when I was a child. In fact, the experiences that were negative were changed as a result of the Work.

We don't have to continuously carry baggage from the past. A scene from "The Mission" with Robert DeNiro showed his character carrying penance during travel to indoctrinate indigenous people by dragging a very heavy load of objects. The indigenous people laughed at what he was doing and cut him free of his burden. We can do the same, if we wish.  

Writings are cathartic; those I thought may serve to pleasure others are here.

The following was a message from Spirit when I merged with the Silver Mine River at Delphi that surrounds the site on three sides and drew the above image:

"Dear One,
What if we told you, that from the time we were born, we have been in the same place? Every single molecule you perceive has energy running through it, hence the appearance of motion. Don't hold energy. Don't let it move you. Let it run through you. Pass it on."

Freedom Land


Galaxy and Dimension Far,Far Away




Thoughts on Dying

Shades, my first novel.

Shades Chapter 1 First Anniversary

Shades Chapter 2 God Bless America

Shades Chapter 3 Little Bend

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