he late Rev. Raphael Azarius di Angelo began channeling an extraterrestrial collective called The Ring after he was contacted in 1990. It was when I first heard “We Are The Ring, and We Are Here” in that year in New York City.  

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Sound by Allison L. Williams Hill

Advor and Zorstan told me that they knew of me since I was a small child.  They apologized for having lost contact.  This surprised and saddened me.  Living in a high density residential area made me feel safe because I felt it would be difficult to be found.

The channeling sessions brought the participants in contact with The Ring, a group of extraterrestrials from several galaxies who responded to a Call of Love.  During another session, they removed substances from our bodies.  They told us that thought created substance and they removed the etheric matter created by belief systems. It was described as a cobweb-looking substance.  I asked if we could create it again.  The answer was yes, easily done if the belief was maintained.I remember two gentle, loving energies named O’Tara and Quadrilla.  Both of them worked in the fourth dimension on healing me.  I perceive The Ring as being benevolent extraterrestrials, aware of more than us, generally, and who made the time to make us aware of where humanity stood in its evolution.  The collective structured a certain form of work. They are higher etheric realities.They are not Master Beings and watch Creation to see that we are headed in the right direction.

When we returned to the United States I resumed working with The Ring.  I was amazed that it took some time to rebuild the energy level needed for the work;  I was not aware of the amount required before as it happened gradually over time.  If it is not clear by now, meditation or the ability to concentrate is necessary.  I feel I don’t have it mastered yet (yes- as long as I feel I don’t, I won’t) because my mind wanders, which is alright provided I return to my purpose.  I employ dowsing by using my body or a pendulum to confirm my findings.  My mind is fixed towards earth plane action like supporting my husband so such control prevents several abilities, like seeing them for example, from working at the moment. I’ve been called crazy before by those who are unaware of my gifts and called gifted by those who are. You have the power to make your decision.

Channeling Circle

The Ring based their circle on what they perceive of these Master Beings: facilitate the  neurobiological transfiguration of the species. They are helping us to evolve on all levels - the body reflects consciousness. The Members of The Ring sit in a circle aboard their mother ship that several of us had the opportunity to see. 

The Channeling Ship

Organic consciousness exists between themselves and the mother ship to help navigate the vessel.

A Universal Law

There are benevolent and non-benevolent beings.  The Ring consists of benevolent beings. Some believe in the Creator or Creators; some do not.The Ring's work is to change the world. They influenced our evolution. We are being highly protected.They know our potential. Well over one hundred extraterrestrial civilizations are watching this planet. Most extraterrestrial civilizations exist in the fourth dimension alongside Ascended Masters. 

Earth was created by those in Creation. They refer to us as their children. Consciousness cries out for help...and The Ring is answering.  Universal Law says something or someone will answer.Work with them; you will develop a sense. 

The Ring Channeling

One does not need a medium to sit with The Ring.  

Sit quietly relax your body.


I call to The Ring of the Light;


We are The Ring and We are here;


We are The Ring and We are here;


We are The Ring and We are here.

Greet them.  See what your senses receive.

Request mobile Interlink.

Another line to add is:

We are the Sphere of Light and We are here.

I call to The Ring of the Light;


We are the Sphere of Light and We are here;


We are the Sphere of Light and We are here;


We are the Sphere of Light and We are here.


Interlink is enclosure within a tube filled with liquid with key code lights. When channeling alone or in a group, we can ask for Interlink. Each person has an individual experience.  Words are used to make us open to the energy.  They use the language of Light. It does not mean our references will be theirs. We are tools of perception. I thought the tubes were metal.  My husband avoided Interlink when his vision changed.  He could see them. When I realized what he saw, what I felt when in Interlink made more sense. Interlink used to be just Interlink. We were warned that if we moved we could hurt ourselves and possibly die. Interlink was improved to Mobile Interlink where we could move and even enjoy its benefits are we move in the world.  There is also Cosmic Interlink and Divine Interlink that are available but the former may only involve The Ring. There is Violet Flame work and there is White Flame work. Pure White Flame is soul essence. The sphere holds desire. Project out, sphere out, "Find Buyer." DO Flame work daily.

Do During Channeling

If you are gifted enough to have a perception, you are gifted enough to go beyond that perception. Dig as deep as you can. Find all of the garbage you can and get it  out. Write detailed statements. Get a burn basket and burn them. Nuclear war can be averted through Light work of high concentration.

This is achievable despite disbelief. In this dimension, we demand evidence as proof and often construct what people will accept. Humans have the potential. It does not require the entire population to participate or even be enabled.  Reptilians deliberately create stuff to generate negativity to capture it for use. We can  overcome this and maintain a state of bliss. Bliss is not perpetual happiness. It is a natural state of harmony one draws from all that is in existence.

"Be true to your truth."


April 25, 2000

Channeling Meditations

Breathe H’oponopono Meditation

Touch index and thumb together.

Breathe in through the nose for a count 7.

Pause 7.

Breathe out through the nose for a count of 7.

Pause 7.

That is 1 round.

Do 7 rounds.

I love you.

I’m sorry.

Can you forgive me?

Thank you.

God bless.

I embrace change

I receive change.

I honor change.


I AM in God’s Plan.

All things function within perfection of God’s Plan.  It is not life that must live up to my expectation but I must embrace life.

Problems with blood sugar levels are problems with joy.

Do the I AM Healer often.

Place both hands on the body, anywhere there is pain or discomfort, and even where there is no perceived pain or discomfort.


I AM Healer.

I AM in need of healing.

I AM willing to be healed.

I AM willing to receive healing.

I AM receiving healing.

I AM healing.

I AM Healer.

I AM healed.

I AM whole.


I live in perfect health and harmony.

When one begins using affirmations, they will bring up negative resistances.  You move through the resistances and open the way for the affirmations to manifest because the resistance to them no longer exists.  Many fade out, give up because there is no evidence of them working.  Eliminating the obstacles to change is the first step.  The length of time it takes to remove them depends on how much time you used, consciously or unconsciously, in creating them.  A simple gauge may be to watch what you do, how you respond to cues in your environment.

Surrender is the allowing of things to be as they are.

I am willing to flourish/prosper/live free of negativity and limitations (fill in the blank).

Ch. 5/23/12



Soul Life Reading

Soul Portraits


Sound and Color Healing

The Necessity for Love

Soul Life Reading


The above meditation mandala will be available soon.

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