Sound and Color Healing

ound and color healing introduces energy to each specific chakra to correct its imbalance and to support their functions. Think beyond the seven major chakras organized according to the white light separation credited to Sir Isaac Newton.  

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"...and the hearts became roses filled with diamond seeds."

by Allison L. Williams Hill 

There are many more colors and chakras. One spectrum system that dazzled me when I was a child had 64,000 identified colors. Imagine having that many chakras. One of my spiritual projects involve identifying and mapping each chakra. I intend to illustrate each using a newly acquired skill: Entura Art.

Raphael di Angelo spoke for Spirit when he said during a private channeling, "It is time for the information on the chakras descends to the planet Earth." The Google web site  "Chakra System to Earth' has been moved into In-Vesica.  It is spiritually based which made sense for it to happen.  The work continues.  Input from other intuitives is appreciated and access will be provides. 

The Sound and Color Healing Process

You are fields of color. You are vibrant, pulsing, and radiant. You are colorful and musical; both are manifestations of vibration.

Sometimes the light in your colors may be less than optimal. This may manifest in feeling unwell, ill such as a cold or flu, or dis-eased. A healer balances the energy levels with the appropriate vibrational remedy, or color, to help you feel and function at your best.

Chakras are influenced by thoughts and feelings. It is important for you to be aware of the process because all causes of dis-ease must be known  to correct the imbalance. You learn and prevent. The healer will receive insight during the session

Sound and color healing brings the energy directly into the etheric layer. The etheric layer distributes it throughout the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

This takes place in person only. This process takes approximately one to one and one half hours. Price: $75.00

The Chakras and Their Properties

Root Red Grounding energy, vitality and power Adrenal Legs; gonads; anus; colon
Sacral Orange Emotional; creativity,sexual potency and immunity Gonads Pelvis, reproductive system
Solar Plexus Yellow Experience assimilation; reason; digestion; goal mainfestation Pancreas Abdominal area; digestive system
Heart Green Soul/heart consciousness; Love expression Thymus Thoracic cavity; heart; ribs; lungs
Throat Blue Ability to verbalize; Self-expression Thyroid Mouth; throat; larynx; para-thyroid; ears
Brow Indigo Visual expansion Pituitary Physical eyes; higher brain centers
Crown Violet Identification with the Infinite; Oneness with the Universe; God source connection Pineal Crown; brain

The table above lists to which organs chakras distribute energy.  Chakras has  specific structure to fully support the requirements of the physical body's needs.  When the wheels of energy are distorted, they cannot do their job.  This infusion of sound in the key of the chakra and color, visualizing and flooding the chakra with the energy manifestation is uses, moves from the energetic layer into the gross physical to revitalize.  This process may be correcting systems and means to feed your systems that may be unknown to you.  

Many people who integrate non-invasive therapies into their health regimens express that they may not see or feel a difference in the quality of their health.  Therefore, according to them, it is difficult to express what changes may have occurred, what the process may have helped. It is unfortunate that tragic levels of illness  and recovery from such are what people use to gauge the effectiveness of  methods that do not involve drugs or surgery.  These external means literally externalize your power, placing faith in a consumed product or a cutting away or adding t the physical body.   

 Healing with Sound and Color Takes Time 

The pharmaceutical industry and the American Medical Association have accelerated the time in which wellness is achieved. I visualize a person's descent into illness fro which they may probably never recover as two aircrafts.  The first one set the pace for the descent.  The second aircraft, the patient, follows behind what is leading him or her towards the planet's surface. The first aircraft, either an illusion or a well-skilled pilot, pulls up escaping the inevitable.  however, the second aircraft continues in the same trajectory, unable to change course.   The reliability on external support that, mind you, has a unimpressive success rate, may disappoint.    

Dis-ease takes time to manifest in the gross physical as it does.  Each of us is different.  What happens in the gross physical form, originates in the etheric body and is supported by faulty thoughts and feelings.  Tracing the causes back through time would be a superior solution rather than reliance on  an action that does little to nothing to address the reason for the dis-ease's existence.

This takes place in person only, approximate duration is one hour. Price: $75.00.

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