llison L. Williams Hill acknowledges the existence of extraterrestrials. I acknowledge that there are other dimensions than this one.

Alien Friends by Allison L. Williams Hill

Alien Friends

"Alien Friends", above, was created using soft pastel on charcoal paper.

I attended a channeling in 1990 that introduced me to The Ring, a collective of galactic beings interested in the development of humanity.  According to them, humanity was seeded; God did not create us.  “The Missing Link” was their modification in our DNA that caused the “gap” for which science is still attempting to find an answer.  However, many of them acknowledge a force, a Creator. 

Member species of The Ring were responsible for humanity evolving into what we are today.  I meditate with them constantly.  A meditation on some of them became visible in this image.   There are other works on this page of extraterrestrial beings that I think I do not "see." 

My work involves eliminating all that prevents me from seeing these beings. 
It is obvious I believe they exist; I have felt their energy work and communicated with them.    Due to the fact that I cannot produce them or reproduce their work, this can be dismissed as conjecture. 

Physics has acknowledged that there are more dimensions than this one.  It almost seems that information like that are released in small segments to enable humans to understand them as they slowly begin to realize, whether they like it or can tolerate it, that the world, or the universe, or the universes,  is and are not what we knew it or them to be.

Consider the impact of the possibility that God may not have created humans, at least, directly.  They do not claim to be God.  With their help, I grasp how vast The Creator is because of the number of other beings that live and thrive in the many universes that exist beyond this one.  


We do a lot of work with sound or tonal vibrational frequencies. I 'saw" these three toning.  they looked human with a few differences. They appeared in the mists of sound.

Five Members

This soft pastel on charcoal paper was another time to draw what I think I do not see and it was done during a Ring channeling by candlelight.

The man in the foreground is in the fourth dimension but clearly visible.  The beautiful women, three in completely different dress and various stages of reveal, are in a different vibratory state than the man in the foreground.  The giant in between them is a gentle soul.  He possesses two noses, eyes stretch
across his forehead.  His long violet tendrils are living appendages that sense and report to him what they touch.

The five are from different parts  of different galaxies; they cohabit on the mothership that has been in orbit above our planet for a long time.

During a channeling, we had the opportunity to see the ship through an arched window at the recently condominium development at 666 Greenwich Street in New York.  The ship was  in front of the window; it appeared in our dimension like the man in the foreground. I only looked for a fraction of a second.  I realized then the depth of my fear and was very surprised at myself for my behavior.  

Galactic Beauty Profile

This soft pastel on charcoal paper drawing of a woman was a sacred geometry evolution.  The arc that defined the shape of her head radiated across the sheet.  Things like that happen but not abruptly.  The process reveals one part and then another.  The image builds but I don't know it all until I get the feeling that it is completed.

The man to her left gave me the impression that he was very focused and powerful.  His eyes were clear.  I had to look closer to see the being in the middle of his head.  His mouth can appear two ways: either closed as if he were a sea bass, or open from which the blue pours forth and runs through a landscape.  The complete and implied structures suggests a unique architecture.

This drawing was created during The Ring channeling by candlelight. I signed  this one, as well as others, with the initials AQA, my soon-to-be new name.

Many in the Blue

This soft pastel I call "Many in the Blue" on charcoal paper was created during a Ring channeling by candlelight. A young looking being at the bottom of the page looks serenely to the right as other energies move above it. 

One of the interesting things about drawing with a candle was the incredible use of pastel as so little was needed.

Marine Woman

This soft pastel on charcoal paper image "became." I picked up blue and
continued working with it.  I "saw" the colors and transferred them to the paper. I was not conscious of what was developing.  I just kept placing color. "She" appeared.  Her eyes were unusual but she can see, she assured me. The energy below her to the left appeared playful, one she knew very well. There is another energy at the left of the drawing that looked reptilian. The male to her right looked up and not at them.  I rendered him differently because I "found" him in the "blue", something he was a part of.  He was not as prominent as she was.Creating this was a beautiful experience.



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