Thought by Allison L. Williams Hill

Thought is energy. It can change a body. Mind creates body.

Bombard a cell with it continuously and it will change.

We create situations to satisfy our biochemical needs.

Medium, psychic, and healer work aids the process of stripping away faulty ideas to reach your true Self.




"Wow, I didn't know."

"Well, you do now."

The movie "What the Bleep Do We Know?" is responsible for bringing this information to the forefront.

We now know we are responsible for not only the way we think about ourselves but for what the cells do in and to our bodies.

The focus is on how what kind would affect the body.

Blood is consciousness and the cell is the smallest unit of consciousness in the body.

Proteins in the forms of neuropeptides and neurohormones are created according to thought patterns and move to billions of recepter sites on the surfaces of cells that number in the billions.

It may not be long before an emotion can be associated with a neuropeptide or neurohormone building block map.

Expose a cell continuously with the same neuropeptide or neurohormone created by the same thought increases the receptor sites created for that thought.

  • Thoughts

  • Emotions

  • Feelings

  • Addictions

An addiction is viewed as a state in which the affected is out of control, hence negative. If there is such a thing as a positive addiction, it is still a dependency, biochemically speaking.


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Dr. Joseph Dispenza, D.C. stated that the changed cell will divide into cells with more receptor sites made for those neuropeptides created for those specific thoughts. Receptor sites would eventually outnumber those receptor sites that accept essential nutrients to feed the cell and the body. What will a body be left with?

If the thoughts are negative and the nature of the neuropeptides do not change, the neuropeptides created from negative thought patterns will out-number the receptor sites for essential nutrients to feed the cell and the body. What will a body be left with? Cells that feed on drug-like substances that sustain addiction rather than support growth.

The body experiences deterioration.

According to Dr. Candice Pert, who discovered the workings of the receptor sites, opened up a realm of physical and psychological knowledge that can be applied immediately. Dr. Pert discovered the brain's wiring: neural nets established themselves according to repeated thought patterns.

We create situations to satisfy biochemical needs. Emotions rule. Addictions are stimulated by thought.

From the Mind to the cell - the neuropeptides and neurohormones. One influences the other. Cause and Affect.

Ramtha asked if people would want to live addiction-free.


The Mind and the heart are the realms into one's Self.

What if it were possible to declare what you believe? We place trust in older people and authority figures. Many of us often accept another's thoughts that we desire like compliments for validation or accusations for guilt.

Only you know the recesses of your Mind. Only you know how and what you think and feel. We then feel the "truth" of it, making it our own. It never originated with you. Acceptance is permission. Our Mind always says "Yes." Fill in the blank with your belief. The Mind responds with, "Yes."

Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of the 32nd President of the United States, an internationally prominent author, speaker, politician, and a supporter of enhancing the status of working women, said, "No one can make you feel inferior without your permission."

What if a thought has been deposited by your father, etc. that you picked up and maintained in the quantum field that needs changing? A new born baby represents a new born thought. What is attached to it that makes it unpleasant? What poop are you carrying that you need to let go of?


Change your thinking.

Emotions Rule.

Manage the Emotions.

Earl Nightingale, author of "The Strangest Secret", originally recorded in 1957 realized "We become what we think about."

Cease feeding the addictions of shame, guilt, pity, and envy. A simple way to move from these states is through forgiveness of others and especially self.

Move pride aside; it's time to apologize.

To others and to yourself. We can rewire, reconnect to new concepts, remove chemical attachments. Enjoy the withdrawal. This can be new and exciting instead of painful and dismal to improve the experiences of your life. Remember. Create better serving, loving thoughts.

A Guided Meditation Journey by Ombassa

We can secretly wish and hope despite what external statements are made on our behalf. I am much older now. when I learned how to use Silva Mind Method, I changed the thoughts I heard and kept when I was a youngster. You can learn to release any thought you wish to eliminate as far back as you care to go. It is a good practice to learn as soon as you can. If it has not been mastered, more experiences will arrive for you to address how you feel about yourself and you will react or respond using the same established patterns of no-longer-serving thoughts.

I AM much more than I think I AM.

I AM much more than I have been told.

I can influence and am responsible for my future.

I Am a Creator.

I choose to accept what I believe to be true about myself.

These are positive statements. Compare the above to:

I do not accept the negative statements from others about me.

This is not a positive statement. "Negative statements" is included in the affirmation. Your mind will still accept the "negative statements" because the phrase is in the statement.

From a Toronto Dowsers newsletter: "We not are here to meet our Higher Self. We are here it become it."

Remember, from Mr. Gary Renard’s book, “The Disappearance of the Universe”, "'s your movie."

Additional reading: Create Your Own Affirmations article by Lael Johnson

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