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e are our brothers' and sisters' keepers. As such, we are also Nature's keeper. Nature is diverse with elements that provide redundant gifts through different species.

In spite of the original intent behind most gardens created for pleasure, people benefit from them. Their beauty, fragrances and sensations evoke joy, even bliss, in visitors. Those who bring the smiles, the great feelings that flow from their hearts deposit their  contribution and it is collected by the individuals - trees, bushes, and flowers - that exist  there.

Flora contribute to the environment, absorbing what they need from it, absorbing what we leave as waste in it.

Studies revealed that trees communicate, something dowsers and other sensitives always knew. Trees have life systems including what was named a heart.  When my husband and I planted trees on his beachfront property in Josiah's Bay, Tortola, V.I. (UK) he intuited how the trees wanted to be oriented.    The front door is an aetheric opening two feet up the trunk through which energy enters.

I dowsed to check where their front doors were located. I asked the trees if they were happy where they were. All of the individuals' responses were positive.

Recently, it was revealed that trees have more than one door. And we have recently learned that humans have more than one brain, three at this point.
That is not to say there is a correlation but that somewhat complex organisms have similarities. Scientists revealed that trees talk to each other about survival.

North Road Trees by Allison L. Williams Hill

From a National Geographic video called "How Trees Secretly Talk to Each Other in the Forest":

Hub trees are the oldest and tallest that have greater access to sunlight. Their leaves form the canopy. I thought that there was competition, with leaves blocking sunlight to the forest floor below, however, they do provide for the floral beings below. Photosynthesis produces more sugar that is absorbed by underground fungi through their mycellium, a mass of threadlike roots that intertwine within the tree's roots. In a beautiful exchange, the mycelium provides the roots with water and nutrients (nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus) from the soil. This fungus and root relationship is called mycorrhiza (mycos=fungus, riza-root). All of this occurs underground. Exchanging necessary elements and warning trees when a threat is determined.

Studies revealed that a hub tree sets up tens of connections within a stand. Studies also showed how important the older and taller  individuals are in that
almost half of the connections organized among trees would be lost if one was removed. 

Every individual, in my garden or Mother Nature's, is important.




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