See Your Body Inside Out.
How Attractive Are You Now?

echnology allows you to see what is going on within your body. This part of In-Vesica will develop to become an interactive site where you can see what your habits are doing to your body. Depending on your habits, you will be able to click on the organ and watch your body,  displaying  their conditions. Information will  explain the organ’s original function and then what happens when it is changed. For a moment, stop focusing on the external appearance. 

Would you continue using your body the way you do if this is what the results are? Would you want her or him if she or he looked like this? If you considered the time you invest in a relationship worthwhile, how would the relationship be ten or twenty years from now if your  body or your partner's body manifested such conditions?  Would you be willing to stay and take care of them, if necessary? If your outer appearance was directly affected by your internal changes, you just might pay attention.

About the Body

From Hidden Side of Things  CW Leadbeater "How We Influence Ourselves

By Our Habits - Physical Existence"  

In order that its reaction upon higher vehicles should be satisfactory, it is necessary that the physical body should be regularly exercised. This, which doctors tell us is so desirable from the point of view of physical health, is still more desirable from the point of view of health in other worlds. Not only do unused muscles deteriorate and become feeble, but their condition produces a congestion of magnetism, a check to its proper and healthy flow; and that means a weak spot in the etheric double, through which a hostile influence can easily penetrate. 

The bunny has an excuse.  What's yours?

A man who keeps his physical body thoroughly well exercised also keeps his etheric body in good order, which means in the first place that he is far less liable to the penetration of unpleasant physical germs, such as those of infection, for example. And in the second, because of the reaction of this upon the astral and mental bodies, thoughts of depression or of animal passion will find it almost impossible to seize upon him. Therefore we see that due and regular physical exercise has great importance from the occult standpoint; indeed we may say that all such practices as have been found by experiment to promote the health of the physical body are also found to react favourably upon the higher vehicles. 

Change Your Body - Exercise Made New

y body shape changed from sleeping in recliner chairs.  I have more derriere that felt it has an after-life of its own when I walk.  I really did created a following. My legs swelled. I got up in a cold house, heating only the rooms that were occupied.  This was life while my husband was in hospital.

I found several issues of Self magazine with the exercise cards intact.  These comprised my second set and another opportunity.  I recognized many of the exercises.  My spine is not as flexible as I would like or need.     That and a few other realizations have encouraged me to resume my exercise regimen of old.  

I kept the cards together.  The routines are complete in themselves.  However, depending on one’s goal, they can be intermixed to create new routines.  The sets could be rotated or, within a regimen, parts of sets could be integrated for new routines ultimately creating the one most ideal, exciting, and challenging exercise routine for one’s needs. 

The 2014 Exercise as Medicine World Conference had many professionals present on what exercise does for the human body.   Dr. Imin Lee discussed the health hazards of physical inactivity.  Studies by other doctors showed how exercise benefitted Type II Diabetes and depression sufferers. The bottom line: the human body was made to move.  There is never enough of anything, unless one is extremely physically challenged, to refute this.

Further studies have shown that standing up and working on the computer does not solve the problem.  The body has to move. Stepping in place helps, if done several dozen times.  The heart is the pump that needs to be primed so that the body gets it full supply of oxygen, minerals, enzymes, and the removal of all waste matter to avoid accumulation within. One thing you can include is to remember that  a clear and balanced  mind is a vital part of a healthy and lively body.  Set the mood and the routine with meditation using choice words and feelings, before, during, and  after your commitment to yourself.    

You can find a summary of the conference in the Life Extension Magazine, March 2015 issue.

The new Alvin Ailey Dance Center Extension on West 55th Street.  What better place to hold my workshops that here, a place that praises the human body?

First Lady Body

ormer First Lady Michelle Obama was unlike any other first lady in American history.  Mrs. Obama exemplified the health ideals she implemented in the White House. From exercise, better eating habits, eating organically grown food, and  improving school lunches and food availability to student, Mrs. Obama impressed upon those who cared that our health is our gift and requires our personal commitment to maintain it.

I found it amazing that when she bared her arms in a gown, how much negative energy was thrown at her.  She was beautiful and fit.  Then a Republican supporter felt it was necessary to slam Mrs. Obama for gaining weight and becoming "fat." "This is no way for a First Lady to look." Very few had seen her and it should not have mattered; Mrs. Obama's principles were something that combatted the SAD, the Standard American Diet.  Known for being too fat and too lazy for too long, that was an effort to change the make-up of the United States of America.   



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