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Below are recommended links with brief descriptions that put the power in your hands on whatever level you wish to use the medium, psychic, or healer within you. I am pleased that the list of quality options continues to grow. You can access Links 2 here.

Delphi University and Center for Spiritual Studies
I first attended Delphi in 2006 after a series of physical experiences. Even though I learned about the school several years before, those physical experiences brought me to their doorstep from the British Virgin Islands, mind you, not from New York where I lived at the time. This is the place where I acquired more knowledge to help myself and to assist others.

At the name implies, this site provides information to empower the individual making one the initiator.

Pooler, Georgia Homepage
Pooler, Georgia Homepage is a local-to-global Web portal that goes far beyond your typical destination guide.

This web site has fascinating content. It was called "too broad" but I beg to differ. When one broadens one's mind beyond a limited existence, appreciation and tolerance deepens.

L5 Design
“Architecture is an extension of the human body.”
L5 Design is a full service architectural design company that is interested in promoting better quality of life and environment through wholistic design

Thumb Print and Thumb Print Too
Art Clothing Objects “…as genuine as your own.” Since 1977
My crafts web site contains Entura art (some of which is on this site) and photographs suitable for feng shui remedies or for meditation.

Full Spectrum Living
Health Coach Services “Live fully…live well.”
I am a health coach certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I lead workshops on nutrition, and offer individual and group health and nutrition counseling on weight management, emotional eating, self-image issues to professional women, caregivers, and healers.

Creative Caregiving
Notes and information on giving to Cared Fors and Self

Now Is the Time for the Knowledge of the Chakra System to Come to the Planet

Living Altars

Body Custodian
Body Custodian explores what the internal systems look like as a result of habits.

Nawty Notes (Adult web site)
Spicy, Heady Turn-ons; Use the Mind to get to the Heart.

FourTold blog

Inner Eden blog

Hill International Group
"Quality Flexibility Service"

“100 Customers in 100 Days Webinar”
Reserve your place to watch the “How to Get 100 Customers in 100 Days” webinar. Allison Williams Hill is a Local Internet Marketing Advisor. With DotComSecrets, she is able to apply information to our sites above and to assist others to maximize their presence, online or offline, to attract more customers.

Meditation Techniques Guide
Meditation Techniques Guide offers in-depth knowledge of meditation and a large collection of meditation techniques that help to reduce stress, achieve mental peace and tranquility, and a total self-transformation.

This is a tarot card reading web site with access to tarot readers. The home of this site is in Dutch but you will find translations of tarot cards in the English part of this site. Clients can also request readings or do a free reading and ask for advice.

Leuchtturm 4
Geistiges Heilen kennt keine Grenzen! Alles ist möglich! Spirituelles Heilen ist heilen mit feinstofflicher Energie. Im Vordergrund steht Heilen über die Seele, aktivieren der Selbstheilungskräfte sowie Herstellung der Göttlichen Ordnung. Besuchen Sie die Seite:

Healing In 2 Wholeness
Ms. Lea Ray has been a practitioner in Atlanta, GA since 1989. She is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Quantum Wave Laser Practitioner, Doctor of Divinity, Spiritual Counselor, Spiritual Reader, Workshop Facilitator, Experienced Voyager Tarot reader, Teacher and Author. Lea has successfully helped people of all ages and backgrounds in her practice.

“Life is fleeting and magical at the same time. As the world reels with volcanoes, earthquakes and oil spills, I feel more balance within my psyche.”

Read an interview with her here.

Martial Arts Insight
Martial Arts Insight provides unique online perspectives into the fighting arts as forms of self-defense, to promote health and well-being, as sports, for personal development and as a way of life to foster spiritual enlightenment.

American Society of Dowsers
I attended my first and only convention at Danville, Vermont in 1992 after returning from the UK where I attended a Crop Circle conference. Experienced dowsers came from all over, willing to share their abilities.

Though the field has basic skills and dowsers use the abilities for basic things such as, searching which could range from water to people as an example, each one developed them differently.

Take a look at the subjects on the web site to get an idea. It has a plethora of books that address various methods of dowsing and its applications. The Journal is something to treasure because of the growing body of work from experienced dowsers.

The Toronto Dowsers
I was a member of this organization for a few years. Their monthly newsletter is always packed with useful information covering subjects that helper-type people look for.

Marilyn Gang, the Head Honcho, sends emails beyond the newsletter that are informative and insightful.

The newsletter is published on the web each month, however, you reap incredible benefits if you join, assisting them in providing this asset.
The editor's slogan is "The Freedom of Knowledge, the Power of Thought." When I print some of the articles, I pass them on to others who may never have heard of this site. is all about taking responsibility and maintaining our freedom.
Individual and group guidance through inspiring articles, Personal Growth consultations,workshops, retreats, books, music and producing events that accelerate personal growth,transforming all your relationships--spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Aromatherapy Natural Products
The Apothecary has been manufacturing natural products for over 21 years. We sell quality hand made aromatherapy products in medicinal,toiletries, perfumes and skin care ranges. Apart from details on essential oils we also give advice on how complementary medicine can help them with day to day ailments.

Soul Choosing Its New Life by Ed Parkinson

Inspirational Spiritual Art

Choose from a variety of inspirational spiritual writing to read or spiritual art to give as a thoughtful gift from which you and your friends can gain insights and wisdom as you enjoy the detailed work of award winning spiritual artist Ed Parkinson.Ed P - Spiritual Art

Holistic Health – Garden Route & Klein Karoo ( South Africa ) attempts to incorporate all holistic health practitioners and provide information about discovering and exploring all aspects of living a vibrant, healthy life with integrity of body and harmony of mind. The site provides an online shopping facility, information on practitioners, retreats & spas, exercise facilities, readings, health tips and a lot more.

Go An Ah Meditate
to encourage and nurture physical and spiritual healing and provide all the necessary tools to get started.

DiscoverTarot Cards
A resource of Tarot card meanings, layouts and tips that make reading Tarot cards fun. From general how-to instructions to advanced Tarot tools, it's THE place for learning more about the Tarot.

This site is fascinating because of the Divine Miss L's quality knowledge and instruction. You are encouraged to learn how to use the Tarot cards at your own pace and Miss L has a blog to keep you abreast of updates.

The Power of Kundalini
True and factual information on kundalini power and seven chakras based on the web site creator's years of study and effective methods to harness this enormous energy hidden inside YOU without danger.

Erectile Dysfuncton and Treatments
Low energy can result in different things for each of us. Check ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION AND TREATMENTS, the No.1 site for erectile dysfunction, fixing erectile dysfunction and erectile dysfunction treatment. All treatments reviewed and ranked and ready for you!

Empowering Your Life Through Spiritual Oneness

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