he commended links with brief descriptions that put the power in your hands on whatever level you wish to use the medium or healer within you. What works best for you?

Delphi University of Spiritual Studies

I first attended Delphi in 2006 after a series of physical experiences. Even though I learned about the school several years before, those physical experiences brought me to their doorstep from the British Virgin Islands, mind you, not from New York where I lived at the time. This is the place where I acquired more knowledge to help myself and to assist others.

At the name implies, this site provides information to empower the individual making one the initiator.

American Society of Dowsers
I attended my first and only convention at Danville, Vermont in 1992 after returning from the UK where I attended a Crop Circle conference. Experienced dowsers came from all over, willing to share their abilities.

Though the field has basic skills and dowsers use the abilities for basic things such as, searching which could range from water to people as an example, each one developed them differently.

Take a look at the subjects on the web site to get an idea. It has a plethora of books that address various methods of dowsing and its applications. The Journal is something to treasure because of the growing body of work from experienced dowsers.

The Toronto Dowsers
I was a member of this organization for a few years. Their monthly newsletter is always packed with useful information covering subjects that helper-type people look for.

Marilyn Gang, the Head Honcho, sends emails beyond the newsletter that are informative and insightful.

The newsletter is published on the web each month, however, you reap incredible benefits if you join, assisting them in providing this asset.
The editor's slogan is "The Freedom of Knowledge, the Power of Thought." When I print some of the articles, I pass them on to others who may never have heard of this site. is all about taking responsibility and maintaining our freedom.

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Fur Baby Lounge

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Gifts from Spirit Discernment

Gifts from Spirit Prophesy

Gifts from Spirit blank note cards coming soon!

Doesn't the dormouse in the heather appear to be smiling? I found out from the Comedy Wild Life Photography Awards web site that Mr. Andrea Zampatti is the photographer.  Please visit his website for more fascinating images that he was in the right place at the right time to capture.


When time permits, I intend to hold drawings to create 

  • an intuitive visionary healing tape, or
  • a soul life reading, or
  • an energy reading 

for the winners whose names are drawn for each. To enter, your name and email address will be required. It will be added to a mailing list to receive updates about In-Vesica. In-Vesica will post the art work on this web site and in other publications.  

Services explains what is involved in creating these helpful tools. The images will be displayed at In-Vesica and the In-Vesica Art Gallery.

Of course, I collect your email and, thereafter, you will receive periodic updates on In-Vesica - spiritual development; health coaching; energetic healing; art and design, when projects will be launched, and what I eat (I'm kidding!). 

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Happy Puppy

by Allison L. Williams Hill 

"I bring you boundless joy." 

Cloudscape blank note cards coming soon.

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Japanese Stone Statues


Article: What is Psychological Design?

Article: Peace Be Your Sanctuary

Energetic Healing




66 Hobby and Craft Niche Ideas

Serious Article Writer's Guide 

Website Reports

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is the awareness of knowing that you are dreaming and the ability to function in the dream.  Dreams can be used to solve problems and enjoy realities other than the ones we are in beta. Learn how to have active, engaging dreams.

Power of Breathing

  • Become happier. 
  • Boost your mental skills. 
  • Eliminate tension. 
  • Sleep better.

... All just by changing your breathing.

Change you breathing.

Change your life.

The 5 Secret Rituals

A retired British army colonel experienced this process in the 1930's in a remote Tibetan monastery in the Himalayan mountains.

He brought this information to the West and held workshops to help other people.  Daily physical movement will help a body experience positive changes.

Using The 5 Secret Rituals everyday may help your body in ways you thought might not have been possible.

The Quantum Cookbook

Learn how to manifest! manifest! manifest! using the techniques offered in this cookbook. As with all books of creation, you can create your own "recipes."

Message from Advarti

Advarti is an extraterrestrial, a member of a group called The Ring. They are beings who are interested in Earth's and its people's progress.