Color Healing

The Violet Transmuting Flame

ne of the great color healing tools available is the Violet Transmuting Flame, a gift from Spirit brought through by Ascended Master St. Germain of the Seventh Ray. It has the ability to cleanse, raise vibration and empower. This energy transmutes miscreations. It is the h'oponopono of the energy spectrum. More information on color healing will be provided soon. 

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The Gnosis and the Law has great information on the Violet Flame from which I quote:

"When it is called to action by 'invocation' and starts manifesting itself, it accelerates the vibratory action of the electrons which make up the atoms which compose the four lower vehicles of the individual. As this acceleration takes place, the cells and atoms automatically throw off the effluvia consciously or unconsciously gathered through the ages. As they dislodge themselves, fall into the Sacred Fire, where, purified, are returned to the individual with the required specific God quality. The time required for the transmutation depends upon the amount of effluvia, the faith with which the effort is done, and the perseverance of the individual.

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"But for the accomplishment of this, it is more than necessary that the feeling and mental world of the individual should fully cooperate in the performance. This performance is one of mercy, compassion, and forgiveness, and the Violet Flame dissolves imperfect energy, when it is accomplished with the actual feeling of Forgiveness for your own mistakes and those of others.

When we do not forgive, we should not ask or expect to be forgiven. Forgiveness is the great alchemy through which we can draw the blessing of the Sacred Fire not only on us but on all mankind." (p. 372)

The invocation could be as simple as:

"I AM in me Presence calls for the Violet Transmuting Flame to blaze through me and transmute all of my miscreations. I ask Forgiveness for all of my mistakes, I Forgive those who have miscreated towards me. In Gratitude, thank you. God Bless.

The Violet Transmuting Flame is Light energy. I visualize a flame that is a light violet color. As fire changes in its activity, so does the color of the Flame. I visualize it changing through violet hues into a bright violet white. It can be used for various things.

The Cosmic Beings and the Violet Transmuting Flame

The Cosmic Beings listed in the invocation are under whose direction the Violet Transmuting Flame comes.

Quality and Use Ascended Masters
Healing Helios, Jesus, Mary, Leto, Diana, Vista, Kuan Yin
Opulence (Freedom from Limitation) The Maha Chohan, Surya, Jupiter, Fortuna, Saint Germain
Illumination God Meru, Archangel Jophiel, Kuthumi, Minerva, and the Elder Brothers and sisters of the Second Ray
Love Lord Buddha (the former Lord Maitreya), Nada, John the Beloved, Charity, Chamuel, Paul the Venetian
Power Hercules, Archangel Michael, Morya
Peace The Elohim of Peace, Jesus, Maha Chohan, Surya
Opening of Inner Light of Hearing Vista, Crystal, Kuthumi

(From the Gnosis and the Law, 1972)  

Violet Transmuting Flame Invocation

A sample decree in The Gnosis and the Law is:

"Mighty God Presence of God, 'I AM' in me and in all mankind; Mighty Arcturus and Holy Diana, Beloved Archangel Zadkiel and Divine Amethyst, Beloved Saint Germain and Divine Portia, Holy Kuan Yin and Ascended Lady Master Mercedes, and all Great Beings and Powers, and Legions of Light; the Angelic Host and all activities of the Sacred Fire: In the name and by the Power of the Sacred Fire vested in me, I decree:

Blaze the Victorious Violet Fire of Freedom's Love through all destructive Karma bearing my stamp in the Universe, before it presents itself on me for redemption. Close it on it all and transmute! transmute! transmute all cause, effect, record and memory, before it can act, approach or longer be sustained. Replace it by the Ascended Masters self-luminous intelligent substance of Light, eternally sustained and ever expanding to the complete fulfillment of God's Great Divine Plan." (p. 372)

I read the invocation into a recorder. Rhythmic use of the color healing invocation will achieve its purpose. You will know when this happens.

Violet Transmuting Flame Meditation Before Retiring

In The Gnosis and the Law, Saint Germain suggested the following night exercise before retiring:

"...stand in your room and calling the Violet Transmuting Flame into action, up, through, and around you for at least nine feet in every direction. You raise your hands to your 'I AM' Presence, asking It and Saint Germain to qualify those hands with the Purifying Power of the Violet Transmuting Flame---.

"Then starting at the head, pass you hands down over your body to the feet taking in as much of the body surface you can reach with your hands." Using the left or right hand sweep the opposite shoulder, arm and hand, repeating the entire process three times. Shake your hands to remove the removed substance into the Violet Transmuting Flame.

This exercise will lighten your astral substance and allow purification. (p. 378)  


The h'oponopono, Hawaiian for "to make right" prayer, has five simple lines: I love you; I am sorry; please forgive me; thank you, God bless.

I heard of the phrase from Joe Vitale and his work with Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, documented in Mr. Vitale's book Zero Limits.

H'oponopono is not limited to color energy. It is an expression in thought and feeling. In this we take responsibility for all acts, whether we consciously created them or not. I think this is best applied when spoken softly. See  Sound for more on this prayer.

If it showed up in your movie, you, the Observer, are responsible. In physics, it has been proven that the Observer can influence a situation. In the book The Disappearance of the Universe we learn that we are Observers viewing our very own creation, our movie. Within it, people enter stage in starring, cameo, or uncredited roles manifesting our inner creations.

Some of us like or need to see a movie several times in order to fully understand or embrace its meaning. Such is life: the appearance of a person, a situation, or event occurs repeatedly until one fully understands and resolves not to need that to appear in the movie again.

The Violet Transmuting Flame and h'oponopono together can change a person and accelerate him or her towards the goal which is ascension. We have the responsibility and the tools to change our energy, or our energetic frequency. En route we become the best Spirits experiencing human existences. 





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The above meditation mandala will be available soon.

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