From The Hidden Side of Things- “By Our Habits – Food” by CW Leadbeater  and How to Create Healthy Meals

The food which we eat is taken into the body and we actually make it part of ourselves, so it is clearly evident that the magnetism with which it is charged is a matter of great moment to us. Both its physical and its magnetic purity are important, yet some people neglect one and some the other. In India, for example, great weight is attached to magnetic purity, and a man will not eat food which has been subjected to the magnetism of some one of lower caste. On the other hand he is much less careful than we are in the West as to the physical cleanliness of the preparations, forgetting that nothing which is physically dirty can ever be magnetically pure. We are usually particular as to the physical cleanliness, but we never think of the question of magnetic purity. 

A Food-Scape! YAY!

Food and Magnetism

The fact which most seriously affects the magnetism of food is that it is touched so much by the hands of the cook in the course of its preparation. Now the special magnetism of a person flows out most strongly through the hands, and consequently food which is touched by the hands cannot but be highly charged with that magnetism. This is specially true in the case of pastry and bread, which are kneaded by hand in countries which are too backward to have learnt the use of machinery for these purposes. All food made in that way would be absolutely unfit to be eaten at all, were it not for the fact that fortunately the action of fire in the baking or the cooking removes the traces of most kinds of physical magnetism. Still it is eminently desirable that the cook should touch the food as little as possible, and so ladles and spoons, which can readily be demagnetised, should always be used in cooking and serving everything; and they should be kept rigorously clean. 

In order to prevent any avoidable mixture of magnetism many an occult student insists upon always using his own private cup and spoon. Madame Blavatsky strongly advised this, and said that when it could not be done the cup and the spoon that were used should be demagnetised before each meal. The ordinary man pays no attention whatever to matters such as these, but the student of occultism who is trying to enter upon the Path must be more careful. It is possible to demagnetise food by a firm effort of the will, and with a little practice a mere wave of the hand coupled with a strong thought will do the thing almost instantaneously. But it must be remembered that demagnetisation removes neither physical dirt nor its astral counterpart, though it may take away other astral influence; and therefore every precaution must be taken to see that cleanliness is perfect in all culinary arrangements. 

What Food Absorbs is Given to the Body

Food also absorbs the magnetism of those who are in close proximity to us when we are eating. It is for that reason that in India a man prefers to eat alone, and must not be seen eating by one of lower caste. The mixture which arises from eating in public amidst a crowd of strangers, as in a restaurant, is always undesirable, and should be avoided as much as possible. The magnetism of one' s own family is usually more sympathetic, and at any rate one is accustomed to it, so that it is much less likely to be harmful than the sudden introduction of a combination of entirely strange vibrations, many of which are most likely quite out of harmony with our own.

Internal Energy of Food

There are, however, always two kinds of magnetism in every article of food-- the internal and the external-- the former belonging to its own character, the latter impressed upon it from without. The magnetism of the merchant who sells it and of the cook are both of the latter kind, and can therefore be removed by the action of the fire; but the magnetism which is inherent in it is not at all affected by that action. No amount of cooking of dead flesh, for example, can take away from it its inherently objectionable character, nor all the feelings of pain and horror and hatred with which it is saturated. No person who can see that magnetism and the vibrations which it sets up can possibly eat meat.

Is the Standard American Diet (SAD) Bad for Your Health?

by Sarah Aitken 

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(NaturalNews) Extreme is a good way to describe the diet that most people in America subsist on.  Many people wouldn't look at the standard American diet, and call it extreme; many would just call it normal.  But if you look at the diet close-up, we can see that it is pretty extreme, and certainly not healthy.

The Standard American Diet usually consists of a myriad of processed carbs (cereals, breads, pasta, cookies, cakes etc.), processed meat products, and a few fruits and veggies. What you eat is the foundation of your health – so what is in this diet?

This diet is high in many things, most of which your body doesn't really need.  It is full of hydrogenated oil, high fructose corn syrup, phytic acid, acrylamide, sodium nitrate, monosodium glutamate (MSG) and lacking in basic essentials such as vitamins, minerals.

Hydrogenated oil causes a host of problems.  It contributes to cancer, heart disease and obesity.  A recent study showed that monkey fed these oils gained a significant amount of fat around the abdomen, even though they were not fed in such excess as to warrant fat gain.  This is bad!  Fat gain without consuming extra calories, and around the worst place on the body to gain it too, is one of the worst things for your health.  We also know that trans fat boosts women's infertility by 70%, if you consume it for 2% of your total calories.  For someone on a 2000 calories a day diet, that is only about 4 grams of fat.  And 4 grams of fat is not a lot!  You could get that much in one donut, or a small serving of fries.

High Fructose Corn Syrup

High fructose corn syrup raises blood sugar levels quickly.  There are links to the consumption of high fructose corn syrup to type II diabetes and heart disease.  It provides no nutritional value, and is the ubiquitous sweetener for foods that are known as "empty calories."

Phytic acid has been proven to be an "anti-nutrient."  It is in all grains, nuts and seeds that have not been soaked and dried first.  If you are eating boxes of food that are grain based, not only are you eating something that has no nutrition, you are also eating something that will readily take nutrients from you.

Acrylamide C3H5NO 

 If you eat anything with carbohydrates heated to a high temperature, you are eating acrylamide. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has stated that possible short-term effects of ingesting acrylamide are damage to the nervous system, weakness and incoordination in the legs.  The possible long-term effects are damage to the nervous system, paralysis, and cancer.  Acrylamide in fried or baked goods is produced by the reaction between asparagine and reducing sugars or reactive carbonyls.  Browning during baking, frying or deep-frying or over-cooking of foods will produce acrylamides. Acrylamides can also be created during microwaving.

Sodium Nitrate NaNO2 

Consumption of processed meats has been linked to cancer (colon, breast, prostate and pancreas).  The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for sodium nitrate states that ingestion in the pure form could cause gastroenteritis and abdominal pains. Other symptoms may include dizziness, bloody diarrhea, convulsions, and collapse; and chronic exposure can cause methemoglobinemia.  This happens in some individuals when bacteria in the stomach convert the nitrate to nitrite.  Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, irregular breathing, convulsions, coma, and death can occur should this conversion take place.  If you truly don't want to give up your bacon, salami or whatever there is a way to fight the harm that sodium nitrate can inflict on your body.  You have to consume large doses of vitamins C and E before you eat something with sodium nitrate in it.  These wonderful vitamins inhibit the conversion of sodium nitrate to the carcinogenic form, nitrosamines.  

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is in a class of chemicals known as excitotoxins.  Excitotoxins, like MSG, introduced to the body in high doses have been shown in animal studies to cause damage to areas of the brain unprotected by the blood-brain barrier.  A variety of chronic diseases can arise out of this neurotoxicity.  In other animal research, MSG has been shown to indirectly cause obesity.  According to laboratory studies, the chemical does this by downregulating hypothalamic appetite suppression which increases the amount of food animals consume.  This is another universal ingredient and can be found under names such as hydrolyzed yeast, torula yeast and autolyzed yeast.

Unfortunately, the Standard American Diet is full of packaged foods.  Most packaged foods have virtually no nutritional value!  They are pretty packages housing calories.  If this is all you eat, then you are on the fast track to being overfed, and under nourished.  I know that we are told that we should be eating lots of grain products.  Eat up.  But a diet recommendation like that is ignoring the true science out there telling us that insulin spikes, phytic acid, acrylamide and the negative immune system responses we get from eating cooked food doesn't mean a thing.  We don't fully understand what happens in the body with all these extras - the synergistic effects are simply not known.  Eating a diet rich in refined carbohydrates and processed meat products is a sure fire way to walk the path of disease. 

There are real health advocates that teach the right way to eat.  Avoiding all those unwanted extras most people get by eating the Standard American Diet takes a little drive but it is worth it.  Reduce or eliminate refined carbs and go for whole, sprouted grains instead; and use them sparingly.  Or replace those carbohydrates with amaranth, buckwheat, millet or quinoa.  Chose raw fats - found in extra virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil or the fats found in raw avocados.  The food you eat should be colourful and vibrant!  Most people do not get the recommended number of fruits and vegetables in their diet; don't be one of those people.  Recent studies show that if we eat broccoli and tomatoes together, the health benefits are amplified.  You get more results eating these foods together than if you ate them in isolation – so go for a lot of colour on your plate.  For a detailed look at what it truly takes to make a healthy diet check out Mike Adams' Honest food guide.  Leave "SAD" behind, and build a foundation of health and happiness!

About the Author

Sarah Aitken is a Chemical and Materials Engineer by education. Through years of focused self-study, she has come to see the benefit of whole food nutrition and allowing the body to heal itself. A Field Center Certified Facilitator, Sarah is passionate about being helpful to others, in any venue, in their quest for a better life.
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How to Create Healthy Meals

What You Grew Up Knowing

any of you may remember meals that your mothers, fathers, or guardians prepared when you were growing up.  They may have been meals that were passed to your parents from their parents, and so on.  Most often, those meals were connected to memories and to emotions.  Some recipes may be associated with good memories while others may not. For my health coach practice, this kind of information helps to inform how your health may be shaped by these meals and the foods used to create them.

More new information about food and the effects they have on the human body comes daily.  What was known during the 1950s may not be accurate today.  What was revealed during the 1980s may not be accurate in this 21st century.  Science builds on the information through deletion and revision.  

Science maintains that the building blocks of life are amino acids.  And together with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes constitute the essential components of sustaining a healthy human body.  

If the meals you remember when you were young were healthy, life-supporting, worked for you, and made you feel good, consider keeping them.  If they tipped the scales towards higher fats, there may be way to re-engineer the recipe to make them healthier.  

Food Alkalinity

Alkalinity is determined by the quantity of minerals in the blood.  The measure is identified with the symbol pH, referring to a logarithmic relationship based on the hydrogen ion in solution on a unit scale of measure between 0 and 14.  The more hydrogen ions in a measured amount of fluid, the more acidic the compound.  The less hydrogen ions present , the more alkaline or basic the compound.  Our bodies continually work to maintain as close to a pH of 7 as much as possible; the pH for optimum health is 7.365.

Humans produce acid in the body with foods that decrease pH such as

a.      Processed products

b.      Animal protein

c.      Dairy

d.      Artificial sweeteners

e.      Natural sweeteners like honey

f.       Alcohol

g.      Carbonated beverages (sodas)

h.      Fruits, because of the sugars

i.       Some grains, and

j.       Ocean fish.

Other habits that decrease pH are:

1.      Smoking;

2.      Drinking;

3.      Eating animal protein;

4.      Using drugs- pharmaceutical and recreational;

5.      Poor environment – pesticides, etc.

6.      Lack of adequate sleep, and

7.      Stress.


You CAN improve the level of alkalinity in the body by

1.      getting rest,

2.      Refraining from drug use;

3.      Eliminating or limiting smoking and drinking, and

4.      drinking quality water, with nothing else in it.

If there are insufficient minerals the body will get them from somewhere in order to sustain itself.  The body maintains a small buffer store that reduces the amount of acids consumed and created.  It needs to be replenished daily.  If it is not, the body will draw upon other systems that contain minerals like the bones if the body needs calcium in the blood.  Osteoporosis is a symptom of that depletion created to sustain another system.

Blood Type

There are four different blood types that have developed over the time humans existed.  They changed as humans eating habits changed.  O blood type or “oldest,” A or “agricultural,” B or ”xxx” and AB, or “abstract”.  According to Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s work pioneered by his father, Dr. James D’Adamo, each blood type should only be nurtured by specific types of foods because of each blood type’s composition.  

O was the first blood type reaching back to prehistoric days.  Foods that should not be consumed by O type people include corn, oranges, and cantaloupe, the first two are in most of what we consume today!  

“Agglutination” is the property of an antigen to accumulate antibodies that threaten the health of the organism.  Each blood type has a specific antigen for this purpose that recognizes specific foods as good and others as bad. What is good for O is not necessarily good for AB.    

As far as requiring scientific proof, if the information about what one consumes and the effects on the carrier of the life force, or blood, still makes one request more information, it comes to mind that those adults want to be directed, like small children.  Consider that after comprehending the information and applying by, for example, eliminating a food for a short period of time and observing what occurs in one’s body, those experiences may be all one needs for verification.

The Five Elements Theory

The 5 Element Theory is based on oriental medicine on the connections between the physiology and pathology of the body and the natural environment.   The complex links of what occurs within the body as well as outside of it and in and with the natural environment were organized into a system of relationships that can inform a user about how to maintain a balance of mind and body.

The five elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Each element represents different organs and supports and regulates another element. The elements relate to each other and regulate energy for each other to maintain the body’s total balance.  

Water nourishes Wood Wood fuels Fire
Fire makes Earth (ashes) Earth absorbs Water
Water extinguishes Fire Fire melts or tempers Metal
Wood contains Earth Earth yields Metal
Metal cuts and shapes Wood Metal produces Water (e.g. condensation)

Food Rotation

Rotation is important to ensure that the body does not develop adverse reactions to foods. Food allergies and conditions can develop from overconsumption within 4 days.  The immune system attacks a substance to protect the body if the substance is detected more than once in 4 days.  The more times the substance shows up, the immune system recognizes it as an enemy. 

Agribusiness transports produce from different parts of the world that have an “on” growing season to places where the growing seasons are “off.”  In other words, areas of the world experiencing winter can now have their summer produce grown and transported from other places.  It is a convenience of the modern world to have your fruits and vegetables all year round.  However, Nature’s cycles, the suspension of some food availability and enabling availability of others, occur for a reason. The problems from eating foods too frequently become apparent when these cycles are eliminated.      

 A select group of foods exist in most processed foods: dairy; caffeine, and wheat; corn, and sugar which are cheap to produce.  Sugar has been substituted with other products like high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) which is derived from corn.  It costs less to produce than sugar and because it enables the body to turn off the appestat, a biological mechanism that tells you when you have consumed enough, people who eat foods and beverages with HFCS keep eating.  This is a great thing for food manufacturers: you, the consumer, keep buying more food and spending more money.

Your body reacts to foods that come into your system several times within a four day period.  In some cases, two consumptions within a four day period may be acceptable creating little to no reaction.  More than that, the body may react with any number of noticeable sensitivities such as excessive mucus production; headaches; memory loss; unusual behavior for that person; itching; joint pain, or fatigue.  

Suggestions (Finally!)

1.      Expand your food choices. According to the National Academy of Sciences, there are over 10,000 edible plants available.  One hundred fifty have been commercially cultivated.  There are many that are cultural staples.  A major issue is the small number of the crops appearing in the enormous number of processed food products increasing the potential for food allergies and diseases.  Break the cycle and introduce more foods, the fresher the better, into the food plan.   

2.      Include more healthy recipes and meals.  You will soon see that you won’t miss the foods you are replacing.

3.      Create meal blocks with color, taste, texture, and seasonality as criteria for varying your selections based on

a.      blood type.  Use the Blood Type food list and carefully document how you feel in one week. Next use it for two weeks.  Note how you feel when you wake up in the morning.   Note how your energy feels during the day.  Also, think about how your body feels.  Are there joint pains where there are usually? If it works, continue it, or

b.      use the  5 Elements.  It is not as easy as it sounds.  A typical meal may be mostly wood which would provide insight into feelings, thoughts, and behavior, or

c.      both – combining blood type foods and the 5 Elements.  The information assigning foods to either of the groups is limited and ongoing.  




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