Interviews with Extraordinary Healers

Nature II Detail of Spirit and Gestating Body by Allison L. Williams Hill 

As each human has his or her own specific energetic vibration, so do healers. Here are interviews with extraordinary healers. Each one develops tools by which they fulfill the call to assist and support humanity in all the ways those seeking healing appear.

David_John_William_StClair, Coach

Lea Hendrickson Ray, D.Div., MM, CH

Freida Harrell,Ph.D,Rh.D,NCMBT

I met Rev. Raphael Azarius Francisco di Angelo, in this life, in 1990. Over time, we revisited simultaneous lives together. Rev. di Angelo is extraordinary. I have uploaded three edited personal healings I experienced with him. Any interest in contacting Rev. di Angelo will be forwarded.

April 2005 Healing Session
May 2005 Healing Session
June 2005 Healing Session