The Chakras

A medium, psychic, healer works to restore balance. Energy enters the body through the chakras, or energy wheels, into the network of nadis.
The nadis are the etheric counterparts of nerves (meridians in Chinese medicine)located within the etheric layer which is responsible for animating the physical body. The chakras are connected to each other and to portions of the physical-cellular structure by the nadis.

The nadis, the spine, and the brain are key components of energy distribution.
Dysfunction at the level of the chakras and nadis can be associated with pathological changes in the nervous system.2 Illness and disease are a manifestation of unbalanced energy. There are over 70,000 to millions of nadis depending on the source of information. Nadis represent an extensive network of fluid-like energies which parallel the bodily nerves in their abundance interwoven with the physical nervous system.1
Meridians are just beneath the surface of the skin distributing chi energy to organs and tissues.

Grounding energy, vitality and power Adrenal Legs; gonads; anus; colon
Emotional; creativity,sexual potency and immunity Gonads Pelvis, reproductive system
Solar Plexus Yellow Experience assimilation; reason; digestion; goal mainfestation Pancreas Abdominal area; digestive system
Heart Green Soul/heart consciousness; Love expression Thymus Thoracic cavity; heart; ribs; lungs
Ability to verbalize; Self-expression Thyroid Mouth; throat; larynx; para-thyroid; ears
Brow Indigo Visual expansion Pituitary Physical eyes; higher brain centers
Crown Violet Identification with the Infinite; Oneness with the Universe; God source connection Pineal Crown; brain

It is said the chakras used to be convex. Because of the decline of the human race, the shape changed to a concave form. The outer edge of the chakra touches the body's surface.

The first 3 chakras, the lower body, are associated with negative behavior such as lust, self preservation, etc. However, there are positive aspects to them as well.

Number Chakra Archangel
Ascended Master Negative Aspect Positive Aspect
Root Gabriel Purity Serapis Bay Lust, Passion Purity
Sacral Zadkiel Arcturus Saint German Anger, Malice Invocation
Solar Plexus Uriel Peace Nada Greed, Gluttony Peace
Heart Chamuel Orion Rowena Lethargy, Laziness Divine Love
Throat Michael Hercules El Morya Envy, Personal Power Perfection by doing God's Will
Beow Raphael Vista Cyclopea Pride, Intellectual Arrogance Reason
Crown Jophiel Cassiopea Lanto None Connection with God-Self

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