Chakra Energy Channels

he human body has identified chakra energy channels. The chakras draw in energy and distribute it through the channels, or the twelve main meridians associated with different organ systems. Each meridian also has activation points, which are also considered chakras, that can become blocked for various reasons. They can be opened with the use of pressure (acupressure) or acupuncture. 

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Feminine Energy by Allison L. Williams Hill

The front is the receptive feminine (yin) side, our “feeling” side and the back is the outward flowing masculine releasing (yang) side, our “will” side. The 7 main chakras rotate differently depending upon gender and state of health.

The chakras regulate energy and change the quality of the energy to help balance and maintain optimum health, one’s state of awareness, perceptions and relationship to the universe.

The chakras are aligned along the “sushumna”, a chakra energy channel that roughly spans the length of the head and trunk along the spinal column. They connect to the sushumna from both the front and back. 

Gifts from Spirit- Healing by Allison L. Williams Hill

The Nadis Channels

There are 3 main nadis channels in the physical body and aura - the “ida”, the “pingala” and the “sushumna”.

The ida carries energy on the left side of the body also known as the feminine “moon” side, yin energy, the receptive/negatively charged side. This nadi is responsible for the back of the brain. 

The pingala carries energy on the right side of the body also known as the masculine “sun” side, yang energy, the sending/positively charged side. This nadi links to the right side of the brain.

Both "Ida" and "Pingala" nadis, work and interact together, crossing each other's path and finally meeting at the third-eye chakra -- "Agnya." 

Ascension by Allison L. Williams Hill 

The third eye chakra, is the center responsible for the development of our inner vision and intuition, making the link between man, the collective subconscious and the divine conscious. Therefore, both nadis, when meeting at this point, are also accounted for the creation of our notions of past and future on a subconscious level.

The sushumna, the Fire Point or "The Great Nadi" is located in the center of the main, central channel and runs through the spinal column. It is the seat of Spirit energy called “Kundalini”, which when fully able to move freely from the root to the crown chakra, one is said to have achieved Enlightenment. It intercepts both the Ida and Pingala spiral movements. These movements result from a flowing of kundalini and chi energy through the chakras.

Each chakra is attached to the main central channel (sushumna) and is also connected to the ida and pingala that crisscross back and forth along the sushumna crossing at each of the chakra connection points.

Each chakra provides energy to the chakra energy channels, the system of nadi and meridians. Every single organ, gland, muscle, tissue, and cell is supported by this energy. A clogged energy channel deserves as much attention as a clogged artery. 


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