yramids were structural tombs sheathed in white limestone with caps of gold.  They glowed during a full moon as elaborate points of references for travelers and as beams of light projecting the Pharaohs' spirits towards the heavens.  Pyramids have been found around the world.  Ancient Alien theorists posit that the all of them may have been constructed with the assistance of aliens and serve them for navigation purposes. 

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Existing Pyramids Around the World

This page is notes from several resources regarding pyramids.  The information is applied to architecture; healing, and my clothing and object designs.

History of Pyramids

300 BC Pyramid of  Sakaro  “The False Pyramid” architect Imotep to honor Zoser.  Constructed of platforms similar to ziggurats.

Smooth side pyramid first done in 2910 BC.  Great Pyramid, Kufu, began in 2900 or  2800 BC.  Cement was used  between the stone pieces “no thicker than a piece of paper”.

In one of the tombs “was  a writing in a demotic language which at first appears to deal with a legend or story similar to that of Sinbad the Sailor.  Also tells of a mariner who survived a shipwreck and was washed ashore on a land where men of direct wisdom lived.  The inhabitants of that land fled in various direction.”  Majority went to Egypt.

“590 BC- priest of Neith Sais in Egypt gave to Solon, the Athenian, statesman and Laugiver, an extensive account  of Atlantis.  From Solon it passed to  his son, Christias the Elder, then Christias the Younger, who verbally passed  to Plato.  Plato, a European, gave it to the world in his ‘Dialogues’.

Malayan Straits-temples, etc.  Found on the coasts.  Atlantis said to have been at the mouth of Guadalquivir River near Cadiz, Spain.  Capitol: Tapsussus. The Bible mentions Tarshish- founded 5,000 years ago; flourished until 600 BC.

Red Mountain (Arum-Chala) believed a great diety lives in the mountain.  This was the place Shiva descended in fire.  This is why it is considered the center of the world (in India).

(From Notes on Dramatic Prophecies of the Great Pyramid, by Rodolfo Benavides, 1969, printed in Mexico)

The Goddess Within by Allison L. Williams Hill

Notes on Ancient  Magic of the Pyramids, Ken Johnson

Dr. Goneid created the sparkchamber- measures frequencies of cosmic rays traveling through space or matter.  Was used to detect hidden spaces in the pyramid of Khafra. (1)

Results showed unintelligible  (geometrically) and in correct diagrams of the pyramid’s dimensions and shape.

Alfred Watkins 1845-1935. 1810- Began working on leys (coined the word) linking Pagan, Christian sanctuaries and monuments in straight lines. 

Published in 1922 – Early British Trackways,  magnified in The Old Straight Track.

In a line – Monk’s Mound, Mississippi w/ Mystery Hill near North Salem, New Hampshire and to Vermont.  Last 2 sites have inscriptions in stone that is a “peculiar, undeciphered script- appears very similar to Ogham- used by ancient Celts of Ireland and Scotland- possibly by way of Egypt.

Entrance to Pyramid at Giza

Beyond Stonehenge, Gerald S. Hawkins

“Why are precise geometric patterns found in many parts of the earth?”

“Law of Math and music were expressed in geometry of the earth’s surface.”

Watkins believed leys were ”…hallowed pathways used by priests and initiates of the old religion in some long-forgotten ancient rite.” (2) 

Aquastat- underground water course

Guy Underwood, Supernature 1883-1964

Geodetic forces “….might be an undiscovered effect or side effect of some natural phenomenon such as magnetism or gravity.” (3)

Free ranging cows and pigs give birth in “blind springs” – places where primary lines converge and emerge throwing off complex spirals.” (4)
Result: offspring are healthier.

Diving rods- staffs are used by the Egyptian priesthood.  Romulus, Etruscans mapped limits of city with rods.

Moses was sent to the Egyptian priesthood, became patriarch of the Isrealites and carried a staff. The bishop’s crozier- adaptation of pagan divining rod- one of several symbols adapted by Christianity when it took over existing shrines and continued using them as places of worship. Remember the paraphrasing of that begot The Ten Commandments.

Robert Scrutton, naturopath, dowser
Druids did not allow metal objects in their ceremonies.  Theurgic art- Techné – practiced through the use of “various suitable receiving instruments.” (5)

Pneuma was an essence attained by those who possessed Gnossis, or true knowledge of how the microcosm of man and the macrocosm of the universe worked.  It was believed that once the relationship of the mutually reflected aspects of man and the cosmos was understood, it could be influenced and controlled.”  (6)  

The Old Doctrine used the geodetic grid to create energy centers for various purposes.
Koffr-es Samman, rock plateau not yet dowsed - as of 1977.
Pyramids squared circles and cubed the spheres


Great Pyramid designed as a flat projection representing the Northern Hemisphere.

Base to sides ratio 15.7: 14.94 units

Razor blade is elevated to 333 units inside with its edges in east west alignment.

F  - Golden Section 3:4:5 2=v5=3

Greaves (1638)
Jomard (1798)
HT. 481’ w/o capstone
Base: 757.8’ 230.902m
Ht. 499’ w/ capstone
Slope angle: 51°19’ 14”
Base: 693’
Apothem: 202.08 yd
Base is 70’ short
or Slant-height figure 184.722m
perimeter of pyramid – 1/480 of a degree

Sides of pyramids accurately oriented to the 4 cardinal points of the compass. 
A meridian drawn on a map at the longitude of the pyramid cut the Nile Delta into 2 equal segments. (7)
“An arc constructed from their intersection- over the apex of the pyramid- makes the northern coastline from Alexandria in the west T-Pelusium in the east.” (8)
Great Pyramid – half base slope-height =89/55 = 1.61818 close to p
People prefer 1:1½ ratio of 4 sided shape. This is a phi dimension  11:1.61818
Its base length is the distance the earth rotates in ½ second.  24 hrs= 86,000 seconds (9)

My dowsing pendulum made by a brilliant dowser, Greg Storozuk of Colorado, based on the angles of the Pyramid of Giza: 51 degrees, 51 minutes, and 14 seconds.

Alchemy – Al Khem black land founder Hermes  using shadows cast by obelisks at different latitudes at the moment of solstice or equinox, they could have compared the obelisk heights and shadow lengths and computed the polar circumference of the earth…noting the passage of particular stars across fixed points such as the obelisk using this method, their calculations were more accurate than all those determined before the middle of the 19th century.

3rd- 5th dynasties pyramid building (10)

1st Dynasty 63200-2890BC Narmer unified Upper and Lower Egypt, capital- Memphis

2nd Dynasty- c. 28990-2686 BC Khasekhemui strengthened unification after a period of  unrest

3rd Dynasty c. 2686-2613 BC Step Pyramid at Sakkara was built for Pharoah Zoser by the architect Imotep- God of Healing- Asklepios (Greek)

4th Dynasty- c. 2613-2494 BC Bent Pyramid and Red Pyramid (1st true pyramid) at Dahsur for Pharaoh Snofru.

Great Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops) built at Giza

Second Pyramid (also surmised) the Sphinx were built at Giza for Kufu’s son, Khafra (Chehpren)

Third Pyramid at Giza for Menkaura, son of Khafra (Menkaura-Mycerinus)

Other pyramids for descendents of Khufu.
Pyramid of Djedefrie at Abu Roash ND OF Userkaf in Abu Gorob; to the progeny of Menkaura- pyramid Shesekaf (ruined Mastasa) in Sakkara, Sahure and Neferirkare at Abusir.
5th Dynasty C. 2494-2345 BC inscription of earliest known version of The Book of the Dead in tomb of Pharaoh Linas at Sakkara (11)

Great Pyramid ay Khufu- 450’ ht., base is 13 acres; 2,300,000 blocks = 21/2 to 70 tons in weight;  201 tiers
Zoser’s Mastaba grew from 200 sf and 26’ ht. to 358; wide, 471’ long, 300’ ht
Imotep’s Father- Ka-Nefer (100)
2613 BC believed to be time when pyramid technology was good enough to create a “geometrically perfect pyramid structure with smooth faced, sloping sides (12)

Medium base at a steep 70°.  Perfect slope is 43.5°.

389AD – Alexandria Library ransacked by Order of Theodosius

300 years later it was destroyed totally by Caluph Omar during Arab invasion of Egypt.

People with knowledge were exiled, persecuted, tortured.  Hypatia- 5th Century female philosopher was dragged into church in Alexandria, stripped naked and scraped to death with oyster shells on orders of Bishop of Alexandria for teaching philosophy and mathematics. (13)    


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Embrace by Allison L. Williams Hill

Prosperity Pyramid

I found the above online.  I don't remember where, however, I believe it was at a Vastu Shastra site.    Like with a lot of information on the web, it may disappear. This was a remedy to increase prosperity.  Create a pyramid.  there are many patterns in "Images" when you browse "Pyramid." Insert the dollar bill as shown, with the top of the bill at the apex of the pyramid.  There was a long saying that accompanied it.  I suggest you say what  feels comfortable to you. Place it in the area associated with what you follow. In feng shui, the corner for prosperity is at the far left corner in relation to the entrance. 

I made other pyramids but glued crystals within them and placed them where they would enhance the spaces for my husband and me. 

Form for pyramid from Educate-Yourself.Org.

Copy the form above and enlarge it to its maximum on 11"x17" paper.  Place on light weight board paper, scoring the dotted lines so they bend only.  Glue at the tabs.  Leave the sides open deep enough from the apex t allow a crisp dollar bill to stand in it.  Place the pyramid in the most auspicious places.  Increase your chances for greater prosperity by making more than one! 


Pyramid Orgone Generator Matrix

Easy Plans for Building Any Size Pyramid That Will Work Like the Great Pyramid of Giza






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