Healing Session 2
with Rev. Raphael Azarius Francisco  di Angelo

his is a healing session, the second of three, facilitated through Raphael Azariel Francisco di Angelo, a spiritist, for Allison L. Williams Hill.

The Meeting by Allison L. Williams Hill

Raphael's Soul Portrait by Allison L. Williams Hill

RA: Today is May first in the year 2005. This is a healing session between God, Holy Spirit, Spirit and Allison “L5” Williams.

As I relax the most dominant figure I can barely even see you for the image of Hermes. Very, very strongly next to you but also over you; in fact, he seems to be in almost every position around you.

AW: Before we started, I was here. And it within a couple of minutes before calling you, I said, “Oh, the Hermes.” And I said, “Father, I should have thought about you sooner. He said, But, you shouldn’t have. ”

RA: Well, it’s very interesting what I am hearing. Do with it what you will. I am hearing that Hermes is requesting you marry him. Obvious…

AW: Hey, this is interesting. And remember I told you that the sensations with this particular energy felt sexual?

RA: Yes.

AW: It’s gone on for a while. And partly I was denying it. This shouldn’t be happening. I am an aspect of this being. I’m supposedly his daughter. But there was a wonderful…when I was told I was or got the sensation that I wasn’t supposed to be thinking about him before, had the most wonderful hug.

The Hermes' Temple, by Allison L. Williams Hill

RA: Um, hmm. And of course, this is not a marriage of the Earth plane. This is a marriage of your Spirit that you are ready to begin to integrate Hermes into you and accept that part of you that is greater and vaster than you have ever even dared to imagine. But he will guide you in how to set up the ritual and the ceremony.

There is absolutely no shame in the sexual aspects. In fact, ultimately it will become very healing because you must realize, daughter in this lifetime, even though you have been his physical daughter, daughter in this lifetime is not the same terminology.

It is an acknowledgment of the past and but also of a …it started with the words “teacher, student relationship” then I heard the word ”symbiotic relationship” and then there was something else. It didn’t quite form into words but it felt like integrating colors. But there is a very good lesson in this because most human beings tend to judge the metaphysical and the spiritual based upon their earthly standards and the Father/Daughter relationship in spirit may have absolutely nothing to do with biology.

Also remember all sexual feelings are sexual centers are also creativity centers. And part of what you are feeling when you are feeling these sexual feelings is creative life force. He’s asking that you begin studying the Great Pyramid and as you do so be sure to make notes about what you think is right or wrong about what people have written and deduced. You have a great deal of knowledge of the Great Pyramid.

He is also asking me to share with you –this woman Judy Humphreys. She talks of the Great Pyramid being something like 10,000 years old. She’s actually slept in sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. I’ve now spoken to several people who have done that. Usually, what you do is pay the guards a little bit extra and they let you in during lunch hour when there are no tourists. And then you can climb in and lay within the sarcophagus.

I’m telling you this because you this because you will be going to Egypt. It is going to be a completely life altering event. It’s also going to be a lot of fun. I believe you will be going with Clem an you will see enormous changes in him after this trip. And there is no problem even if you suggest this trip but don’t expect his to embrace this immediately.

But it’s certainly a place to go and you can harp on your architectural tendencies in order to encourage him to go there but also the fact that these ancient monuments won’t last forever.

Why not see them before they completely fall apart? It’s important to understand that the marriage to Hermes, and you will be getting either a pendant or a ring, you will get something. Whether you have to buy it yourself or you will be guided to it and it will be given to you. But you will be getting something that will symbolize this marriage. As I said that I kept seeing a golden ring that looked like an ankh. It’s a nice piece, I think it’s real gold. Again, it may be a pendant. The ring and the pendant resonate seem to most strongly.  

It is very important to the understanding that this is a marriage to your Higher Self and higher aspects of Self; it’s a marriage to your Spiritual Self, it’s also a marriage to your Extraterrestrial Self. It’s going to bring a lot of different elements… and oddly enough, he feels very strongly that by wedding Hermes, by wedding him, it will assist in your own marriage as well. But you will also find, and maybe not right away, a great amplification in your gifts coming as a result of this.

Fragmentation takes a great deal of energy and so when we begin to bring ourselves together, we increase the availability of energy sources.

All of this change that is taking place is connected to your illness, to your operation. You took a great deal of negativity and inflexibility and a lot of aspects of your character that were not beneficial for you.

Do I need to do that? - Now I’m being touched by Archangel Michael. I don’t know that I’ve ever felt this before and I don’t know that he's ever been this close to your energy before but there is a very strong sense that Archangel Michael wanting you to get representations, even if you make them yourself, of Archangel Michael. You can ask Arch. Michael to guide you in this. This is very much about you defeating your demons, very much about being aware that you are not alone, and that you are protected. There is some very strong relationship here between Hermes and Archangel Michael, two very, very different vibrations and yet of a similar stature and evolution. When we first began, Hermes asked me to call in the Angels.

I am being asked to call Archangel Michael in to stand behind and at the head of Allison Williams. Archangel Michael appear at Allison Williams head and open and spread your wings and place your hands on either side of her heads. Allowing your thumbs to fall just to either side of the center of her forehead.

AW: Around my third eye...

RA: Yes, but not overlapping it. The other four fingers are spread wide…and the enlightened being Hermes and I call for the Archangel Raphael. Raphael, and Archangel Michael and all the other angels who will attend this healing, please be with me and with Allison.

RA: The presence of the Light of the Divine Feminine in the form of the Holy Mother is appearing in several different places. One is overlaying and integrating with your body. But there are at least three, possibly four, maybe as many as six images around you. Each gentle and loving, all of their energies connecting both within you and around you. It’s like a sphere that is held together with spokes of energy. And as I said that, the energy began to glow a blue-white silver light and each of the images began to move.

(Rev. Raphael Francisco Azarius di Angelo is toning.) 

RA: Hermes himself is stepping forth now. The strongest image is walking towards you from before you. There are at least 6 or 7 other images coming from different directions towards you. Keep breathing deeply and one by one these energies will merge with you.

This is not the marriage itself but the beginning thereof. In order to marry an energy you must formulate, in cooperation with guidance, a ritual of your own. The ritual is less important than the intention and the commitment. After each Hermes image enters your body, a different Goddess image enters your body in order to keep the masculine and feminine balanced and to represent all the different aspects of self that are coming into integration and wholeness.

There are thousands upon thousands of angels, those that can’t actually lay hands on your body are laying hands on the hands. It’s almost as if you are enclosed to the point of not being visible.

So many angels touching you and sending energy into your body. I don’t know if you can hear that, but every time I talk about the angels, a static comes into the phone line.

There are a number of things going on in it. A lot of blue, white, dark blue and lighter blue energies. You look like a blue tourmaline-is considered very close to the Goddess energy. Many people call it the “Blue Lady”. It often looks black and when you hold it to the like it’s actually blue. It’s usually very dark in color, very special stone, mineral. So many levels of blue, and there’s something happening with the Hermes energy. It keeps going from images of the Great Pyramid within you; sometimes big enough to enclose you, sometimes only within you to these statues I know is Hermes but I can’t describe them, all seated.

And I’m seeing very strong flash images of different civilizations different times. They are harmonizing the flow of past lives, past life information. I heard the words “Prepare and breathe” and allow the Spirit of God or what is called the Holy Spirit to descend upon you. This is true union and true anointing. The vibrations are being highly accelerated at this moment for there are levels of healing work that can only be done at an advanced vibratory rate.

Something is coming up with your job very soon and I can’t tell if you are going to leave or if they are going to fire you. But they are saying do not be upset and do not be distraught. All will be handled, all will be clear. It is definitely an open door; this could take as much as three months. But if you are still in this job during the fall, I’ll be very surprised. And it may be you’re gonna hate it more than you used to. It’s also the first time in a very long time you’re gonna see this is holding you back realizing that somewhere in the private sector you could do more work, get more done. But that’s an opportunity that will present itself to you. But you don’t have to do anything about this. No decision to be made. Keep moving forward. It is a byproduct of the healing taking place.

The descending of the Spirit of the Divine is getting stronger. They are focusing Divine Heart Light within the heart area. This may not be completely comfortable at first. You can work with this just by breathing and relaxing and asking the Divine to open your heart.

Start recording your conversations with other species. They’re showed me a lot of nature images and you sitting with bushes, flowers, and plants and trees and having conversations. Write them out, record them, do something. A lot of training is going to happen. When you have to do projects in your government job, listen to the land. Listen to the Spirit of the Land. It will tell you more about what needs to be done. The Islands are very special but they have been ignored for centuries. I think I said this before, they are actually mountaintops from a previous continent and many discoveries will be made in time. You will be hearing about them, I’m not sure how many years you have on those islands.

There are these great golden hands, they are the length of your body. They seem to be coming from every direction. They get close and then fuse you with the light and they begin to move away and come back in another position and fuse you with more light. Seems to have a red-gold coloring to it. But they’re different: one just did a blue-gold, another did a yellow-gold. Did I hear you correctly?

They are asking me if you want to ask any questions right now? Very unusual for a healing. Don’t think. Allow.

AW: Things that come into mind- how long and take- how long does this take? I also thought of my grandmother who said there is too much structure around my heart. Who, why, what, when? Where?

Often thought about where the ocean floor is in relation to where we are existing now that Kilimanjaro- where only our highest point is 1700. Receiving images of civilizations that have lived Looking up at where I am now and wondering how to get there.

RA: Turn as much of this into art as you can. When the images come too quickly, too swiftly, overwhelming record them in some way keep files so that it is something you can refer back to . there is some much that will come from all of this.

AW: The Reconnection- bleeding from his hands. Have severe illness, wrapped up in sheets for days. Is this like that? Is this the turning point for me?

RA: Yes. First of all, please understand everyone has more than one turning point. We don’t always recognize them.

AW: I’m thinking of the coconut on the head as well. 

RA: Yes.

AW: Are there are more trials?

RA: There will always be more. Whether they become trials or not will depend on your relationship to them. And that will begin to change. You have always tried to be the Supreme Optimist while you heart was heavy. You are actually going to come to a place now where optimism will not have to be imposed. It will be an integration of your true values and an understanding that these are lessons and evolutions. Let every disharmony lead to greater harmony if you are willing to let go.

AW: Greater understanding and less denial.

RA: Yes. Embrace the journey.

AW: Is the Ring here?

RA: Yes. There is a huge transition taking place. For as the heart opens up… and there is your grandmother, very gently, taking one of her thumbs, just keeps rubbing it over the heart. And as she does, she peels away darkness and more and more golden light shows. And just very gently rubs it over your heart and each time another layer of sadness comes out. But it means we begin to feel the realities of the connections. but this is also a huge transition for you from focusing on fear, from focusing on paranoia, from focusing on the negative to understanding the love in the Universe is so overpowering that what appears to be negative comes from Love.

God so loved the world that He gave it his only begotten Son. That whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish. This is not a reference to a person. Outside of us but reference to a person that is within us. Something we have forgotten to be for some reason.

But there will be many moments where this Love, where the whole universe is constantly radiating out to all of us will be felt so clearly that even the conspiracies and the negativity all the injustice will be permeated by it. You are on the verge of being able to see not only how Love can conquer but how Love created. And even the worse in the universe is born from love because all of it brings us to a higher level of self. The grandest illusion of the darkness is in fact that it is light. The grand illusion of Evil is that it attempts to consume but it in fact is nourishing itself. And nourishment brings one to health. The antithesis of the universe do what they do to bring the learning and the balance back. It’s huge.

I’ve even had moments viewing this healing. I’ve seen so many levels of knowledge and so many levels of purpose, and yet, I think your life in many ways will become simpler, but in your simplicity you will do so much more than you think you’re doing. But the overwhelming feeling that’s been with you your entire life is that you’re not doing enough, you can’t do enough, enough can’t be done. That will pass as you realize that whatever you are doing is accomplishing all of it and that sometimes we are just meant to be a conduit. You don’ have to do everything that you are. You don’ have to do everything that is in you. Some of it is passing through you to enforce others in doing it and some of it you will do, but it’s huge! There were moments I was saying to God, “Can one woman embody all of this?” And he burst out laughing and said, “Well, of course. ” And I went, “Okay.”

But then it would yield just to this love, to this communication, to this place. I saw you in moments …one moment I saw you standing in your office and turning and looking out your window, beginning to shake and cry. But it was like the whole universe was communicating with you. Somebody coming in the office and asking if you were alright, and all you could say to them is “There is so much love!” and yet not fighting, at times coming to the verge of feeling like it’s overwhelming you and surrendering knowing that it’s not possible. Love can’t overwhelm us. Only fear, which blocks the love and intends to create a fight where there is no fight. And just surrendering to it and then, fighting for a while going “I need to hear all these communication” and then your Mind goes, ”I do hear all these communications. I don’t need to be conscious of everything I hear.”

Just trust. It’s an incredible time of integration, an incredible time...

I started to say I wish I could describe all of the images passing through me, but they’re passing through you too and there’s really no importance in identifying everything. But just feel it, sense it. You’re going to be doing a lot more work and they’d like you to, particularly on Sunday evenings, before you’re going to bed , just take a half an hour, an hour, and sit down and ask God to be with you direct whatever. Whether it’s a healing, just ask God, “What should I do now?” And sometimes you‘ll be asked only to be.

Okay, they are asking me to not have you comment on anything. Don’t even say goodnight or goodbye because they are still working with you. They’re going to go on working with you for a while. You could go to bed if you’d like or stay for a little while until you feel ready to but just go ahead and hang up the phone and we will talk again soon and I will get this tape out to you. Don’t say anything, just hang up the phone. Be in silence. 


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