Food Preparation and Creative Caregiving

ood preparation and creative caregiving produced interesting meals for my husband's unique situation.

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Giving my husband foods with high water content has been received with appreciation. I became a wholistic health practitioner after taking, enjoying and successfully satisfying the requirements for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s program.   I enrolled online while we lived in the British Virgin Islands.  I thank Joshua Rosenthal, IIN’s creator, for creating an electronic version; I knew a few years before that when we returned to the states, that I would be in the program, continuing acquiring knowledge on a subject I became interested in forty years ago.  I was thrilled to be able to fulfill attending IIN earlier.

My Beloved in Hope, PA,1993 by Allison L. Williams Hill 

Food's Importance

Food energetics should be considered during and for each season and for all of the foods’ contents.  For example, my husband enjoys fruit.  Mixed fruit salad’s energy is cool and damp.  This is not something that makes him feel good when the temperature is freezing and cold.  However, I could select specific fruits liked dried fruits or prunes that would be more suitable because they are dry and warm.     

Each person is different as developed by family history and life experience, one’s own habits, culture, etc.  That is why, as a health coach, giving Health Histories are extremely important.  Asking a care receiver what he or she desires and observing what they say and do will inform the caregiver about what to do. 

Food Varieties: Experiment With Your Food!

Life is not fixed, so experiment!  Discuss things that could be included, tried, and evaluated.  Always ask the care recipient.  Ask if they would be willing to try something different.  Colors, aromas, and textures could be ways of adding interest to already established meal plans.

I found a stove-top mashed potato mix. This was an alternative because we did not have a working stove.  I purchased three packages; I was sure my husband would like it as he liked mash potatoes.  I made two for lunch.  I fed him the potatoes.  He ate it.  So, I asked him, “How do you like the potatoes?”  “I don’t,” he said.  I was really surprised!  “You don’t like them?”  “No.”  The best question I asked was, “Why?”  He said, “I don’t like the style.”  He meant the taste.  Well, we continue to experiment.   Oh yes, I stopped feeding him what he did not like.  He deserves to be happy.



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