The Hermes' Temple

he Hermes' Temple" was connecting with a being who was more than an old friend.This soft pastel on charcoal paper shows an impression of the Hermes’ Temple, one of my powerful guides.  This was created to convey the amount of light that this temple is comprised. 

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I was introduced to the Hermes over thirty years ago by Raphael. Our relationship is multifaceted. He has offered assistance in many ways. One thing he had encouraged me to do was to ask questions, always. He also desired for me to visit the Violet Flame daily to burn off discord.I approach the Angels, the Keepers of the Violet Flame and ask for access. When granted, sometimes I met the Hermes in it. When my husband was experiencing his change, I would bring him with me.

My husband was aware of the Hermes who was also helping him on his journey. I was instructed on what to do in the Temple: I used the place before I met my husband. When I thought it could help him get better, I brought him
into the temple with me. I just felt that after his death over five years ago, that I still can. Our relationship has not ended; it changed. My purpose is to bring the Divine into the physical and my husband, and the Hermes along with other Spiritual beings, is helping me to achieve this.

Meditation with Clem 4 by Allison L. Williams Hill

A meditation from nine years ago:

"Forgiveness is an option to be exercised excessively.  Use it well for even the smallest transgressions.

"The slights were born out of fear.  Begin with forgiving everyone, even those you would claim to have forgiven.  The thought is still there and preventing the manifestation of certain traits and abilities that are, actually the lack of forgiveness is not the trait itself, of your voluminous and great gifts.

"Smile on!  As you feel the body release the energy, it will be painful.  It will not be pleasant.  You will be able to work through it."    

The Goddess Within by Allison L. Williams Hill

What is Psychic Art?

Psychic art develops from other than third dimensional elements, existence, and skills. Here, we use our eyes to see and draw the physical world, things that can be objectively corroborated by others outside of ourselves. Psychic art uses the third eye to see and other forms of energy for information. A form of psychic art called, Entura means "enter the aura."  A person accesses the subtle energy plane and the  feelings sensed from there take on form and color. Using meditation and writing, the drawing is interpreted for its use of color, shapes, and images that appear.

Entura art can:

Answer questions, and

Assist you in deepening to find answers within yourself.

Entura art is an interesting and exciting way to connect with the multiple levels of our being. The interpretation of the image could provide relevant messages and can be used for meditation. I would be happy to create an image for you based on a question or on your energy reading.

Grow by Allison L. Williams Hill





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Color and Blood



In-Vesica Health Program Approach

In-Vesica 6 Month Integrated Health Program


The above meditation mandala will be available soon.

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Now That Your Eyes Are Open

Looking West on Drake's Highway, Tortola towards the Caribbean Sea by Allison L. Williams Hill

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