Row Boat

he Row Boat was in Kowloon Harbour in 1984 when I was there. They no longer exist.  "Row Boat" was a mixed media of sepia pen; colored pencil, and magic marker sketch that was tethered to a junk in Kowloon Harbour, Hong Kong.  Junk boats were anchored; the row boats carried users from shore to their homes on the water.

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When we were there, we heard rumors that the junks were going to be moved out of the harbour. I thought of where these people were going to go. It was cute to see children playing on deck. It was educational to see women hanging laundry. Everything done on land, they did on their boats. I once saw a man washing himself. He had swim trunks on to keep it discrete. Barbara asked if I took a picture of him.  I said no. It was enough that the public could see him if they wanted to. That would have been invasive.

In 1984, our tour guide shared with us that families, not one but three, would rent apartments. Each family had an eight-hour shift to do what they had to - eat, bathe, sleep - and move out to resume their work. Rents were too expensive for one family to afford. With moving families from Kawloon, where were they going to go? What could they afford?





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Looking West on Drake's Highway, Tortola towards the Caribbean Sea by Allison L. Williams Hill

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