Getting Attention for Your Articles

and Your Writing

he work of getting attention for your articles and your writing involves responding to what readers want to read and how well you keep their attention. There are facts; beliefs, and experiences, and all have value. Truth is sought and writers should maintain integrity by accurately labeling information.

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I learned to work smart. After starting with the article first, I realized that I should have started with the bigger piece. I create the page content for the web site first. From that, I move on to the article, a smaller, tighter presentation of the web page with links to the specific web page. I have read that it is not beneficial to link to the home page of the web site. I think that makes a lot of sense. Bring the viewer to more of the information you excited them about. This will include information on your products and displayed on the page are the buttons and other links to venture into the web site if they wish.

Distribute the article to article websites. Distribute the article itself as a separate landing page with links to your products and your web site. Some sites to distribute to are:

  •  Article Alley
  •  Article Base
  •  Article Cube
  •  Article Dashboard
  •  Bharatbhasha
  •  Easy Articles
  •  Ezine Articles
  •  Free Article Submission
  •  Go Articles
  •  Idea Marketer
  •  Mass Article Control

 If you have a blog, summarize the article in two, maximum three sentences. This would also serve others who may desire just a little more information than the one sentence description. Link all of the content together.

 Let’s go a little further. Consider that everyone does not want to read, no matter how concise the content of the article is written. Think about video. Create the video with Power Point, easy slides, with images if appropriate, that inform as well as entertain.

Stonehenge by Allison L. Williams Hill

Do not include all of the article content in the video. You want to encourage the viewer to read the article or visit the web site. The video, like the blog summary paragraph, only serves to move the person to the web site to read about all of the wonderful offers you have.

Using this process you can achieve:

1. Multiple distribution of the web site page, and by extension the web site itself;

2. Multiple distribution of the article,

              a. Hostgator or the like can upload these pages with other  keywords and long tail keywords increasing the number of exposures for your work

                i. Include product information, or

                ii. With an opt-in box, and

3. Multiple distribution of the video.

             a. Free - Youtube, owned by Google; Blip.TV; Dailymotion, and Metacafe

            b. Paid – Traffic Geyser

           c. Video Forward – distribute your videos through it via Only Wire.


Information like this requires research. I learned about Traffic Geyser earlier and people were having outstanding success with it. Now, this business may have changes its focus and delivery.  










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The above meditation mandala will be available soon.

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Looking West on Drake's Highway, Tortola towards the Caribbean Sea by Allison L. Williams Hill

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