Chakra Formation

Perceptions on Chakra Formation 

here may be different perceptions on chakra formation. Until the description and the process are accepted, we will use the information that is currently available.

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Gifts from Spirit - Word of Knowledge by Allison L. Williams Hill

Mediums and healers may not perceive or view chakras the same way. Visual, auditory, kinesthetic, or olfactory abilities, singularly or in combination, create an image or feeling as to how a client's chakras operate or appear.

A message from Spirit said, ”Now is the time for the knowledge of the chakra system to come to the planet.”

“There's a lot of healing with the Earth going on here, healing with being on the Earth, healing with being a Divine Being on the Earth. They're healing the grounding chakras, you have a tendency to close them off. Remember, there are chakras in your feet and in your hands as well.

Below is a part of a channeling from the late Raphael di Angelo, friend and transchanneler:

“They're also asking that as you continue your chakra work, ask God, ask the Divine Source of All Creation, to show you each of the individual chakras of the human body and try to do drawings, artistic renderings of them. And eventually you will make a map of the human body backwards and forwards of every energy vortex or chakra, of every energy center of light. They won't let me pronounce a number. They want you to come up with your own.

“This is going to learn...this is going to lead you to an understanding of each of these energy centers. The main seven are the only ones commonly talked about. But there are many more. But if you correct, and align, and clear the main seven, the others will eventually---there will a ripple affect.

“But it's time now for the knowledge of the full chakra system to come to this planet.

“It's time now for the knowledge of the full chakra system to come to this planet.

“And they said to me announce that to everywhere you go to anyone who is at all intuitive so the information can come together. You might even at some point be asked or be asked to ask someone to establish a web site for the gathering of the information of the full chakra system so that everyone who wants to contribute can contribute into this. It might even be entitled "It Is Time For the full chakra system to be known. Something to that effect.” 

Gifts from Spirit-Interpretation of Tongues by Allison L. Williams Hill

The Formation of Chakras

Barbara Brennan, energy healer, describes chakras as "swirling cone-shaped vortexes in the human energy field". From the perspective of plasma metaphysics, chakras (or "wheels" in Sanskrit) can be considered to be composed of two components: one, a magnetized node and two, a rotating cone structure or vortex that forms in the low density magnetic plasma of which subtle bodies are composed.

In laboratory experiments, it has recently been realized that a localized source at a fixed frequency excites a cone of radiation in a plasma crystal. The apex of the cone will be pointed towards the source and the angle of the cone is determined by its spin frequency. Excitations from fast moving particles in a plane below or next to a single-layered plasma crystal give rise to these cones.

According to plasma cosmology, rotating galaxies in space are formed when filamentary currents pinch. This can happen when two currents move towards or cross each other. Dr David Tansely, a radionics specialist, says that, "The seven major chakras are formed at points where standing lines of light (or meridians) cross each other 21 times. The 21 minor chakras are located at points where the energy strands cross 14 times." Based on these theories, we can infer how chakras develop in subtle bodies (composed of magnetic plasma or 'magma'). 

Gifts from Spirit-Miracles by Allison L. Williams Hill

The Magic of the Meridians

When meridians cross in our subtle bodies, they pinch each other, forming ‘knots’ and collapse as compressed nodes of intense magnetic fields that pulsate at fixed frequencies. Super particles and objects are attracted to the magnetized nodes and are sucked into the subtle bodies at very high speeds using helical paths.

This dynamic behavior of the incoming particles and the pulsations of the node excite cone structures on the surface of the body. The plasma of charged particles (known popularly in the metaphysical literature as 'chi''qi', 'prana' or 'kundalini'), from the ionized environment, spiral into the nodes, swirling the magnetic plasma on the surface of the compact subtle body. It is then absorbed into the chakra and its energy is then transferred to various parts of the subtle body through the network of meridians (or filamentary currents) within the body. 

Gifts from Spirit- Healing by Allison L. Williams Hill


Scientific researchers at Jiao Tong University in Shanghai, using sophisticated scientific equipment, have shown that subtle energy has the properties of an electromagnetic current when flowing through acupuncture meridians but takes on the properties of coherent particle streams, similar to laser light, when projected out from the body through the hands of master Qigong healers who cure diseases by beaming their energy into the patient's system.1 

Gifts from Spirit - Word of Wisdom by Allison L. Williams Hill

Future Research

Over years of research of using cadavers, some were difficult to obtain, the medical profession has established standard ways of performing various operations and procedures. I intend to search what processes have been developed with mediums and healers with established procedures for healing. God heals all. And in that vein, the only thing necessary is the knowledge and memory of our origin in Spirit.


1. Chakras, galaxies and black holes by Jay Alfred  

2. Barbara Ann Brennan, Hands of Light, Bantam New Age Books, 1988 




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