y friend texted me about Aditi. She informed me that the message  came from Shirti Sai Baba. In recalling from whom the message came, I read about Aditi and meditated about how she could relate to me.

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Aditi is one of millions of Gods and Goddesses in the Hindu religion. The Hindu religion has almost a billion worshipers, third behind Christianity and Islam. Unlike the first two, Hinduism is not attributed to a specific founder.

There is much associated with engaging feminine energy. It’s a vast range of attributes that this being is given.  Aditi encompasses all. She is credited with creating the heavenly bodies. Aditi symbolizes the nature of life. She is a being of justice, a mediator between Gods and Goddesses and humans. She is a bridge between the spiritual and mortal world. 

Aditi’s name means “unbound, unlimited, and unfettered.” Aditi is also admired as the limitless love  a mother has for her child but for all. This was the Goddess I was informed of. Aditi can be my guide  to enhance this life and my spiritual growth. She reminds me of In(tuitive)-Vesica: this work and its name say our mortality must be informed by Spirit. Aditi is a direct connection to spirituality, not a human positioned between corporeal beings and the Creator. 

About Aditi

"Aditi is regarded as the mother of the Gods. She is a divine entity spoken highly about in the ancient Vedas, as the mother of the celestial beings and also of the Zodiacal spirits. It is also from her that the heavenly bodies were said to have been born. 

"It is also believed that it is Aditi who held the universe in her womb before all creations began, and thus is even considered as the female version of Lord Brahma , the God of creation. She is thus seen as the fundamental of all elements as per Vedantic thoughts.

"Vedas hold Aditi as one of the most auspicious and widely regarded divine powers. Goddess Aditi is normally depicted as a very graceful figure, riding a cock or a rooster, that represents strength and honour, and flying all around the space. She has ten hands and holds in them various weapons including the discus, the trident, the sword and the bow. One of her hands is also in the protective Abhaya mudra.

"Aditi is regarded as representing aspects like time, fortune, change and protection. She is normally worshiped with the lighting of the butter lamps. It is believed that offering prayers to her will get her protection for the devotees and help them get freed from illnesses and sins, and also, overcome any form of difficulties. Buddhists too worship her with faith, with the lighting of 12 yellow candles."*

Aditi is Feminine Energy

Feminine energy can be misconstrued as weak. I feel that when necessary - such as in what I read about Quan Yin, that she can exhibit powers of such magnitude that you would not believe it to be associated with her - women have to display their strength.  That energy within me was, at times, suppressed. I went silent. Male fear is sometimes expressed as anger and warns a woman about how to behave. It was and still is extremely annoying. It gave pause about what was worth my time to pursue:  should I continue making my point as it was clear that he cannot understand or doesn't want to or move on to something else?

Let them shoulder the failure; I've done all that I could. In that, it is always prudent that others know, that there are witnesses,  and an effort was made to inform but it was dismissed. 

It is still interesting that in the 21st century, the effort to control women past subtle verbal cues and physical force grows with more law. If men work to acquire this much control, our power is literally boundless. I need to remember that. Speak softly and leave them insecure. Men do  not have the ability to reason quickly. Deception is not necessary. However, our ability to reason is why it works. It is a method intelligent women have used for centuries.

In the United States, the difference between Southern and Northern women is that Southern women  allow males to think they are in charge. Northern women won't allow men to think they are in charge because they know they are smarter.

I AM a Northern woman. If I need to make men aware of how much smarter I am, that is a choice.   Ego is low energy. In my spirit power, I AM  spirit, androgynous and whole.  Given what I know and am capable of, Spirit informs my needs and actions.  I AM to carry this and demonstrate this in my corporeal activities.  


*About Goddess Aditi

Aditi, The Mother of Gods by Jayaram V

Goddess Aditi – Mother of Gods and The Guardian of All Life by Surabhi



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