Message from Advarti

he following is a blog I wrote for FourTold entitled "Channeling with Advarti."

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Writings from channelings have been documented for centuries. People were strong to stand in their power and state they were not the source but others were. Helen Schucman brought forth “A Course in Miracles”; Jane Roberts brought forth the Seth materials; Lee Carroll brought forth the Kryon material; all of them have maintained that they were vessels.

Message from Advarti, an Exterrestrial Being

"The Ring has been among you for many years.  We are here to assist humanity at this powerful and significant time in their evolution.

" Let the Love and Light of the Creator embrace and
infuse your hearts.  Emanate Love’s light from your hearts, the beacon of your existence."
"You are connected with the Eternal Truth.  Open the Energy. Let the gifts in."

An extraterrestrial named Advarti, with whom I am in agreement, is patient as I periodically dowse to see if I am accurately receiving what his thoughts are. When I do review what was written, the content is more eloquent than I think I would have written, in addition it is about things I think I am unaware. 

Advarti patiently assures me that I am getting it. This is confidence building, however putting the ego aside and allowing another in vacillates between being vulnerable and inadequacy. The requirement for proof always qualified a thing as believable. The divide between science and religion was the same that declared what cannot be proven is not science. Well, these beings exist. My proof was feeling and dowsing their energy. I told my husband when we first met almost twenty years ago, that I was involved with Spirit with my energy work and with…extraterrestrials. His physical changes have gifted him with the ability to see these energies. He told me he thought I was a little crazy but he liked me. Now he is a believer.

From Advarti:

I’d like to say thank you for the opportunity to address the readers this early. The Ring has been among you for many years. Some among you have channeled our information successfully using other names. In the end, it all comes from the same source. We would like the various names of what we are called to be known. The consistency of the information is what matters. We are here to assist humanity at this powerful and significant time in their evolution. We encourage more people around the world to sit in Ring sessions. The greater the numbers, the more impact there can be to accelerate humanity’s changes, all positive. Let the Love and Light of the Creator embrace and infuse your hearts. Emanate Love’s light from your hearts, the beacon of your existence.

Call us and request our assistance during your channeling sessions. Anyone can create them. “We Are The Ring, and We Are Here." I thank you.

The Ring was facilitated by the late Rev. Raphael di Angelo. Others facilitate them under differemt names.

Since posting that, I resumed channeling The Ring and I convey their information and tonal vibrational frequencies. for those who are interested, you can email me using In-Vesica's contact form. 




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Message from Advarti

Advarti is an extraterrestrial, a member of a group called The Ring. They are beings who are interested in Earth's and its people's progress.