66 Hobby and Craft Niche Ideas Hands-4

any people like the pleasure of solitude while they do something they love.  One can hear one’s thoughts or speak aloud without disturbing another. 

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ET Friends by Allison L. Williams Hill

They can spread their materials they use to create wherever they want and clean up whenever they want. There is also the opportunity of sharing with another or others when the hobbyist chooses to do so. 

50. Collecting

Collecting belongs here as well.  See it under “Hands On.”

51. Figure Painting

I knew an excellent figure painter.  He worked on figures from a specific historic period.  I found it fascinating to hear about the Civil War and all of the different kinds of soldiers’ uniforms from around the United States. 

We visited figure shows together and he appreciated my insight when I viewed models, especially those in action.  My favorite thing at the figure shows were the fantasy chess sets with beautifully made wood and ceramic tile boards.

Other similar hobbies or niches are:
•    Aero modeling

•    Model boats/ships

•    Rockets

•    Aircraft

•    Model cars

•    Model houses

•    Model trains and railroads

52. The Ladies’ Room: For the Women Who Have Figure Builder Hobbyist Boyfriends or Husbands

(A Group Dynamic Activity- placed here because of the association)
When I attended figure shows, I brought along my crocheting or knitting projects.   I sat and worked on these while my then-boyfriend walked around and looked at other figure builders’ works and products.  Occasionally another female crafter would join me and we would talk.  They never thought to bring their work with them. 

I had this idea for a long time, during and several years after this relationship ended: have a Ladies’ Room.  This space would be where the women, who were interested in crafts work could comfortably stay, do their work, connect with other women who are interested in crafts, while their husbands or boyfriends are occupied during the figure show activities.  This could make it worth the venue’s while to rent a conference room for women.  If children accompany the parents, an area within the space could be prepared for their activities. 

It would be a good thing to include a buffet for the morning or afternoon, if they are not dining with their significant others or spouses.  The space can be organized according to craft: scrapbook builders sit at one table, crocheters sit at another.  This table assigning allows easier sharing of ideas, resources, and perhaps, material.  I don’t think women need to be encouraged to roam and discuss inspiration with other creators using different skills. 

Celebration! by Allison L. Williams Hill

Teaching could take place for those who want to learn another skill.  Ambitious persons can discuss joint ventures, videotape lessons, and sell them on the internet.   Both spouses will leave feeling they have accomplished something or, at the very least, that they have enjoyed themselves.

Art Deco Poole Pottery with Truda Carter patterns

53. Ceramics

Creating or collecting ceramics is a wonderful and fulfilling hobby.   From mismatched,  or color or motif related, dishware to shards used in art, stone making, or potted plant décor, ceramics offers a lot of possibilities. 

54. Machining- Repairing Small Appliances

This is also listed under Hands On.  This niche does not necessarily require more than one person.  The solitude of repair within the environment one creates for oneself could be rewarding and lucrative.

55. Gambling

I list this niche because it is viewed as such.  Unlike the others, gambling could become addictive in a negative way.  Historical facts about this niche could make it interesting in another way:

•    Why is it human nature to gamble?

•    Where was the first document activity of gambling? What was the actual activity and what did it involve?

•    Who invented dice?  This may be a collector’s item if the objects could be authenticated.

•    What other means were used for gambling?

•    What are the laws, old and new, related to gambling?

•    When is gambling considered a healthy activity?  What are the signs that indicate it has become a problem? 

56. Needlework

Needlework can be group activities, especially when the project is organized around producing several garments or articles for a hospital, the financially challenged, or a specific type of residence such as senior living or shelters.  If done in a group, the project’s organization from the purpose, for whom, and the date of delivery, filled in with what the object would be, and choices of materials and colors, could be a richly rewarding process.    

Wholesale businesses or donations could be the sources for the materials.  Perhaps in that, the colors and materials themselves may be limited.  However, that would add to the creativity of the group that came together for a greater purpose.

57. Queuing or Standing in Line

Now, this may appear funny, however, Red Tape Cutters was a business I am not sure exists anymore.  A personal experience with them was I needed to get an extension on my driver’s permit before it expired.  Those days, I thought it was more important to work for a business than to take care of my personal business. 

Red Tape Cutters refused my business because I told them I got the permit in Brooklyn. They concentrated in Manhattan.  A friend informed me later that it did not matter where the extension was done, the Department of Motor Vehicles was the same for all of the five boroughs of New York City. 

It is still a good idea; queuing can be seasonal for sports events. The TKTS kiosk in Manhattan, New York City offers discount tickets to plays that have not sold out in advance.  While customers are enjoying another pastime like eating, a stand-in can acquire tickets for a fee, for any three titles that are available.  Delivery would be negotiated and established for the customer to receive the goods.  Entertainment events like concerts could also be included in the services of a queuing business.  Queuing could be directed towards specific target markets like mothers, as an example or be education-oriented, offered for medical issues, or performing a service for the physically challenged.

58. Shopping for Shut-Ins

There are many people, due to physical limitations, who are unable to go and get things they want.  In the course of one’s week or month, consumables and other products help make one’s life a little easier. Over the years, more retail establishments deliver.  More drug stores and personal care businesses deliver directly to users eliminating embarrassment.  There may be an opportunity to provide:

•    For items that have not be made available through mail order or delivery at this time;

•    A collection point for packages for persons who mail order a majority of their products and waste packaging removal;

•    Assistance in returning damaged or wrong items;

•    Hard copy catalogs for people who do not use computers;

•    Advice about items and delivery so time is not used as a learning curve, and

•    Help to install, to clean (such as washing new linen or clothing to remove formaldehyde) or how to use new products. 

A person who would benefit from this may be one who is limited in developing friendships; family members may not be available or even exist to offer assistance to make life manageable, or to be available for an emergency.  Providing such a service would help both hearts- the giver and the receiver.

59. Support for Veterans

It is good that acknowledgement of people who served this country has gained the attention it deserves.  During the Viet Nam conflict, many soldiers, like my husband, returned home to face negative feelings from Americans.  This is a part of the past that needs, still, to be healed because the veterans still remember and no one has apologized for it.  It did begin with the media and its desire to expose the government for unconscionable things it was doing in the name of the American people.

Since then, more destruction has taken place- the Panama Invasion; the Persian Gulf War; the Iraq Invasion, and the war in Afghanistan. There are more deaths leaving families without fathers and mothers, daughters and sons.  There are more types of injuries from weapons that inflict all types of destruction.  In addition to losing limbs, many soldiers are returning with traumatic brain injuries. I had a discussion with a Veterans’ Administration nurse who informed me that in one county of that state, there were almost 400 veterans who needed assistance.  There is an aging population and one thing that many may not remember: the veterans’ wives, on whom they depended most, are aging as well.   

My late husband, Clement E. Hill, II was a veteran. He was in Southeast Asia during the Tet Offensive 1967-1968.

Agent Orange, a dioxin used during the Viet Nam conflict, has been linked to new diseases.  The Veterans of Foreign Wars organization publishes a National Veterans Service to serve and inform the living.  New studies of herbicides concluded there may be a link to Parkinson’s disease.  There are eleven diseases considered to have been caused by Agent Orange including rare cancers, and Type II diabetes.  

60. Aquariums- Creating and Maintenance

Doctors’ offices began installing fish tanks for their patients which successfully diminished their stress.  However, some of the installations were small and dark.  The fish and other creatures were unable to be appreciated.  A successful designer can organize and create a system that is suited for the space the tank will be in and bring the project in within the means of the owner, financially and maintenance wise.   Advertising oneself as the designing, installation, and maintenance business is a good way to keep an eye on the installation guaranteeing it remains the way it was originally designed and guarantees the special care that can only come from the creator.

61. Paper Making

Recycled paper products are almost inexhaustible for paper making projects. Different experiments can be executed to determine the right sources – with or without ink; mixing plain, unused color with used white – to create a brand of handmade paper, unlike anything in existence. 

Collect lint from the clothes dryer to add fiber to the paper.  Lint can be “created” by drying clothes one color at a time to make all blue or all yellow fiber batches.   Keep them clean in a small plastic bag. Including the fiber makes the paper interesting and strengthens the paper.  Remember, American currency has cotton fibers in it.  Dollar bills can be laundered and you can still find it after the wash.

62. Christmas Lights and Holiday Display Design and Installations

Christmas light displays for individual homes. You can design, install and provide the lighting. When the season's over, have a set date when all of the products are removed. Helpful information to have is the house's power capacity and an estimate of how much the electric bill will increase for the customer.

64. Church Activities - Non-Profit

Community support, collecting used clothing and mending them if required, toys, games, dishware, all for distribution to those in need. A newsletter or flyer could remind people during seasonal clean-up or sprucing to create a “donate” box when they are decluttering.  For tax deductions, provide the current IRS values on a form available for printing.  The giver can check off what they pack. A copy can be sent with the package. If possible, save the giver an errand: collect the package directly.  That way, the giver can be thanked in person for making the time to contribute.

65. Art Restoration

This hobby is for one who has a love of art and the patience for the care that art requires.   Owners who cherish art appreciate those who apply knowledge and skill to ensure that it, in as many forms from which it is created (ivory, canvas, gold filigree, etc.) remain for study and enjoyment.

66. Animal Care and/or Animal Competitions

This niche depends on how many animals you can safely sustain and what you intend to do with them.  A young lady who raised guinea pigs for show owned many of them and took care of them all.  Another woman had mongooses and managed to care for them all.  Showing them and winning prizes may translate into care and upkeep support. 

67. Metal Detecting

Commercials have shown people walking for miles with their eyes on the image screen looking for metals buried beneath sand, soil, and other layered elements.  People have claimed to reduce weight because of the exercise and in full enjoyment of themselves as they “hunt.”   Detectors have formed clubs; there is the option to join or not.  Some interesting and  valuable finds have been unearthed this way.

68. Chess

Two players do not have to be in the same room.  Perhaps the most intriguing games may be played with an opponent who is in another location.  Body language could not betray thought because there would be nothing to observe.  The stimulation of determining an opponent’s move and your options are increased with instructions received by email.  Standard or “snail mail” is even better: it prolongs the wait.

69. Multiple Dwelling Enhancer

A Multiple Dwelling Enhancer is a person who makes time to make themselves available to others in an apartment building. One could limit themselves to the floor they live on. Others can select people who they have things in common, or people who are most at risk like seniors or physically challenged. I lived in apartments most of my life until I moved to the Caribbean to be with my beloved.  

My niece was having difficulty doing her school work on line. She was quiet, not doing her assignments. She did not know how to ask for help. My sister, her mother, kept poking her nose into what she needed to do. The teachers posted comments along with assignment sheets listing what each student needed to complete. My sister got the list and rallied the household together to help her daughter. I took care of the artistic stuff and some writing. Her brother worked on other assignments  and Mom, bless her, took on others. I left some parts of the art work out so that my niece could feel that she did some work. We chatted, talked up a storm not chastising her at all about asking for help. She knew that if she ever needed help, we would all be there for her.

There are families that have minimum communication. Many, many incredibly young children took their lives over social media. Even before the quarantine, bullying was in print with images and sound. Mini-videos of hate were sent to vulnerable people.   

I heard statistics from a therapist today (January 10, 2022) and they were alarming. There are seventeen million depressed people in the United States. There are twice as many women as there are men who are depressed. Suicide is the number 10 cause of death worldwide. For young people, between the ages of 15 and 24,  who see their orientation differently, it is the number two cause of death. These are the statistics for those who succeed. Women attempt suicide more times than men and children who see their sexual orientation as different  are likely to attempt suicide three times as much.

I thought of this category because people need people. We need each other. Invites for tea - have a tea party and try several flavors, all with health-supporting aspects - with people who are likely to sip alone. Make the time to get to know others in your building.  Single family home dwellers across the street or on the social block may need a little help too.

I think the biggest issue that keeps people in their minds and dwellings is vulnerability. If you elect to support them, they must feel secure. All is confidential. Further more, God does not judge but people do. Listen and support with an open mind, provide them with what they ask for,  if possible. 



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